November 02, 2011

Show #169: Braves Start Their Off Season Moves

Looking back at the WS.  The Awards Season.  Hinske and McLouth.  And the Derek Lowe trade.



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  1. 101
    Curt Says:

    I, to no one’s surprise, obviously think Dale Murphy is, and has always been, a HOFer. His career during the 80s stands alone. He gets punished for playing in Atlanta and playing on a bunch of bad teams. He also gets punished for staying in the league 3 years too many, and by steroid inflated homerun numbers.

    All that being said, why do the Braves choose to now go forth as an organization in their support of him being in the HOF? He is in year 14 of a 15 year window to be elected in. Seriously, why wait this long? Why not be doing this 10 years ago or 14 years ago. Make these writers acutely aware of how great he was, instead of waiting this long and watching his support drop to 14% or something last year. Another example of the Braves dropping the ball. They just started having those reunion weekends last year? 2 years ago? Embrace your past. The fans love that stuff.

  2. 102
    Walker Says:

    What does everyone think about the extra wild card team?

    Even though I think a one game playoff is kinda harsh, this could benefit the Braves next year since competition is getting stiffer.

  3. 103
    Adam Says:

    Well if there was an extra wild card team last year we would have had at least one playoff game right? I would take that over nothing any day.

  4. 104
    Nate Says:

    The NL Central not getting to play the Astros 18 times a year will help too.

  5. 105
    Nate Says:

    … in 2013.

  6. 106
    Steve Says:

    To me there’s good and bad with the 2013 realignment. But more good.

    I’ve hated the unbalanced schedule and this eliminates that. The less time playing the Marlins (especially when their new stadium is depressingly empty after the new car smell wears off) the better.

    And while I think a one game play in is kind of silly and doesn’t do any team justice in proving who’s superior, I like the playoffs and I want to see the Braves in the playoffs as much as possible, so I’m in.

    What I really hate is the interleague game every night.

  7. 107
    David Says:

    Steve — what’s wrong with the interleague game every night?

  8. 108
    Walker Says:

    The simple question is who will play 3rd base after Chipper’s gone?

    The Braves need to hold on Prado because it gives us another year to evaluate in his 3rd full season as a starter how good he really is. If he is the batting champ type player we all think he is, he could be one of the top 3rd basemen in the majors in 2013.It’s easier to find an everyday left fielder than an everyday 3rd baseman. This is why you don’t trade Prado.

  9. 109
    Curt Says:

    The headline says it all (in a very succinct, depressing manner).

    “Mark Cuban not interested in buying Braves”

  10. 110
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Someone besides Prado.

    Prado “can” play 1st. Prado “can” play 3rd. Prado “can” play OF.

    Prado IS a second baseman. He does not have the “pop” you expect from corner infielders and outfielders… He (usually) does have the high OBP and such you expect from second basemen.

    He thrives as a super-sub and would serve the Braves well in that capacity, but is he affordable in that capacity?

    If he can be traded for a high RBI guy to play left or a high OBP guy to play short – TRADE HIM!

  11. 111
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Heard these rumblings?

    Braves have asked Yankees about shortstop Eduardo Nunez as trade possibilities grow

    Read more:

  12. 112
    Walker Says:


    We can’t afford David Wright so name one 3rd basemen with “pop” we can afford. The good thing about this team is that we have “pop” at traditional non power positions like 2nd base and catcher. So Prado at at 3rd base in 2013 actually does make sense. Especially if he hits for a high average.

  13. 113
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Hold on, your question was:

    “The simple question is who will play 3rd base after Chipper’s gone?”

    And the “after Chipper’s gone” portion of that is NOT next season, but the season after that… What will we do for a 3rd baseman the season AFTER this next season is NOT who you aquire now… Unless you plan to retire Chipper before the season starts…

    We don’t necessarlily have to aquire someone to play 3rd this year. If we have a quality, high OBP guy at short and a quality RBI guy in left, we can probably do without Prado as a full-time player… and if we get one of those people for Prado, fine… we will look at 3rd base next off-season…

    And the argument of “what happens if Chipper gets hurt” just doesn’t fly… you either have to expect him to play 150 games and live with back-ups on the days he doesn’t play. Every team has some of those type of problems…

    Maybe you have have a team full of back-ups that play as well as your front line… if you have a $300M payroll… otherwise, you try to put a good team on the field and deal with it when “stuff happens”…

  14. 114
    Walker Says:

    2012 is definitely Chippers last season and it would be smart to think about who will pay 3rd base in the 2013 season. If I’m Frank, I explore trades but there just aren’t any big time right handed outfielders available right now. Why not just stand pat and give Prado one more year to show how good he is.

  15. 115
    David Says:

    Walker — Chipper’s got a club option for 2013 that automatically kicks in if he plays 123 games in 2012. I think that’s a real possibility given that he’s played 126, 95, and 143 games in 2011, 2010, and 2009 respectively. SO, 2012 is not definitely Chipper’s last season — he could come back in 2013.

    And congrats to Justin Verlander. Did y’all know that in every single game he pitched this season, he went at least 6 innings? Given how hard it was for 3/5 of our rotation to go that long, and the strain it put on our bullpen, that’s a big strong point for his winning the MVP.

  16. 116
    Walker Says:

    I really really doubt he’s playing in 2013. And why would Frank put in a club option dependent on games played. It should be dependent on performance.Bad decision.

  17. 117
    Curt Says:

    The Braves have 3rd basemen in their system. Salcedo, Terdo (man the guy needs a better nickname), etc. They are not going to do something to impede these guys from coming up. One name that popped up in something I saw as a back-up, fill-in for 3rd, should Prado leave, is Wilson Betemit. Everything that is old is new again, ne Wes Helms.

    We are not getting some big, bopping, righthand hitting OFer for Prado. It isn’t happening.

  18. 118
    Leah Says:

    I don’t know what I’ll do if Prado plays in a different uniform. But I tell you this…it will be drastic.

  19. 119
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    We hated Uggla in Fla, now we love him in Atl…. This Prado, too, shall pass…

  20. 120
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    I agree, we weren’t going to get a bopper OF for Prado… But they might get a high OBP, good fielding SS for him… especially if the team getting him needs a 2B… a SS that can hit decently in the two hole…

    Wishful, wishful, wishful, thy name is Hot Stove… (and no, I didn’t misspell “Steve”)

  21. 121
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    That didn’t take long…

    Yankees Trade Rumors: Yankees Say Deal For Jair Jurrjens Not Happening

  22. 122
    Curt Says:

    MIM, remember, it’s Hot Ham & Steve

  23. 123
    Curt Says:

    I think the Yankees learned their lesson from Javy Vazquez.

  24. 124
    David Says:

    #122 – hilarious

  25. 125
    Walker Says:

    Yeah the way Cashman sounded he seems bitter about the Braves fleecing him. The Braves and Yanks won’t be doing much business together.

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