February 13, 2012

Show #172: Interview with Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus

Kevin talks about his Top 11 Braves prospects and the minor league system.  And Spring Training story lines.



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  1. 151
    Nate Says:

    That was in response to our offense, not you guys.

  2. 152
    Bubdylan Says:


  3. 153
    Leah Says:

    Yikes. ST games don’t matter do they?

  4. 154
    Leah Says:

    Why can’t I load that video Mr. Dylan?

  5. 155
    Steve Says:

    On the bright side, today’s domination leaves me worried about a completely different part of the team.

  6. 156
    Bubdylan Says:

    I dunno, Leah. But Fredi says if you keep trying it the same way over and over eventually it will download.

  7. 157
    Bubdylan Says:

    Spring Training counts very, very, very little. But for that very, very, very little, it does count. And we’re getting our brains beaten in.

    A lot of baseball is confidence level. I don’t see how anyone could deny that today was a big set-back for Teheran.

    Luckily our leadership will keep the team from …

  8. 158
    Leah Says:

    What’s that phrase for you performer types…”poor dress rehearsal great performance”? Can that apply to baseball?

  9. 159
    Bubdylan Says:

    I dunno. The three extreme Spring Training performances that come to mind from recent memory are Uggla’s bad spring, McLouth’s bad spring, and Heyward’s good spring. They went on to have bad, bad, and good opening months of those seasons, respectively, matching their spring outputs pretty faithfully.

    But that could be selective memory. In fact, I’m not even sure I’m right about those ones.

  10. 160
    Leah Says:

    Really reaching aren’t I. New show!!!

  11. 161
    Steve Says:

    There’s how many spring training games? 29 or 30? I’m not saying that these haven’t been two REALLY dismal performances, but they could be a distant memory very shortly with some, you know, not demoralizing performances.

  12. 162
    Steve Says:

    And yes, new show tonight. The weekly shows starts tonight.

  13. 163
    Curt Says:

    Perfect timing.

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