February 13, 2012

Show #172: Interview with Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus

Kevin talks about his Top 11 Braves prospects and the minor league system.  And Spring Training story lines.



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  1. 76
    David Says:

    Curt — that’s an excellent point, and I think you’re right. Has he proven that he’s good enough to pitch in a major league rotation? Yes. He could’ve said it in a much more savvy way — something to the tune of, “You know, I worked really hard last year, and I think I made strides as a pitcher. I hope that I’ve earned a spot in the rotation, but I’m still not taking anything for granted.”

  2. 77
    Leah Says:

    Marty D is so funny! “saw chip today & rumors of his massive weight gain r not true :( I was rooting 4 him to win biggestloser one day but hes sexy as ever ladies”

  3. 78
    john j Says:

    To some earlier comments. Managers at Liberty here in Douglas County Colorado have left me with the impression that the parent company only asks the Braves division to return a stated dollar amount to the parent company each year. Braves management can take a risk on payroll and hope that it brings in more attendence and revenue to meet the bottom line that is needed at the end of the year. However, they won’t take that risk as they would be betting their jobs. So, they are going to be conservative. Wouldn’t you do the same thing? Keep in mind that Braves fans are not that good at coming to the games.

  4. 79
    john j Says:

    By the way, continue to hope for new ownership. Any billionare who wants to win will do. But, please, no more big corporations that don’t give a crap about the Braves.

  5. 80
    Steve Says:

    Re#68: David your points are well taken and my tweet was meant to be somewhat tongue in cheek. So, maybe dismal is not the word. It’s more like “deflating” or “uninspiring.”. I mean, c’mon, there been nothing to get excited about this offseason, especially after the depths we were at after the collapse. I get that no moves may have been the best move, and that these are middle-class team problems I’m complaining about. But, to play these last few months off as business as usual or nothing to be somewhat unhappy about I think is a little too pollyanna (and I’m the freaking pollyanna of the group!).

  6. 81
    Steve Says:

    And, speaking of being Pollyanna, Bub – I think that pointing to Minor’s comments as evidence that there will be Mets-like fracturing and drama in the clubhouse is a little crazy. Soooo many of these guys talk about how well everyone gets along in the clubhouse. And, if you don’t, you get shipped out (see Yunel). And while I’m no Fredi fan, I don’t think he’s so incompetent as to let that kind of stuff go on.

  7. 82
    Steve Says:

    Great article on Braun’s press conference: http://m.jsonline.com/sports/brewers/Braun_live22412-140317723.html?ua=iphone&dc=smart

  8. 83
    Ham Says:

    I’m sorry, but I am not completely exonerating Braun because he got cleared on a technicality. For him to say ” I told you I wasn’t guilty” because a chain of custody breach or something rings false to me. I would love for him to be vindicated, but I don’t think that the way things went down vindicates him. Is this the POV you were looking for, Leah? What do others think?

    I also think all the other drama is really a case of nothing else going on. Chipper has been fat for 6-7 years and Curt is on point about Minor. The Hanson concussion is a non-issue. The fact that he can’t stay healthy or keep his fastball down is.

  9. 84
    Nate Says:

    The Braves needed like 8 SP to get through last year. I don’t think you trade Minor unless you get a great offer or Sean Gilmartin is ready. The Braves drafted him and are paying him good money. Do your job and shut up. This kid sounds like another whiny millionaire athlete.

  10. 85
    Nate Says:

    I cannot freaking wait for baseball to start.

  11. 86
    Anne Says:

    I second the emotion of #85 and will now call Matty D “Marty” (#77) which will help with Mrs. Diaz’s restraining order.

  12. 87
    Curt Says:

    Here’s some inspiring words from Liberty Media about the Braves. I take it all back. They really do care about the team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go team!!!!!!!!!!!

    In a conference call that Liberty executives held with investment analysts Thursday, the Braves were mentioned once. That was in the context of a discussion about taxes.

    Liberty CEO Greg Maffei cited the Braves and a stake in satellite radio company Sirius XM as examples of situations where Liberty would owe capital-gains taxes if the assets were sold. But Maffei offered no signal of an impending sale, saying, “We will be able to decide when to choose, if ever, to [trigger the capital-gains taxes].”

  13. 88
    Walker Says:

    Does anybody know the braves spring tv schedule?

  14. 89
    Bubdylan Says:

    Steve, okay, maybe Mets-Lite.

    Soap operas fiascos I can easily see:

    1. Mike Minor attitude escalation. Chipper speaking to it in the press.
    2. Jason Heyward being stubborn about adjustments, Chipper comments, etc
    3. Chipper playing poorly, getting hurt, saying terribly illogical things about his ability to contribute.
    4. General discontent towards Fredi by the team finally coming out (yes, I’m projecting, let me do it.)
    5. The horror of all horrors: 2 or our 3 bullpen workhorses comes up with dead arm in April and somebody (the player himself perhaps, or perhaps, Chip … per … Jonessszzzz.) says something out loud about all the unnecessary innings from last year.
    6. Gas prices hit $5 a gallon because … Chipperfredi Jonesalez… are … the … downfall of America.

    Oooookay, back to the Bama blog.

  15. 90
    Steve Says:

    OK, Bub – You win. I can’t compete with your fertile clubhouse drama powers

  16. 91
    David Says:

    80 — Sorry Steve, I didn’t recognize the tongue-in-cheek tone in the tweet. Maybe you can write those in the “sarcastic” font? Also — are you the only one who tweets, or is it all three of y’all? I sorta figured that the three of you share access to the ABT twitter account, and I wasn’t sure who said it.

    And nothing to be excited about this offseason? Uh, did you not see the new uniforms? The concessions discounts for season ticket holders? The new tiered ticketing pricing? The Jack Wilson signing?

    Seriously though, I’m with ya. This offseason has been a dud for us fans. The only thing that’s comforting about it is that it’s over, and as someone once said, a good GM aims to be celebrating in October, not December or January.

    83 — I definitely agree. Braun’s reversal seems to be a lack of the process working as it’s intended and designed to. Doesn’t count, and it’s wrong for him to claim honor and honesty in these circumstances.

  17. 92
    Steve Says:

    91 – Hey David, no worries. And, in truth, I am excited about the new uniforms.
    BTW – Curt and I handle the Twitter duties.

  18. 93
    Steve Says:

    Feel good article at CBS Sports. http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/story/17462062/braves-camp-report-after-epic-collapse-in-11-inaction-brings-optimism

  19. 94
    Bubdylan Says:

    Aw, Stevie, it wasn’t like that.

  20. 95
    Steve Says:

    BBTN video from their visit to Braves camp today: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=7622221&categoryid=2378529

  21. 96
    Curt Says:


  22. 97
    Bubdylan Says:


    I miss Bobby.

  23. 98
    Curt Says:

    My caption would read.

    “I have no idea what I’m doing. Stop asking me stuff about things.”

  24. 99
    Steve Says:

    #98 – perfect.

    Ok, people, doing my part to help the team make more money and increase payroll with this announcement from the Braves:

    Please help us reminder your listeners, viewers, readers, and followers that they can register by midnight tonight at braves.com/presale to take part in the MARCH 1-2 PRESALE for Single Game Tickets.    
    Single Game Tickets will go on sale to the general public on Monday, March 5 and start at only $6. Single game tickets will be available at Braves.com/tickets, the Braves Ticket Office at Turner Field, the Braves Clubhouse Store at the CNN Center, all PUBLIX Ticketmaster outlets, or by calling 1-800-745-3000. 

  25. 100
    Leah Says:

    Nicely done Stevie! Can’t wait to see next year’s budget now!

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