March 05, 2012

Show #173: Braves Spring Training Games Start with a Thud

The expanded Wild Card, 1 hit + 9 home runs = bad start, Minor’s comments, McCann’s extension and Braun’s PED case.



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  1. 101
    Steve Says:

    Here’s my concern about the slow start in ST and it’s not the results so much as the doubt creeeping in to certain players on the team. We started worrying about it and putting meaning to it on day 1. The team certainly didn’t do it that soon. But, at some point here, it’s got to start getting to them, too.

  2. 102
    Leah Says:

    What are the chances we can win one game today?

  3. 103
    Kate Says:

    Not good.

  4. 104
    Walker Says:

    I know these games don’t mean anything but I really feel like a Pirates fan right now.

  5. 105
    Anne Says:

    If you guys can put an Up side to the pre-season thus far, I’ll eat my hat. Type of hat up to you.

  6. 106
    Steve Says:

    Sorry guys. Some technical issues tonight. Will work on getting the show posted some time tomorrow.

  7. 107
    Leah Says:

    Is “technical issues” podcast code for “we don’t want to talk about it”? Cause if so I don’t blame you.

  8. 108
    David Says:

    From DOB (both of the following):

    #Braves lineup: Bourn cf, Prado lf, Jones 3b, Uggla 2b, Freeman 1b, Hinske dh, Heyward rf, Ross c, Simmons ss (Beachy rhp)

    Simmons in there again today w/ basically regular #Braves projected lineup. Hmmm…

    Maybe DOB is just fueling the fire or getting us fans interested in something other than the 1-9 record, but I for one am very intrigued by his comments re Simmons vs Pastornicky. Several times he’s responded to tweets asking if it’s possible for Simmons to be the starting SS, and not once has he refuted it. I think the closest he’s come has been to say that it’s Pastornicky’s spot to lose.

    Looking forward to this week’s podcast, whenever it’s up!

  9. 109
    David Says:

    Also — the stats so far:

    Simmons: 5 games, 10 AB, 2 runs, 3 hits (1 triple), 1 rbi, 1 bb, 1 K, 0/1 stealing, .300/.364/.500 (.864OPS), 0 errors

    which is way better than…

    Pastornicky: 8 games, 26 AB, 2 runs, 3 hits (all singles), 1 bb, 3 K, 1/2 stealing, .115/.148/.115 (.264 OPS), 3 errors

    Granted, Pastornicky has gotten a lot more playing time and has had about twice as many chances on defense (33 chances to Simmons’ 14), but I would really like to see Simmons make a strong bid for the starting spot.

  10. 110
    Curt Says:

    Still working on this technical stuff. Can’t really tackle it while I am at work, but I hope to have it resolved before the end of the night.

  11. 111
    Pure Says:

    “technical issue” – Steve editing out all the depressing things that Curt said about spring training.

  12. 112
    john j Says:

    This may be ST but it isn’t much fun rooting for the team with the worst results (by far) since the end of August.

  13. 113
    Steve Says:

    yeah, if we had to edit out all the depressing stuff, there would be no show. It was just Ham and me, so no Steve to tip the balance.

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