March 25, 2012

Show #176: The End of an Era

A whole lot on Chipper, a little on JJ, a little less on Vizcaino, and no Steve.  Again.



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  1. 76
    Bubdylan Says:

    #75 = Awesome.

    Frank’s got the perfect hair for that commercial, too.

    Yunel could do a cameo promo in it: “Dees leetle shortstop weent to Canada for the price of only 1.3 Weens Above Replacings from free-sweenging guy pouty as me and plus looks like a beeg feesh! Dat Frank Wreen ees loco!”

  2. 77
    Walker Says:


    I hate being reminded of that Yunel trade.

  3. 78
    Nate Says:

    and now we’re picking up players the Astros don’t even want..

  4. 79
    Bubdylan Says:

    Livan Hernandez? I … uh … hmm.

  5. 80
    Nate Says:

    I checked to see if it was April 1st when I saw the news. Unfortunately, it’s still March.

  6. 81
    Bubdylan Says:

    Overheard on Talking Chop: “Braves Throw Livan Hernandez Into Swimming Pool, Finally Make Big Offseason Splash.”

    I’m sugar-high on my sister’s incredibly sweet tea right now, but I almost like this move.

  7. 82
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Makes me fear a bit that they might more readily trade Medlen… However, if they can pick up a real starting LF guy, then it might be worth it…

  8. 83
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    The phrase “there are no bad one year contracts” keeps coming to mind…

  9. 84
    Walker Says:

    They will not trade Medlen as it would be the dumbest thing they could do.

  10. 85
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Livan Hernandez? Not sure what to think…. part of me thinks that this is a good thing…but part of me thinks that this shows just how bad our rotation may be.

    BTW, Doesn’t this go against the phrase “If you can’t beat em, join em?” Maybe on the bright side this means that he will not beat us 5 times this year? OR he may cost us games pitching!

  11. 86
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Well, at least we didn’t have to trade away any good equipment like bats or balls for Hernandez.

  12. 87
    Steve Says:

    The Livan move is all just more insurance. Lots of youngsters in the rotation. This gives the team more options. It’s not exciting, it’s not sexy, but it’s not a bad move as I see it.

  13. 88
    Bubdylan Says:

    If it doesn’t work out, he can always sell cartoon balloons in town.

  14. 89
    Curt Says:

    I think it shows how little confidence they have right now in Teheran and Delgado.

    Nate, do you mean April 1, 1997?

  15. 90
    Nate Says:

    Well, the 750K contract for Livan does show that Livan is a competitor and loves baseball, otherwise why not hang it up? I can’t imagine he is really hurting for the money at this point in his career. Hope it works out for everyone, and leave it to Steve to have the calm, rational point of view on all this. I just wonder how great his ERA is going to look if he doesn’t get to face us.

  16. 91
    Nate Says:

    and thanks to this move I’ve had “Levon” stuck in my head all day.

  17. 92
    Steve Says:

    Levon wears his war wound like a crown…

  18. 93
    Anne Says:

    #91-92 – me, too. I’ll pay someone double to play Levon when he comes running from the bullpen. Here’s hoping he shall be a good man.

  19. 94
    Steve Says:

    Just dawned on me that the Livan move also means they’re not forced to give Gearrin a spot on the 25 man roster as it was looking after the Ascencio sale.

  20. 95
    Steve Says:


  21. 96
    Bubdylan Says:

    #95 UGH! I’ll never forgive you for that, Steve.

  22. 97
    Kate Says:

    If it wasn’t for Eric Gregg’s terrible strike zone I might not be a baseball fan. I became a fan during the 1997 World Series and the only reason I watched was because the Marlins were in it.

  23. 98
    Bubdylan Says:

    “His work in Game 5 in the 1997 National League playoff series was voted by Baseball America as the third-worst umpire performance of 1975 – 2000 era. His strike zone was later determined to measure five feet from top to bottom and an unbelievable six feet wide. One memorable call has him calling a strike on a pitch that was over the head of Fred McGriff.”

    Sweet Lord, I’d hate to see the top two worst performances if that was #3. Did somebody call a strike on a pitch out?

  24. 99
    Steve Says:

    #98, I remember it vividly, but hadn’t seen video of it in many years. It’s so egregious as not to be believed. MLB officials should have run on to the field in the middle of the game to stop it. So crazy.

  25. 100
    Nate Says:

    Verlander is ridiculous.

    Are u guys doing picks on the next show?

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