April 29, 2012

Show #181: The Braves Continue to Roll

Analyzing the off-season “if’s,”  JJ’s demotion and the use of Chad Durbin.



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  1. 151
    Shaun Says:

    Curt @ 142, I think Hanson’s start was probably just a fluke.

    Tim Hudson is doesn’t miss a whole lot of bats so he’s prone to some starts like Friday’s, especially in a place like Coors Field.

    I think Minor got a little overrated after some of his early-season start. He was just so good, that it was hard to imagine him keeping that up. And most scouting types seem to think Minor’s ceiling is closer to a mid-rotation or closer to a back-end starter than something like a number two, which is fine. He’ll provide plenty of value even if he’s not consistently one of the best starters on the team, year-in and year-out.

  2. 152
    David Says:

    #142: First of all, yes, the starting pitching has been awful lately.

    I’ll follow that up with this, though:
    Monday: Minor with a bad start, although he also had a lot of Ks and got into the 7th.
    Tuesday: Beachy with a terrific start.
    Wednesday: Hanson with an awful start.
    Thursday: Delgado with a terrific start.
    Friday: Hudson with a bad start.
    Saturday: Minor with a bad start.

    4 bad/awful starts on the week. Personally, I think we can attribute Friday and Saturday’s starts to pitching in Colorado. Hudson’s never pitched well there, and it was Minor’s first time.

    Minor’s start against Pittsburgh — not good. At the same time, I agree with Shaun #151: he’s pitching like a back-of-the-rotation starter. I think he’ll probably be like this all year, with some good stretches and some bad stretches as he learns the league and learns how to work hitters.

    Hanson against Philly — that one’s got me baffled as well, although we’ve seen Hanson come out and just have a big crap start every now and then.

    Looking forward to seeing Beachy this afternoon. I just hope that his slider is working and he’s able to miss a lot of bats.

  3. 153
    Nate Says:

    That’s how you pay ’em back Freddie!

  4. 154
    David Says:

    I love this Chipper/Moyer stuff.

  5. 155
    Anne Says:

    Question: does the HoF clock begin with retirement year? If Moyer also retires this year AND if he & Chipper are both first-round picks, I wanna be at that ceremony.

  6. 156
    Curt Says:

    If Moyer gets in the HOF, it needs to close

  7. 157
    Anne Says:


  8. 158
    Adam Says:

    Nice sweep

  9. 159
    Chris Says:


    You guys should read this article if you didnt already yet, its a great read. It has some great quotes in there, and its awesome seeing Chipper fired up! Also talkes about the Pirates and the Phillies stealing signs.

  10. 160
    Walker Says:

    “I tell you what, the next time we face them I’ll stand with my back to him, and see what he says then,” Jones said. “What’s his excuse going to be when he gives it up then? I mean, dude, we don’t need signs, especially for him. I mean, my goodness, every pitch is 78 [mph]. Come on.”

    I love me some Chipper Jones. LOL

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