May 20, 2012

Show #184: Braves Remain in First and Take Series from Rays

A great series win in Tampa, the starting pitching, the record without Chipper and the trouble with EOF and Venters.



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  1. 176
    Curt Says:

    Who do you trust on this team right now? Including the coaching staff? Fredi seems to lack the ability to turn the thing out of a tailspin. Embarrassing effort. I don’t care how short-handed you are. Think the Nats care? Think this doesn’t carry over this season? That the first time they faced us they best us like a mule?

    By my count you are now 2-4 against the Mets, 1-2 against the Phils, 1-1 against the Marlins, and 0-3 against DC. With 346 games yet to play against them all. Good luck.

  2. 177
    Walker Says:

    Livan has been good ( LUCKY) this year but HE IS STILL OUR MOP UP/LONG RELIEVER


    If it was the 7th, he would have put in O’Flaherty. But oh no it’s the 6th. We can’t use out best relievers. It’s against the law.

    Rule #1 of sports: Win with your best and lose with your best.

    Fredi, if you don’t secure a playoff spot, you are OUT OF HERE.

    I’m not angry

  3. 178
    Nate Says:

    We just got dominated.

    Fredi has no clue. The only way we were winning is because our offense was on fire. Our pitching has been suspect all year, so when our offense slumps like they did this week we are going to lose a lot of gams. And again, we have a very bad manager.

  4. 179
    Nate Says:

    *games not gams. I hate baseball.

  5. 180
    Steve Says:

    It was miserable at the ballpark tonight. And with each batter that Fredi left Livan in for, I became more and more speechless. So strange tonight. Awful.

  6. 181
    doug Says:

    Feels like september

  7. 182
    Bubdylan Says:

    I never blamed Fredi for the collapse. I now regret that.

  8. 183
    Nate Says:

    #180, he did that in Florida all the time. He just leaves guys in way too long. We’ve gotten lucky a lot this year that it hasn’t backfired more. I really think he’s gone after this year. No way he gets fired during the season unless we absolutely tank it, but even if we make the playoffs he’s gone, imo, unless we somehow win it all. He learned nothing from last season’s collapse and missing the playoffs. He’s making the same mistakes again, costing us games that we could at least stay in with better bullpen use and a better feel for when a starter is “done”. Wren and the rest of the organization have to see this, it’s so blatantly obvious.

    It’s been just an awful month with the pitching issues, the offense going in the tank last week, Freeman’s eye issues, Chipper’s leg, McCann’s tummy. Bad stuff. Hopefully the team can just put this behind them and start tearing it up at the plate again.

  9. 184
    Walker Says:

    I never blamed Fredi for the collapse but i blame him for us not making the playoffs. Over 162 games last year he cost us 3-4 extra wins easily.

  10. 185
    Bubdylan Says:

    The trouble with the “Wren and company have to see this” is that it’s the same company who hired Chad Durbin while Gearrin wastes away for a third year in Gwinnett with a 0.94 ERA and 0.837 WHIP, striking out 34 and walking 8 in 28 innings. I mean, who could have predicted that after the Spring he had?

  11. 186
    Bubdylan Says:

    That’s why they call him “1-2-3 Tommy”

  12. 187
    Adam Says:

    Hanson the magician.

  13. 188
    Bubdylan Says:

    Philly also loaded the bases and scored zero. We were that close to punching our ticket for last place.

  14. 189
    Bubdylan Says:

    This is so much fun.

  15. 190
    Walker Says:

    Boy, when we fall, we fall hard. I can’t watch.

  16. 191
    Leah Says:

    Little leaguers…

  17. 192
    Bubdylan Says:

    Yeah, whatcha want is Livan in a close game, save Medlen for the blowouts.

  18. 193
    Leah Says:

    On…that little “Daddy came home and is at Turner Field” was freaking awesome.

  19. 194
    Bubdylan Says:

    I mean, the only way it could be worse is if Durbin came in and logged a couple of scoreless innings, solidifying him in Fredi’s dupedy eyes as a real choice in a real game.

  20. 195
    Anne Says:

    …and this is why I didn’t get season tickets this year. What the.

  21. 196
    Nate Says:

    A. Fire the Manager
    B. Fire a Coach
    C. Make a trade
    D. Send guys down, call guys up
    E. Stand pat, hope the team gets healthy and it all turns around

    The Braves typically go with plan E in this situation, which sucks for those of us watching.

  22. 197
    Nate Says:

    Dear Braves Players, at some point someone else has to step up and stop waiting for Chipper to fix it. Those days are gone. We drafted him in 1990. It’s 2012.

  23. 198
    Bubdylan Says:

    We’re in dead last.

  24. 199
    Curt Says:

    Having not seen the score, I’ll assume we lost today

  25. 200
    Curt Says:

    That old trick. Horrible starting pitching + no offense.

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