July 08, 2012

Show #191: The Braves Bittersweep Ending to the First Half

The Simmons injury, Venters to the DL, the starting pitchers in the Braves’ sights, 1st half review and 2nd half predictions.



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  1. 151
    Walker Says:

    Pastornicky has proven he can’t play consistently.

    Meanwhile Sheets is pitching beautifully.

  2. 152
    Curt Says:

    I get that he isn’t consistent, but that is a precipitous drop.

    Great work from Sheets.

  3. 153
    Ham Says:

    Holy Sheets, what a first impression.

  4. 154
    Walker Says:

    Thats the best defense I’ve ever seen Diaz play. Go ahead Matt.

    7 in a ROW!!

    Giants up next — No Cain, No Lincecum

    Let me get my broom

  5. 155
    Curt Says:

    Bub, that tweet was for you

  6. 156
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Is Freddie taking the torch from Chipper when it comes to the Mets?

  7. 157
    Steve Says:

    How great is this quote from Chipper on Sheets?:

    On playing behind him:

    “Any time I go through nine innings and I don’t get a groundball, that’s a good day. I like those kind of days. Me and him are going to get along just fine.”

  8. 158
    will Says:

    We were at the ballpark today so I felt obligated to file this report.

    It was hot as hades.

    Part of it had to be the heat, but the low attendance was a surprise.

    We sat in the front row just behind the visitor on-deck circle. We were in cushy corporate seats courtesy of my big shot lawyer high school friend. I feel obligated now to use his law firm now. Maybe Ill slip and fall.

    I drank 4 Sweetwater beers (3 by the third inning it was so hot- but I slowed down), 3 iced teas, had a bbq chicken wrap and a hamburger.

    Sheets was awesome with a consistent 91-93 mph fastball and a sneaky 77 changeup.

    Medlen has got to be my size (5-6″) but he looked good.

    Diaz was awesome both offensively and in the outfield.

    Chipper was a stud.

    Despite being scoreless the first 5 innings, Santana’s control seemed pretty shaky; kept getting it in the dirt.

    Their skipper argued strikes and got tossed in the 6th. We were all booing him . It didnt surprise us that he unravelled.

    Bourne is super cool/even tempered at the plate. He made an awesome catch.

    Freeman smacked a big dinger. Sounded like a cannon.

    Josh Thole, the Mets catcher, had bubble gum on his rear end. My 11year old son yelled “Thole, Thole, you have gum on your butt.” To which he tried to pick the gum off his butt. He missed it at first, to which the girls behind us said “lower, lower” until he got it. He then flied out to left. My son, secret specialist in psyops.

  9. 159
    Steve Says:

    Will – great, great stuff. I was there too. Crazy hot. Missed the gum from my seats in the upper deck but I’m with you on most of the rest.

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