July 15, 2012

Show #192: Our Interview with Craig Calcaterra

Craig Calcaterra of hardballtalk.com talks Janish, Sheets, starting pitching acquisitions and the DH in the NL.  Plus Chipper in the All Star Game.



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  1. 26
    Steve Says:

    It is grim out there so far. JJ not sharp. Neither are the gloves or the bats.

  2. 27
    Anne Says:

    Double U Tee Eff.

  3. 28
    ham Says:

    Just saw the score. Is it as bad as it looks? Is it worse? (if that’s possible)

  4. 29
    Walker Says:

    On a more fun note. Who else is excited for The Dark Knight Rises?

  5. 30
    Steve Says:

    @28 – It was worse. JJ was extremely hittable. The offense was flat and the defense was sloppy. Seriously, it was an absolute train wreck.

  6. 31
    Steve Says:

    @29 – Crazy, crazy excited. Going to re-watch the second movie this week to be all primed up for the new one.

  7. 32
    Bubdylan Says:

    #29, pretty excited, but expecting it to be suuuuuper bleak. #31, we’re watching Batman Begins a bit each day as we treadmill, and then we’re gonna watch TDK the night before we go. I forgot how much I like Batman Begins. It’s fashionable to claim to like it more than TDK, and I dunno if I can say that, but I may like it just as much.

  8. 33
    Curt Says:

    Already bought my tickets for Sunday. IMAX baby

  9. 34
    Steve Says:

    @32 – I watched Batman Begins a couple of months ago. Loved it all over again. But was a tiny bit surprised that it had some goofy, cliche lines in it like any standard super hero fare. Not a criticism, just surprising. I don’t remember TDK that well either having only seen it once in the theatres, but I’m betting there’s none of that in there.

    Just read something that Nolan based the Liam Neeson character on Bin Laden, btw.

  10. 35
    Walker Says:

    I can’t wait. I love Batman. I just love the that he’s a mortal being, but he still maximizes human potential to it’s fullest. He’s a super athletic, billionaire genius, who knows Martial arts. You can’t get much better than that.

    Please ignore my nerd moment.

  11. 36
    Bubdylan Says:

    re: TDKR, I gotta admit that an early round of Rotten Tomatoes reviews has chilled my expectations a bit. Not so much the handful of negative reviews, but the tentative positive ones. He’s built up so much good faith with the first two movies that faint praise is particularly damning.

    And this is where I confess that, in spite of finding Nolan among the best working directors (I’ve been with him since his bleakest, The Following, pre-Memento), I find him more viscerally than intellectually satisfying, and the more explicit he gets about his actual ideas, the less I can go along for the ride. And it sounds lots of explicit ideas got baked into this one. Still looking forward to it, but less so.

    Good luck to you parental types; it’s gonna be super-heavy all the way through.

  12. 37
    Bubdylan Says:

    Walker, it’s not a nerdy comment. As Jerry Seinfeld says, when boys read comic book stories, those aren’t fantasies; they’re options.

  13. 38
    Walker Says:

    Thanks Bub. I’m not expecting it to be better than The Dark Knight so I guess I won’t be disappointed.

  14. 39
    Curt Says:

    Count me among the few who was a little disappointed with the Dark Knight. Good, yes. Earth shifting (as many wanted me to believe), not even close. And Nolan falls there for me. Entertaining as can be, but I’m always feeling a little bit was missing in the film. See Inception.

    Memento was great, though. Great concept.

  15. 40
    Walker Says:

    I couldn’t stand Inception.

  16. 41
    Bubdylan Says:

    Wren, you have from now until the 6th inning to trade Mike Minor at peak value. Get ‘er done. (That marks the first time in my life I’ve typed “get ‘er done.” I’ve entered a strange frontier.)

  17. 42
    Bubdylan Says:

    Lord, Prado. Whatchu swingin’ at??

  18. 43
    Bubdylan Says:

    The underrated Nolan film, for me, is Insomnia, which is particularly smashing on Blu-ray.

  19. 44
    Bubdylan Says:

    onnnnnneeeeee seeeeeventyyyyyy threeeeeeeeeee….

  20. 45
    ham Says:

    Lead off doubles against Minor scare me.

  21. 46
    Curt Says:

    here we go. it must be the 4th or the 5th inning

  22. 47
    Bubdylan Says:

    Melky and Francisco providing all the offense. The Battle of Recovering Slobs.

  23. 48
    Bubdylan Says:

    Got a good feeling about this inning for Atlanta.

    There’s a walk for Heyward, good start. Get ‘im, boys.

  24. 49
    Nate Says:

    @47, winner gets a free pass to the Andruw Jones All You Can Eat Post Game Sandwich Buffet (chips and beer not included)

  25. 50
    Walker Says:

    Joe Simpson is hating hard on Melky. Jealous much?

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