July 22, 2012

Show #193: Braves Stumble After Strong Start Against Nats

JJ’s future. Significance of the Nats series. What do with Uggla and what to expect from Venters. Clubhouse interviews with Sheets and  Kimbrel.



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  1. 26
    Frigatedoc Says:

    BTW, at least the Braves are moving now instead of waiting and driving us all crazy. Remember this board last year? (Even though is was a GREAT trade!)

  2. 27
    ham Says:

    Curt and I are also going to start discussing the WNBA. In depth.

  3. 28
    Walker Says:

    OMG Ichiro got traded to the Yankees. Weird

  4. 29
    Frigatedoc Says:

    @27 HA HA!! My friend posted on 11 July (day after all star game) this..

    “Hanging out on worst sports day of the year. NOTHING today (WNBA does not count).”

    loved it.

    anyway…just off the wall question. Where is Glenn Hubbard? The Royals maybe? I know he got canned when Freddi came (stupid move #1) but have not seen him in baseball since.

  5. 30
    Curt Says:

    Man, did the Mariners want to dump Ichiro or what?

  6. 31
    Walker Says:

    I wasnt even paying attention to Ichiro’s stats until now. Wow he sucks.

  7. 32
    Curt Says:

    Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez just got traded to the Tigers

  8. 33
    Leah Says:

    Love love love Ben Sheets and it has everything to do with how he says Miss’ippi. I was disappointed he didn’t say Nehked.

  9. 34
    Nate Says:

    Delgado for less than 1/2 a season of Dempster? Uh, no thanks.

  10. 35
    Curt Says:

    Can we go back in time and send Minor to the minors and the trade him for Dempster?

  11. 36
    Kate Says:

    Can we trade for Josh Johnson?

  12. 37
    Walker Says:

    Not only do we have a horrible rotation but we also have an inconsistent offense.

  13. 38
    Kate Says:

    This team is good at striking out.

  14. 39
    Jo Bu Says:

    Whatever good run these Braves build up in a win streak, they give it all back the next down slide.

  15. 40
    Leah Says:

    And the umps hate us.

  16. 41
    Steve Says:

    The offense disappearing is SOOOOO frustrating. The pitching is one thing and kind of to be expected because our pitching is just not that good (depressing in its own way), but our offense is better than this.

  17. 42
    frigatedoc Says:

    @41 agree Steve. Almost hoped when Johnson left the game that the Braves had picked him up in a trade. The Ump made the wrong call but after seeing the video it was pretty close,

  18. 43
    Bub Says:

    If the season ended today, we wouldn’t make the playoffs. :(

  19. 44
    Walker Says:

    Maybe its better that we collapse now so we wont have to do it at the end of the year.

  20. 45
    Curt Says:

    Which makes this whole Delgado for Dempster thing insane to me.

  21. 46
    Frigatedoc Says:

    This just posted on mlbtraderumors…

    TUESDAY, 9:05am: Dempster has given preliminary indications that he’d accept a trade to the Braves, ESPN.com’s Jerry Crasnick reports (Twitter links). However, Dempster felt blindsided when news of the proposed deal leaked before the Cubs reached him.

  22. 47
    Curt Says:

    Wonder what this team would look like with Feliz, Harrison and Wainwright as part of it?

    We should have been able to get Dempster for much less than Delgado. I know pitching is a premium right now, but so is young pitching. This reeks of panic. And this isn’t Greinke.

  23. 48
    Kate Says:

    His name has only been in the news for a couple of months so I can totally understand him feeling blindsided by a trade.

  24. 49
    Shaun Says:

    Here is some pretty detailed info on the Dempster situation based on a source that CAC says has been reliable in the past: http://capitolavenueclub.com/?p=7253

    Very interesting stuff.

  25. 50
    Walker Says:

    Curt I disagree. You have to give up something to get something. Dempster and Grienke will cost one eithe Delgado or Minor. If the Braves dont want to do that then Liriano is available.

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