August 05, 2012

Show #195: The Braves Make a Different Trade with the Cubs

The Maholm/Johnson trade.  The starting rotation. Juan Francisco.  The Dan Struggla Meter.



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  1. 76
    Curt Says:

    i thought hudson had one

  2. 77
    Kate Says:

    Beachy had one back in May.

  3. 78
    Steve Says:

    This is arguably the best pitched game by a starter this year, right? Wren has some amazing skill/luck.

  4. 79
    Anonymous Says:

    #78, I’d call it skill more than luck because I assume he acquires all these Ankiels, Farnsworths, and Linebrinks knowing that you have to do that to end up with Sheetses, Durbins, and Maholms (though Maholm is more like the flipside of McLouth, since he’s a mid-level talent for whom we traded a good piece).

    Vacay time. Keep the Bravos goin’ for me.

  5. 80
    Bub Says:

    ^ twas me.

  6. 81
    Leah Says:

    Did anybody else know about the Wren, Gonzalez telling Juan F to get the lead out? Chip and Joe talked about it before the game and it’s the first I hear of it.

  7. 82
    Curt Says:

    Leah, I heard that too and no, I had not heard about it. I like it.

  8. 83
    Leah Says:

    Me…too! It reminds me how he handled Ramirez.

  9. 84
    Walker Says:

    It’s ridiculous how fast Usain Bolt is.

  10. 85
    Steve Says:

    What a pleasure this game was. I was out for a jog in my neighborhood listening to the game and just embarrassing myself with every loud cheer and clap and whoop as the hits just kept coming in the first two innings.

  11. 86
    Steve Says:

    Just saw the CC to the DL and the Yankees signing Lowe news. The twists and turns of a baseball season and unbelievable sometimes.

  12. 87
    Walker Says:

    The more games we win and the longer the Nats stay ahead of us, the more this new Wild card irks me.

  13. 88
    Curt Says:

    The flipping Nats. Unbelievable.

  14. 89
    Pure Says:

    I’d like to hear a movie review of Bourne Legacy in the next podcast. I watched it today and it was absolute RUBBISH.

  15. 90
    Steve Says:

    @89 – And there it is! The first request for one of our movie reviews.

  16. 91
    Leah Says:

    Watched DKR and loved it. Poor Bane. He just had no chance.

  17. 92
    Anne Says:

    @89/90 – Pure – don’t encourage them!! Go BRAVES on prime time!

  18. 93
    Adam Says:

    Nats lost. Let’s make up some ground tonight.

  19. 94
    Walker Says:

    I’m glad the Arizona D-Bags finally helped a little. Bout time.

  20. 95
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    they are sitting on his curve…

  21. 96
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Time to transfer the “Met’s killer” title from Chipper to Freddie?

  22. 97
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Remember when the “track” on Freddie was “good glove, ok for average, not much power”?

  23. 98
    Walker Says:

    This game is against us. Weird things are happening.

  24. 99
    Walker Says:


  25. 100
    Adam Says:

    Is it just me or has Chipper been swinging at the first pitch almost every time for the past couple weeks.

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