August 19, 2012

Show #197: The Braves Pitching Competition Heats Up

Does the Dodgers series mean anything?  Who’s locked in to the starting rotation?  More  Chipper love and McCann’s shoulder injury.



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  1. 26
    Steve Says:

    4 – 2. Good to see they’re not hanging their heads. Lots of baseball to play. Cliche, cliche, cliche.

  2. 27
    Adam Says:

    Jason Heyward is a beautiful human being.

  3. 28
    Steve Says:

    @27 – Well said.

  4. 29
    Curt Says:

    that went better

  5. 30
    Adam Says:

    Time to pull Hudson! Abort! Abort!

  6. 31
    Adam Says:

    Okay I overreacted. Nice bounceback by Huddy.

  7. 32
    Adam Says:

    Those darn bases are always swatting balls away from our infielders. Unbelievable.

  8. 33
    Steve Says:

    Ugh. This is really freaking stressful.

  9. 34
    Curt Says:

    come on

  10. 35
    Curt Says:

    please don’t walk in the damn run

  11. 36
    Adam Says:


  12. 37
    Curt Says:


  13. 38
    Adam Says:

    If this game goes to extra innings, if I’m the nationals I’m intentionally walking the first two batters of every inning. That seems like the surest way to stop us from doing anything.

  14. 39
    ham Says:

    I think I could strike out Uggla right now. Durbin looked great though. C’MON BOYS!

  15. 40
    Walker Says:

    Here comes the dumbest strategy in the world.

    The idea that you can’t bring in your best reliever on the road in extra innings until you get a lead is asinine. I would think you would want your best reliever pitching in a tie game where it is a sudden death situation if the other team scores. You want your lesser relievers pitching in a save situation where at least if they gave up a run the game wouldn’t be over. Am I on another planet?

  16. 41
    Steve Says:

    On a side note, all the Natitude stuff is really stupid.

  17. 42
    Adam Says:


  18. 43
    Curt Says:

    Going to bed. 5:30 wake up call is too daunting

  19. 44
    Adam Says:

    I almost just fainted.

  20. 45
    Adam Says:

    It’s hits like that which make the 1-game play-off at the end of the year a joke.

  21. 46
    Adam Says:

    And of course that’s how the game ends. We suck.

  22. 47
    Walker Says:

    It serves us right to lose. We deserved that. INEXCUSABLE. INEXCUSABLE not to use the best relief pitcher in baseball against our division rivals. We lost without using our best. We deserved this and I’m glad we lost.

  23. 48
    Jo-Bu Says:

    We couldn’t play these guys when they sucked and were the bottom feeders of the divison. We couldn’t play them when they were the Expose either… nothing new here.

  24. 49
    Jimbo! Says:

    yes it would have been nice having Kimbrel out there but had we burned him in the 13th who would have pitched the 14th?

    I think the real travesty here is Dan Uggla, blowing the last play of the game. and batting I feel like we have Andrew Jones back, throw a ball a foot off the plate or in the dirt and he’s hacking every time he must not want anyone to steal his spot on the bench. Imagine how good this team would be if we had invested all that money in someone who could actually hit the ball!!
    …that being said i do love his hustle and intensity but man he has been so bad! 1-6 today. get it together this is getting Redic!

  25. 50
    Walker Says:

    Its called the butterfly effect. Just do the smart thing and use Kimbrel out the bullpen first and rest will take care of itself. Who knows what would have happened. We still may have lost but at least we would have lost with our best.

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