September 16, 2012

Show #201: Two Sweeps Mark the Braves Week

The expanded Post Season Hope Meter.  We play Trust or Mistrust?  The Dan Struggla Meter.



106 Responses to “Show #201: Two Sweeps Mark the Braves Week”

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  1. 51
    bub Says:

    I trust Moylan. I trust him to do that.

  2. 52
    bub Says:

    Mike Dunn, huh. This could get interesting yet.

  3. 53
    bub Says:

    new game :0

  4. 54
    bub Says:

    That passed ball, to state the obvious, could be costly.

  5. 55
    bub Says:

    Please walk Buck.

  6. 56
    bub Says:

    Well I sure never thought we’d live to see the 10th.


  7. 57
    Adam Says:

    I’m nervous about Reyes.

  8. 58
    Adam Says:

    Well that was the stupidest walk-off hit ever.

  9. 59
    bub Says:

    Yay. Losing to Jose Reyes. Just … yay.

  10. 60
    will Says:


  11. 61
    Leah Says:

    Poopy loss. Bub, I’m usually watching the game on my DVR about 30 minutes behind so I avoid the board. No spoilers and all that jazz. Go Braves! Get ‘em Meds!

  12. 62
    Walker Says:

    I’m glad we are playing the one game playoff at home. Otherwise, if we were on the road Fredi would never use Kimbrel in a tie game as if we playing game of baseball in another universe. The madness continues.

  13. 63
    Steve Says:

    @62 – Yes, yes, yes. At the very least, bring EOF in for the 10th. Leaving Gearrin in was madness.

  14. 64
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Anyone remember ealier this year when the Braves were close to the top in runs scored? That was our strength….not pitching. Now it seems the other way around (on some nights)

    What happened? NOBODY is hitting really (except heyward) and some of us were doggin him when he was the only one that was not hitting. How can a ENTIRE team just stop? Coaching? Tiredness?

    Janish having a dislocated shoulder is BAD stuff. We need that guy…. Can we go back to Jack Wilson and say sorry? :)

  15. 65
    Frigatedoc Says:

    And I meant to say… WHAT HAPPENED TO BOURN?? Remember earlier this year when we said pay the man anything he wants?

  16. 66
    will Says:

    @62 & 63 I remember thinking who IS this punk and then the first pitch was a ball

  17. 67
    Curt Says:

    Man were we off base criticizing Bourn. Lord is he useless right now.

  18. 68
    bub Says:

    .96 WHIP in 121 innings pitched. Has anybody published anything good on how Kris Medlen is doing all this? It’s pretty crazy.

  19. 69
    Walker Says:

    Sign Martin Prado to a multi year deal NOW!!

  20. 70
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    So, shortstop is supposed to be Prado’s weakest position defensively… Anybody know what happened to Andrelton Pipp? ;)

  21. 71
    Leah Says:

    Curt, tsk tsk. He’s a pretty good center fielder. M in M…hurt shoulder, ankle, something. Should play Friday.

  22. 72
    Curt Says:

    There are 2 phases to being a good player. And I actually missed the double to open the game. We need much more of that.

  23. 73
    Walker Says:

    Let me get this straight. It’s more important to use Kimbrel when we have a 3 run lead but when we are tied in extra innings we can’t. #Smart baseball

  24. 74
    Curt Says:


  25. 75
    Curt Says:

    Beckett, 2 hitting the Nats

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