September 30, 2012

Show #203: The Braves Make the Postseason and We Celebrate Chipper

Recapping the Wildcard clinching game. Heaping more love on Chipper. And being all in on the  Braves’ postseason chances.



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  1. 226
    Leah Says:

    @224 great point about the tomahawks.

    Here’s what I can’t let go of. Our costly errors ended with them scoring runs. Their errors ended with Umpires calls taking our runs away. I get that Simmons was hit in the head and he was out. But after that and after the ball dropped in the infield part of the outfield they threw the ball around like little leaguers too. Which leads me to conclude once again that the baseball gods hate the Braves. We need to change the team mascot to the Unicorns or something to shake them up.

  2. 227
    Steve Says:

    Wow. Almost as depressing as the game last night was, for the first time, reading the comments starting at about 2pm yesterday.

  3. 228
    Steve Says:

    Some quick thoughts on the game:

    – Seems impossible that after the Heyward catch and the Ross HR that we let the game slip away. And that Chipper error absolutely changed the fate of the game. Chipper should feel terrible, he only hurt the team last night.

    – I know it’s easy sitting in your living room to judge the bottles being thrown on the field, but it felt absolutely right sitting in the stadium (for the record, I didn’t throw anything – but I was with them in spirit).

    – I still can’t believe it’s all over.

  4. 229
    Steve Says:

    The ONE saving grace/silver lining from last night’s game is that my family and I got to meet up with Leah and the Rev afterward. Now THAT was a good moment from the evening.

  5. 230
    will Says:

    – 229 the announcers kept saying how shameful it was for the fans to be throwing things and all i thought was how proud i was of the fans. seriously. they grew a pair and acted like Yankees fans.

    – and the delay it caused gave freddie time to work up some fire, it looked like he was going to get it overturned

  6. 231
    Leah Says:

    @229 Indeed.

  7. 232
    bub Says:

    fwiw, the ESPN radio annoucers, or at least one of the two, gave the Braves fan kudos, saying “as bad as it is to do this, it’s great to see Atlanta this into a ballgame, into their team, haven’t seen that in a long time.” Of course, he was corrected by his partyline-toe-ing partner quickly, but it was too late. Something real squeaked through.

  8. 233
    Walker Says:

    A few thoughts

    -On the Simmons bunt, I was proud that Fredi protected him. But seriously I’m worried about his baseball IQ. Somebody needs to talk to the kid.

    -Wren has alot of hard work in figuring out how to replace the wins we lose without Bourn and Chipper.

    – 3 years ago Uggla and McCann were the best at their position. Now they are liabilities?

    -Never did I ever think an infield fly rule could be called in mid left field. You learn something new every day. The rule was designed to protect the baserunners but on that play it protected the defense.

    -That game was so SURREAL.

    -183 wins in 2 years. No NLDS games.

  9. 234
    David Says:

    226 – “the infield part of the outfield” is hilarious.

    Also, you’re married to a priest? (I keep reading references to The Rev…unless your husband is Pastornicky). What denomination? I’m an Episcopal priest myself.

  10. 235
    Leah Says:

    David, we’ve been in full time ministry of the Presbyterian nature for 15 years. The last 8 my husband pastored a church in NC. Just recently we moved to GA where he now works for a non profit as Director of Stewardship. Also, being closer helps fund my addiction to the Braves. He’s still licensed and preaches on occasion. For the record Rev Nicole is not my type. Prado on the other hand…

    Now back to the valley of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  11. 236
    Leah Says:

    Flying to Cali today means motion sick drugs. They make me care waaaay less. Everyone, quick, break out the Dramamine!

  12. 237
    Walker Says:

  13. 238
    bub Says:

    Boy, Tim Hudson and Leah having rough weekends.

  14. 239
    Leah Says:


  15. 240
    Walker Says:

    On the infield fly

    The spot where the ball landed was 225 feet from home plate, according to Baseball Info Solutions. In the past three seasons, there were six infield-fly rulings in the majors on balls that were not caught, and the longest measured at 178 feet – 47 feet less than the ball Simmons hit.

    It’s a shame that instead of owning up to the call, Joe Torre and MLB decide to lie and say it was the right call. I’m upset at MLB right now. Go Falcons.

  16. 241
    Walker Says:

    Wren on 1 game playoff

    “All of us at the general managers meeting when we talked about this format, it’s not a format that’s indicative of the best team,” Wren said. “When you’re playing for six months and 162 games, this is not a sport where you play 20 games. This is not a sport where you play a handful of games, and then one game is appropriate. This is a sport that’s about series, it’s about winning series. And one game is kind of a harsh reality.”

    Bottom Line: There are plenty other ideas better than this one game playoff in which more than 1 game is played to determine who advances.

  17. 242
    Steve Says:

    @241 – Follow the money. At the end of the day Selig doesn’t care about what’s best for the game, he cares about driving the biggest television ratings so that the broadcasting contracts will be as big as possible to get more money for the owners. Plain and simple. This one game playoff will never change. Get used to it.

  18. 243
    Walker Says:

    Atlanta Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez thinks Juan Francisco will get a chance to compete for the third base job next season, according to David O’Brien of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    Sure. An out of shape 3rd basemen who cant play defense, hit for average, get on base or run with any speed is perfect for 3rd base next year. Everyone knows we should just keep Prado in LF because it’s harder to find a left fielder than a 3rd baseman in this league.

  19. 244
    Anonymous Says:

    @242 – Follow the money. They are probably going to extend Prado at potentially $10 million a year. Francisco is on your team making $480k. Liberty Media doesn’t care about what is best for the fans, or really for the team, they are all about doing it on the cheap and hoping for a miracle. Why pay $10 mill for a third baseman and then pay for a new left fielder too?

    Braves have essentially $36.5 mill coming off of the books with Chipper, Lowe, Bourn, and JJ. If anyone out there thinks Liberty is turning that money around and dumping it back into the team, I have a bridge to sell you. They pick up options on McCann and Hudson, and then maybe add some minor pieces.

    Wren offered that with this money he might be able to shop at Target instead of Wal-Mart. Doesn’t sound like we are in the market for any real players, to me.

  20. 245
    Curt Says:

    that was me, in case you couldn’t tell

  21. 246
    Shaun Says:

    Looking back, what it Beachy and McCann were healthy the whole season? Perhaps the Braves pass the Nationals and get to play in a 5-game series.

    I know that’s a silly game to play because all teams deal with similar things. What if Strasburg has pitched the whole season, for example. But it points to the role of luck in sports (and life, not to get too serious here).

  22. 247
    Leah Says:

    I’m still really struggling to he over the end of this season. I just KNEW we’d win. Why does Chipper rush his throw with Meds on the mound. Get 1 out and be happy. If we were able to stay in the lead guys would have relaxed and had better at bats. Can’t let it go! Need therapy!

  23. 248
    Leah Says:

    Finding unjustifiable joy in the Nationals’ win.

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