September 30, 2012

Show #203: The Braves Make the Postseason and We Celebrate Chipper

Recapping the Wildcard clinching game. Heaping more love on Chipper. And being all in on the  Braves’ postseason chances.



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  1. 101
    Steve Says:

    @99 – Couldn’t agree more. To add a loss today to the every growing negative post season narrative this team has would be brutal in so many ways.

    Luckily, that’s not going to happen. 5 – 1 Braves. Go to your bookies right now.

  2. 102
    Leah Says:

    @95 LOL

  3. 103
    bub Says:

    Steve, I agree with that score so much, I’m just gonna match it: 5-1 Bravos.

    (Now we’re really doomed)

  4. 104
    eric Says:

    Keri taking the Braves. Ready for 5:07.

  5. 105
    Mike Says:

    5-2 Braves. We score in the first inning.

  6. 106
    ham Says:

    All of the ESPN “experts” are picking the Braves, except for one guy who has the Cards going to the WS.

    Don’t know how that makes me feel.

    2 hours, 27 minutes.

  7. 107
    Walker Says:

    Scoring in the 1st would be the best thing ever.

  8. 108
    David Says:

    I may have seen this elsewhere – it may have been posted here, even. But very suitable anyway.

    A haiku for today:

    Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves
    Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves
    Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves

  9. 109
    bub Says:

    I haven’t done squat today.

    I don’t see how the experts can make a pick, really. Baseball players, pitchers included, only do what they “normally do” about half the time. Way too much abnormality. In fact the reason baseball fans are always complaining is because on a game-by-game basis, you can’t count on anything to go like it should. Thus ace-versus-#5 starter games don’t go like they should, etc.

    Blah blah blah. Just one more way to say that this one-game business is a travesty of the game of baseball.

    Fortunately, Medlen might, MIGHT be the rare piece that performs so consistantly that we have an advantage today. Unless, of course, our hitters match his consistancy with their own inconsistancy. In which case, we still win via Kimbrel. 🙂

    We ought to track, though, for fun, how many of the factors, let alone outcomes, predicted by the experts turn out anything like they thought.

  10. 110
    Anne Says:

    @108 is that copywritten, because I’m sure I can use it in an upcoming English class. Thoughtful and provocative. Gooooooooooooooo Braves!

  11. 111
    bub Says:

    I feel like the Braves are set up for an ultimate suckerpunch today. I for one fully expect to win, even as I type that. But that’s sort of the point.

  12. 112
    David Says:

    Nope – feel free to use it all you want!

    Things I really hope don’t happen:
    1. Cardinals get on base via a bunt up the 3rd base line
    2. Heyward to lose a fly ball in the sun (stupid 5:07 start time!)
    3. Molina catches runners stealing
    4. Or, maybe even worse than 3, Molina picks a runner off!

    Just getting the worries out. Braves got this. GO BRAVES!!!

  13. 113
    bub Says:

    My Hollywood Ending Points System:

    1. Chipper hits GW homer: 35 points
    2. Chipper hits any HR: 15 points
    3. Kimbrel K’s 3: 10 points
    4. Meds allows 0 runs: 10 points
    5. Braves walk off in the 9th: 15 points
    6. Any Brave takes lead after 6th inning via XBH: 5 points
    7. Any Brave K’s a Cardinal with bases juiced, 2 outs, after 7th inning: 5 points
    8. Medlen picks a runner off first: 5 points

    Anything over 50 from that list would cost me an eviction from my apartment.

  14. 114
    bub Says:

    *2. Chipper hits any OTHER HR.

  15. 115
    bub Says:

    Pitch #1 from Meds, here it comes … SO EXCITED!


  16. 116
    bub Says:

    STRIKE TWO! Swing and MISSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Change up!

  17. 117
    bub Says:


  18. 118
    bub Says:


  19. 119
    Adam Says:

    Meds looks like he’s feeling it today. I feel good about this game!

  20. 120
    bub Says:

    OUT THREE BABY!!! 24 MORE OUTS TO GO!!! (oh, and we might need a run somewhere in there from the offense…)

  21. 121
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Ahhhh….. The Braves on TBS! Just like the good Lord intended life to be! Go Braves!!

  22. 122
    bub Says:

    Oh, it’s on. Braves ’bout to score about 17 runzzzzz in the bottom half of the firssssssst.

    whooooooooooooaaaah -oh-oh-a-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    whooooooooooooaaaah -oh-oh-a-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    whooooooooooooaaaah -oh-oh-a-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    whooooooooooooaaaah -oh-oh-a-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  23. 123
    bub Says:

    Bourn K’s…. well, maybe only 13 runs this inning.

  24. 124
    bub Says:

    Prado grounder. well, maybe only 8 runs. 🙁

  25. 125
    bub Says:

    Lohse is missing. Be a shame to get nothing.

    And dass juss wut we got. Nur-in. 🙁


    C’mon, Meds!!!

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