September 30, 2012

Show #203: The Braves Make the Postseason and We Celebrate Chipper

Recapping the Wildcard clinching game. Heaping more love on Chipper. And being all in on the  Braves’ postseason chances.



248 Responses to “Show #203: The Braves Make the Postseason and We Celebrate Chipper”

  1. 1
    Steve Says:

    In all the years of doing the show, I can’t remember one like this where I was more pumped for the team at the end of the recording. I can barely stand how fired up I am.

    And yes, I know I sound particularly tinny and weird. Don’t know why.

  2. 2
    Nate Says:

    I still fear the Beltran. It all seems perfect for us, but there he is lying in the wild card one game playoff grass waiting to bite us right in the ass.

  3. 3
    David Says:

    Just got done listening to the podcast, AWESOME show. #1 — your being pumped came through at the end of the episode, and it only fueled my fire even more. You guys should’ve had “Rocky” music playing in the background throughout the whole episode, especially during Curt’s “good signs” segment. Great stuff.

    When I compare this team to the teams of the last two years, this year’s team is leagues beyond the previous two. Last year’s team, the pitching was in shambles, nobody was hitting, and even if we had made the playoffs, I had no faith in us getting anywhere. Same with 2010 — Chipper and Prado were hurt at the end of the year, and even though it felt like we could’ve made some magic for Bobby’s final year, the postseason exit wasn’t a huge shocker.

    This year’s team, everybody’s healthy (knock on wood). As y’all pointed out, the pitching has been phenomenal, the hitting has been good (for the most part), the bullpen has been great.

    And, there’s this: whether it’s the Dodgers or the Cardinals that we play on Friday, neither team has faced Medlen as a starter this year. So we got that going for us. Which is nice.

  4. 4
    Pure Says:

    Best. Podcast. Ever.
    I had goosebumps listening to Curt talking about being all in. Fist bumps all around. Go Braves!

  5. 5
    DAP Says:

    i feel very confident with medlen on the mound, at home. the cardinals have a good lineup, but think medlen will give them fits.

  6. 6
    DAP Says:

    yeah, great show guys. always enjoy listening to y’all.

  7. 7
    Steve Says:

    David, Pure, DAP – thanks for the comments. Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. 8
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Does Ryan Howard just not like to play baseball? What a goof…

  9. 9
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I am so looking forward to the next three days.

    It is possible that Bal & NYY could end up tied and have to play one game to decide who is the AL-E champ and who is #1 WC.

    And is also possible for TB, Oak & LAA to have a three-way tie to see who is the #2 WC. So, I gather:
    Two of the teams would play to see who would play the third to see who would play the loser of Bal – NYY to see who would host Texas in the “first round” of the playoffs…

    More fun could be that Oak flies from Texas to Florida and TB flies from Baltimore to Florida to play the next day, then TB travels to California to play LAA the next day, then TB (which is all but out of it – .01% chance according to ESPN) flies back home to Florida to host Texas the next day…

  10. 10
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    If Was loses out, Braves win out and Reds lose out, all three will have the same record.

    Braves and Was have a one game to decide who wins NL-E and who is #1 WC. Then the loser of that game plays St. Louis (who would gain the benefit of Reds losing out).

    Then who does the winner of the WC play-in host? Supposed to be the team with the best record, but at that point both the winner of the NL-East and NL-Central will have the same record…

    Another one game playoff?

  11. 11
    bub Says:

    Wow. I knew the day would come when Steve would hold Curt at gunpoint for an entire show.

    Great show, guys. :)

  12. 12
    Curt Says:

    Um, how are we losing this game?

  13. 13
    Curt Says:

    See my point about the lousy lefty against Atlanta.

  14. 14
    Walker Says:

    Man lefties are our kryptonite. We need to overcome this. If the Cardinals were smart they would throw Jaimie Garcia. But they wont thank god.

  15. 15
    Curt Says:

    I have no words for this.–mlb.html

  16. 16
    Curt Says:

    I’m going to be a little disappointed if the Nats get swept and the difference is the fact that we couldn’t beat a guy with a 5.50+ ERA

  17. 17
    Steve Says:

    @15 – That sign was one of the first things my wife told me about when they got home from the game Sunday.

    @16 – Yes, yes, yes.

  18. 18
    Curt Says:

    Crap lefty + Maholm homer = boo

  19. 19
    Walker Says:

    This is why you bring the infield in as much as you can. You have to cut off as many runs as you can because you could lose by one run.

  20. 20
    bub Says:

    It’s all the Braves’ evil scheme. By capturing the division on a losing night, the Nationals’ psyches will be warped by “backing in” syndrome. Got ‘em right where we want ‘em now.

    So … we’re not hanging on to Maholm are we?

  21. 21
    Curt Says:

    Maholm is amazing in his consistency. When he gets up homers, he loses. He’s now 5-6 as a Brave.

    His losses:
    HOU – 3-2 – 2 homers
    WASH – 4-1 – 2 homers
    SD – 3-0 – 1 homer
    MIL – 8-2 – 1 homer
    MIA – 4-3 – 0 homer
    PITT – 2-1 – 1 homer

    Only 1 bad loss, and no run support, but the homers are just killers.

    With that, I’m glad it’s over. We can rest some guys and get them ready to go for the playoffs.

  22. 22
    Leah Says:

    Haven’t had a chance to listen to the show but can’t wait! I sooooo wanted the division title but I’m excited about Friday night’s game…bitter sweet. Mac looks dreadful.

  23. 23
    Walker Says:

    Congratulations to the Nationals for celebrating while losing.

  24. 24
    will Says:

    it was better this way because at best we would have tied the nats, done a one game playoff, in which case if we lost, we then do a one game wildcard playoff…burning our starters in the process…now we know we just win the wildcard playoff and we go with a 3 man rotation against nats, and win it

    i dunno if i am captain obvious and you said this in the podcast…havent listend yet

  25. 25
    Leah Says:

    Wil… But the pennant…at long last. I hear ya. You’re view is logical. Still a little sad.

  26. 26
    Walker Says:

    Not only that but we get two home games as well.

  27. 27
    David Says:

    The best way to have lost the division would’ve been for the Nationals to have won it. I hate that we lost last night, especially the way we lost — getting owned by yet another chump lefty who had a terrible ERA coming into the game.

    Oh well. As deflating as that loss last night was, seeing DOB’s tweets that Friday night’s game is sold out is bringing my spirits back up again. Can’t wait for Friday.

    In the meantime, here’s my guess for what tonight’s lineup will look like:

    1. Johnson, CF
    2. Simmons, SS
    3. Francisco, 3B
    4. Overbay, 1B
    5. Baker, RF
    6. Pastornicky, 2B
    7. Hinske, LF
    8. Boscan, C
    9. Hanson, P

    Actually, I bet that Bourn will start in CF so that he gets some more at-bats.

  28. 28
    David Says:

    Dang! Well I was right with 6 out of 8 position players at least

    1. Bourn CF
    2. Pasto 2B
    3. Simmons SS
    4. Overbay 1B (totally called him batting clean-up!)
    5. Ross C
    6. Francisco 3B
    7. Baker RF
    8. Constanza LF
    9. Hanson P

  29. 29
    Curt Says:

    Wow. That’s like a split squad at Vero Beach lineup. Are we playing the Astros AAA team or ga tech?

    Wonder who all plays tomorrow?

  30. 30
    Steve Says:

    @29 – We’ll definitely see Delgado and Teheran pitch tomorrow night, which is cool.

  31. 31
    bub Says:

    It’s now 27 months since the Blue Jays made the Braves’ day by trading for the talented but troubled Yunel Escobar. Well, it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time. In fact, it even seemed like a brilliant idea as recently as 12 months ago, after Escobar had finished hitting .290 with a .782 OPS and the best on-base percentage (.369) of any shortstop in the whole darned American League. But that was last year. This year? Yikes.

    Guess who has had the worst OPS (.644) of any qualifying AL shortstop? Right you are. Yunel Escobar. And guess who has had the fewest extra-base hits (32) and created the fewest runs in that group? Yep, same guy. But this is one LVP candidacy that’s bigger and uglier than any numbers. Ask the people around this club who grumble that “Yunel Escobar finds a way to do something stupid every game.” Ask the scouts who use words such as “disgusting” to describe his daily lack of focus and commitment. Ask the baseball man who says: “I think he actually enjoys ticking people off with the things he does. He knows he ticks them off, and he does it anyway.” Or ask all the people he offended when he etched a homophobic slur into his eye black — and then acted as if he hadn’t done anything particularly offensive. So what we have here is a guy who has hit the LVP daily double: He’s been a lousy baseball player — and a worse act.


    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Our side of that debate just won all the internets. *spits towards Toronto*. Punk.

  32. 32
    Curt Says:

    #2 on the list? Frenchy.

    Where is the love for Simmons in ROY, Medlen in Comeback Player, and Fredi for MOY? Not that any of them should win those awards, but not listed? Come on.

  33. 33
    bub Says:

    Well, he’s been such a Web Warrior for Kimbrel over the past month that I have to forgive those oversights. Also, not sure if I’d put Fredi on the list, though I agree he’s improved. He started from such a very low place.

  34. 34
    bub Says:

    Stevie, I’m very seriously contemplating picking up Waterworld on blu-ray for 12 bucks. The folks over at High Def Digest say it’s “not that bad,” and I’ve always had a thing for apocalypse flicks and also watery expanse (I might be the only person who counts the water as a top three reason to watch Jaws).

    I’m pretty sure we’re winning this thing come Friday.

  35. 35
    Leah Says:

    Just listened to the podcast and…wowzers! I’m drinking the koolaid with one Han and mixing a batwing basilisk venom cocktail for the baseball gods with the other. Cannot wait for Friday’s game! Curt…dissin’ me twice?

  36. 36
    Frigatedoc Says:

    As pumped as we all are about the post season I still can’t shake this “doom and gloom” feeling I have about Friday night. I don’t even want to watch it. It seems so wierd because for the state and city of Atlanta sports is such a good thing right now with UGA and the Falcons doing so well. I just can’t help to be skeptic and see the light coming down the railroad tracks….

    On a different note. In the show you mentioned about Chipper’s leadership and demenor throughout the 2000’s and how it is now. Of course MOST (ha ha) of us mature as we get older, but I think it is different with Chipper. This is JUST a thought, but do you think that the recent separation from his wife has anything to do with this? I am not trying to get into his personal buisiness, but of course your home life can show up on the field. Please don’t bash me for bringing this up, but it is life. I think he has changed for the better no matter the reason and I am going to miss him.

  37. 37
    bub Says:

    Aww, Princess Leah’s having koolaid with Han. Two Hans? I think I missed an episode.

  38. 38
    Walker Says:

    I wonder if Yunel has some sort of personality disorder. I’m not trying to be funny, I’m serious. I liked the guy when he was here but still I wonder.

  39. 39
    Walker Says:


    I’m with you. It’s to the point where if the Braves lose Friday, I can’t even be mad at them. One game determines your destiny?REALLY? The game of baseball wasn’t made for that.

    But Medlen being our starter still gives me more optimism than doom and gloom.

  40. 40
    Curt Says:

    Yeah, if we get swept by the Pirates and score 3 runs in 3 games or something? The offense is terrible. I’m just hoping for a miracle. Once.

  41. 41
    bub Says:

    I think the rare big, loud crowd at the Ted will do something for the offense. Not worried.

    Like Walker says, though, baseball was never built for a one-game playoff. So if they lose, I can’t say I’ll be down on them. But I do think they’ll win.

  42. 42
    Curt Says:

    Hanson just can’t get out of his own way.

  43. 43
    Curt Says:

    The Pirates are like 16-34 over their past 50. I know we aren’t trying, but neither are they.

  44. 44
    Leah Says:

    That’s what happens when I comment without my glasses. Go Braves!

  45. 45
    Walker Says:

    Joe Simpson and Chip Carey sound so dumb right now . I mean really Dumb.

    If you don’t know anything about sabermetrics then I suggest you not talk about it.

  46. 46
    Curt Says:

    Sterling Marte?

  47. 47
    Curt Says:

    God, he’s awful

  48. 48
    bub Says:

    Now that Hanson sucks permanently, can you guys admit he was a chump when you interviewed him? Cuz I thought he was a chump. 8)

  49. 49
    Curt Says:

    So apparently no one on Twitter has any issue with the Braves sleep walking through these last games. Quite to the contrary. These games mean nothing, apparently. I disagree.

  50. 50
    Frigatedoc Says:

    This is the B team right?

  51. 51
    Walker Says:


    Is it sleep walking or is it the deadly mix of a Hanson start and a scrub lineup.

  52. 52
    Steve Says:

    @49 – Curt, I won’t trash the guy that you’re talking about on Twitter by name, but he’s a real jackball who loves to respond negatively to us. It’s just who he is, apparently.

  53. 53
    Steve Says:

    @34 – Hammy loves to give me hell about it Bub, as you know, but for a big budget, mindless action movie, it’s not bad.

  54. 54
    Steve Says:

    @35 – Leah – I don’t remember Curt dissing you. What was it?

  55. 55
    Curt Says:

    Steve, mind your own business

  56. 56
    Leah Says:

    @55 Lol. @54 So many jokes running through my head…every time I come to a game he bails. And by “every time” I mean that one time we met up two years ago. #punk

  57. 57
    Walker Says:

    Friday, October 5th 2012

    Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals

    Payback is a Bi**h

  58. 58
    Steve Says:

    Has anyone heard how long MLB will wait to set the time of Friday’s game? Because the AL might not be set until after a tie breaker with the O’s and Yanks that would likely be a prime time game tomorrow. Seems like they can’t wait that long.

  59. 59
    David Says:

    Does anyone else think Hanson has made his last start for the Braves? I can’t imagine that many teams would be lining up to trade for him, but I don’t see him being very valuable to the Braves past this season. It’s amazing the decline we’ve seen in both him and Jurrjens, especially when it was about a season and a half ago when we were having discussions centered around which one the Braves should sign to a long-term extension.

    Cannot wait for Friday. And for finding out what time the game will be.

  60. 60
    Steve Says:

    Anyone watching the game? The box scores look great for Teheran and Delgado. Did that look that good live? 3 strikeouts for Delgado.

  61. 61
    Curt Says:

    Despite the spring training feel to it, that game today was pretty great. Sheets with his great inning to end his career, Chipper with a hit in his last regular season at bat, and Kimbrel fanning the side in his last regular season inning this year.

    Maybe we should pitch 8 pitchers in all of the playoff games.

  62. 62
    Steve Says:


  63. 63
    Walker Says:

    I’m going to be a nervous wreck Friday. I can’t take it. How great would it be for this team to get to the next round. We can only hope. Tomahawks need to be in full force. I want th

  64. 64
    Walker Says:

    I accidentally hit the enter key. Oh well. Go Braves!

  65. 65
    Frigatedoc Says:

    I saw there are still tickets for the game Friday. What is up with the fans in Atlanta? Just like I saw empty seats on TV at the GA dome last Sunday!

  66. 66
    bub Says:

    Steve, didn’t you call 94 wins? I had no idea it was that freaking many. Dude, we shouldn’t be having to risk 94 wins on a damn one-game playoff. Oh well. At least the Braves didn’t have the 2nd best record, which would make it unforgivable.

  67. 67
    Curt Says:

    Doc, standing room only.

  68. 68
    Nate Says:

    Cannot wait for the game. First game I’ll be able to get to all year. So excited. Taking my dad, a St. Louis native, who has agreed to wear the tomahawk and has fully converted to the Braves.

    Thanks for another wonderful year, ABT, and here’s to hoping for many postseason podcasts. You guys are the best! Go Braves!

  69. 69
    Nate Says:

    P.S. screw the Beltran curse. We have Meds!

  70. 70
    Anne Says:

    Happy Birthday, Steve! As a belated present, I have it on good authority that Medlen and his Braves shall give you a win tomorrow night.

  71. 71
    Leah Says:

    Steve! It’s your birthday? How wonderful! Happy Birthday! So I’m super stoked about the game but I had a dream last night that we lost and now I’m terrified.

  72. 72
    Walker Says:

    McCann is not starting Friday. I know he’s pissed.

  73. 73
    Leah Says:

    He may be but I’m releived.

  74. 74
    bub Says:

    @72, Fredi grow’d hangy-downs this year. I’ll give him that.

  75. 75
    bub Says:

    One thing I like about this, even though it’s a total illusion to place any significance on one game, is that if the Braves do only win one round, only win the one-game playoff, then having Kris Medlen be the captain of their one magic moment would be pretty great. It’d be a unique piece of Braves history, too, with this being the first year of the fifth team. The Braves definitely have the cooler narrative between them and the birds.

    Not that I’m pessimistic about playing the Nats; I’m not. But I’m just saying, if it turned out that way, I wouldn’t call myself completely unsatisfied.

    Now, if we lose Friday, pitchforks + torches + Bud Selig. Stupid, stupid format. Unless we win.

  76. 76
    Steve Says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. And yeah, this thing is nervewracking as hell but i get the sense that we’re more nervous than Medlen is which should give us great hope.

    Kudos to Fredi for starting Ross tomorrow. It’s the right thing to do. And another thing Bobby would never have done. It would be Hudson and Mac tomorrow. Which really means nothing but I’m happier with the battery we’ve got penciled in.

  77. 77
    Steve Says:

    And Nate – thanks for the kind words.

  78. 78
    bub Says:

    “It would be Hudson and Mac tomorrow.”

    This is for sure.

  79. 79
    Steve Says:

    Anyone want to meet up tomorrow before the game? How about 4:30 in front of the Taco Mac play area?

  80. 80
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Wish I lived in Atlanta and could go. :(

    Since Mac is not starting his shoulder is worse that we know…..

  81. 81
    Leah Says:

    The #twitvids of Medlen today are just awesome. My gut hurts. I’m never gonna make it through tomorrow night.

    Steve, the Rev and I will be leaving as soon as we can and hope to be in the stadium by 4:30 provided traffic doesn’t bring us to a screeching hault. I’ll be the one wearing a Navy Braves shirt. :)

  82. 82
    bub Says:

    I’m so bored I just watched two Boy George videos and enjoyed them. Bama offweek, long school weekend, and no baseball either. Loaned out my blu ray folder and my software is on the fritz. I guess I could … get out … of … the … house.

    *thumbs through contact list*

    Eh … karmakarmakarmakarmachameleonnnnnnn…

  83. 83
    Leah Says:

    Bub! Come to the game tomorrow night!!!!!

  84. 84
    bub Says:

    Are you kidding, I’d love to. Can’t do it this time, though. Cheer the Medster for me.

  85. 85
    Curt Says:

    As long as Molina doesn’t do anything, I’ll be ok

  86. 86
    Leah Says:

    My sister is a huge Cards fan an begged me to cheer for Molina just once. Told her no way in HELL!

  87. 87
    Walker Says:

    The Cardinals lineup has Holliday, Craig, Molina and Freese hitting back to back. If this group comes up in the 8th inning in a close game, I don’t want to see O’Flaherty or Venters. I want Kimbrel then and Kimbrel for the rest of the game. I hope Fredi doesn’t let the inning number determine this game.

    I predict Heyward, Ross and Prado get big hits. Simmons make a huge defensive play and of course Chipper will get his walks.

    The key is scoring first. Of course a blowout would be nice.

  88. 88
    bub Says:

    #87, I fear you’re asking Fredi to make a leap in strategy that maybe 3 of the (smartest) managers in the game would make. We just now got Fredi past the drooling-on-himself level of derp this year. It’s like “yay, Timmy can tie his shoes now. Let’s try calculus!”

    But I would hope he might let Craig get four outs in the game if somebody in the 8th got into trouble. Gosh, even 5. Wouldn’t that be something?

  89. 89
    Pure Says:

    Any chance we’ll get a no-drama 8-0 win? I’m hoping we can score first, score often, and coast to a win.

  90. 90
    Leah Says:

    For the sake often heart I hope it’s a blowout. Go Braves!

  91. 91
    ham Says:

    It’s Game Day!!!! How the poop am I supposed to work today?!

    Go Braves!

  92. 92
    Leah Says:

    *of my

  93. 93
    will Says:

    poop is right i have to set my alarm for 5 am

  94. 94
    Leah Says:

    Will! Come home!

  95. 95
    Steve Says:

    @86 – I love when Leah swears!
    @91 – I love when Hammy swears!

  96. 96
    Steve Says:

    @87, 88 – I’m confident that Fredi will bring in Kimbrel for a 4 or 5 out save. Starting Ross over Mac is just another example of Fredi being willing to do whatever it takes for this one game monstrosity.

  97. 97
    Steve Says:

    The Wildcard Roster is set. Note that teams get to re-set their roster for the NLDS:

    The Wild Card roster:PITCHERS (9): Luis Avilan (LH), Chad Durbin (RH), Cory Gearrin (RH), Tim Hudson (RH), Craig Kimbrel (RH), Kris Medlen (RH), Mike Minor (LH), Eric O’Flaherty (LH) and Jonny Venters

    (LH)CATCHERS (3): J.C. Boscan, Brian McCann and David Ross

    INFIELDERS (8): Jeff Baker, Freddie Freeman, Eric Hinske, Chipper Jones, Lyle Overbay, Tyler Pastornicky, Andrelton Simmons and Dan Uggla

    OUTFIELDERS (5): Michael Bourn, Jose Constanza, Jason Heyward, Reed Johnson and Martin Prado

  98. 98
    will Says:

    @94 Mom?

  99. 99
    Curt Says:

    I know this game is a joke and anything can happen in one game, blah, blah, blah, but it’s high time the Braves won one of these games. It has been way too long since the Braves have had any postseason success. Last postseason series win was over the Astros before losing to the D-Backs in 2001. They really need to start removing some monkeys from their backs, and this would be a fine place to start.

  100. 100
    will Says:

    Pluck the Redbirds!

  101. 101
    Steve Says:

    @99 – Couldn’t agree more. To add a loss today to the every growing negative post season narrative this team has would be brutal in so many ways.

    Luckily, that’s not going to happen. 5 – 1 Braves. Go to your bookies right now.

  102. 102
    Leah Says:

    @95 LOL

  103. 103
    bub Says:

    Steve, I agree with that score so much, I’m just gonna match it: 5-1 Bravos.

    (Now we’re really doomed)

  104. 104
    eric Says:

    Keri taking the Braves. Ready for 5:07.

  105. 105
    Mike Says:

    5-2 Braves. We score in the first inning.

  106. 106
    ham Says:

    All of the ESPN “experts” are picking the Braves, except for one guy who has the Cards going to the WS.

    Don’t know how that makes me feel.

    2 hours, 27 minutes.

  107. 107
    Walker Says:

    Scoring in the 1st would be the best thing ever.

  108. 108
    David Says:

    I may have seen this elsewhere – it may have been posted here, even. But very suitable anyway.

    A haiku for today:

    Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves
    Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves
    Braves Braves Braves Braves Braves

  109. 109
    bub Says:

    I haven’t done squat today.

    I don’t see how the experts can make a pick, really. Baseball players, pitchers included, only do what they “normally do” about half the time. Way too much abnormality. In fact the reason baseball fans are always complaining is because on a game-by-game basis, you can’t count on anything to go like it should. Thus ace-versus-#5 starter games don’t go like they should, etc.

    Blah blah blah. Just one more way to say that this one-game business is a travesty of the game of baseball.

    Fortunately, Medlen might, MIGHT be the rare piece that performs so consistantly that we have an advantage today. Unless, of course, our hitters match his consistancy with their own inconsistancy. In which case, we still win via Kimbrel. :)

    We ought to track, though, for fun, how many of the factors, let alone outcomes, predicted by the experts turn out anything like they thought.

  110. 110
    Anne Says:

    @108 is that copywritten, because I’m sure I can use it in an upcoming English class. Thoughtful and provocative. Gooooooooooooooo Braves!

  111. 111
    bub Says:

    I feel like the Braves are set up for an ultimate suckerpunch today. I for one fully expect to win, even as I type that. But that’s sort of the point.

  112. 112
    David Says:

    Nope – feel free to use it all you want!

    Things I really hope don’t happen:
    1. Cardinals get on base via a bunt up the 3rd base line
    2. Heyward to lose a fly ball in the sun (stupid 5:07 start time!)
    3. Molina catches runners stealing
    4. Or, maybe even worse than 3, Molina picks a runner off!

    Just getting the worries out. Braves got this. GO BRAVES!!!

  113. 113
    bub Says:

    My Hollywood Ending Points System:

    1. Chipper hits GW homer: 35 points
    2. Chipper hits any HR: 15 points
    3. Kimbrel K’s 3: 10 points
    4. Meds allows 0 runs: 10 points
    5. Braves walk off in the 9th: 15 points
    6. Any Brave takes lead after 6th inning via XBH: 5 points
    7. Any Brave K’s a Cardinal with bases juiced, 2 outs, after 7th inning: 5 points
    8. Medlen picks a runner off first: 5 points

    Anything over 50 from that list would cost me an eviction from my apartment.

  114. 114
    bub Says:

    *2. Chipper hits any OTHER HR.

  115. 115
    bub Says:

    Pitch #1 from Meds, here it comes … SO EXCITED!


  116. 116
    bub Says:

    STRIKE TWO! Swing and MISSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Change up!

  117. 117
    bub Says:


  118. 118
    bub Says:


  119. 119
    Adam Says:

    Meds looks like he’s feeling it today. I feel good about this game!

  120. 120
    bub Says:

    OUT THREE BABY!!! 24 MORE OUTS TO GO!!! (oh, and we might need a run somewhere in there from the offense…)

  121. 121
    Frigatedoc Says:

    Ahhhh….. The Braves on TBS! Just like the good Lord intended life to be! Go Braves!!

  122. 122
    bub Says:

    Oh, it’s on. Braves ’bout to score about 17 runzzzzz in the bottom half of the firssssssst.

    whooooooooooooaaaah -oh-oh-a-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    whooooooooooooaaaah -oh-oh-a-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    whooooooooooooaaaah -oh-oh-a-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    whooooooooooooaaaah -oh-oh-a-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  123. 123
    bub Says:

    Bourn K’s…. well, maybe only 13 runs this inning.

  124. 124
    bub Says:

    Prado grounder. well, maybe only 8 runs. :(

  125. 125
    bub Says:

    Lohse is missing. Be a shame to get nothing.

    And dass juss wut we got. Nur-in. :(


    C’mon, Meds!!!

  126. 126
    bub Says:



    JASON HEYWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD CATCH BABY!!!!!!

  127. 127
    bub Says:

    k #3 for Meds!!! Crowd is great!

    Out #6! 21 to go!!!! (and we need a run)

  128. 128
    bub Says:

    Awww, Chipper K’d. :( :( :(

    Let’s go, Freeman!!

  129. 129
    bub Says:

    Lord at the K’s. 7 of the first 11 outs.

  130. 130
    bub Says:

    lol, 4 of the first 5 Braves strike out, and then Uggla walks.

  131. 131
    Anne Says:


  132. 132
    Adam Says:


  133. 133
    bub Says:

    DAVID $$*^$^%(*^*&)*&(&*%&*^%&^$%(&*^%*(&t ROSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. 134
    Walker Says:

    What a catch!!!

  135. 135
    bub Says:

    Fredi Gonzalez, all is forgiven my man. All is forgiven.

  136. 136
    Walker Says:

    I just want to thank Jeff Kellogg, David Ross and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Fredi Gonzalez

  137. 137
    jo bu Says:

    We now see the reason McCann is sitting. Of course it’s been obvious most of the second half.

  138. 138
    jo bu Says:

    Dammit Game Day, where’s my Rossy homer, already???

  139. 139
    jo bu Says:

    Ask and you shall receive :)

  140. 140
    jo bu Says:

    Wow, that homer was a rocket! That’ll keep the boys goin’ for sure.

  141. 141
    bub Says:

    McCann’s fist pump on Ross’s HR makes my heart swoon. The most fired up player on the bench.

  142. 142
    bub Says:

    This could hardly be going better. Atta boy, Medicine!

  143. 143
    bub Says:

    Single, Bourney!!!!

  144. 144
    Curt Says:

    Dear Atlanta traffic, you suck. 1+ hour in the car. So happy THIS game is on

  145. 145
    Curt Says:

    Particularly like the lights where 1 car makes it through

  146. 146
    bub Says:

    crap, wish Heyward hadn’t gone for the first pitch there. Feel like Lohse was laboring. Oh well. C’mon, Chipper Jones!!! Get ‘im!!!

  147. 147
    bub Says:

    Nothin’ doin’ in the 3rd.

    C’mon, Meds!

  148. 148
    bub Says:

    Curt, gameday will hook you up with Ross’s HR and Heyward’s catch if you’re not DVRin’ it.

  149. 149
    bub Says:


  150. 150
    bub Says:

    Curt, please go back into traffic.

  151. 151
    bub Says:

    Sigh, oh, Chipper. Why oh why.

    C’mon, Braves.

  152. 152
    bub Says:

    the horror.

    the horror.

  153. 153
    Adam Says:

    If we lose this game because of Chipper’s error…

  154. 154
    Walker Says:

    The ghost of Brooks Conrad

  155. 155
    Curt Says:

    Yes, I take full responsibility. Amazing how that works

  156. 156
    bub Says:

    Freeman + Uggla + Ross = 2 runs. No worries.

  157. 157
    bub Says:

    Oh, Rossy, how many ways do I love thee??

    Spotlight’s on ya, Andrelton. Do it.

  158. 158
    Walker Says:

    Why would you bunt?

  159. 159
    Walker Says:

    that was so stupid. oh my god

  160. 160
    bub Says:

    OH NO. :(

    So horrible.

  161. 161
    Curt Says:

    Oh, postseason Braves….

  162. 162
    Curt Says:

    They have 2 goddamn hits

  163. 163
    bub Says:

    Gonzderpaz giveth, Gonzderpaz taketh away.

  164. 164
    Adam Says:

    Why would he bunt? Bad, Bad, Bad…

  165. 165
    bub Says:

    They can’t lose this game. There’s just no way. It would just be too fugged up for words.

  166. 166
    Pure Says:

    When I saw the bunt I thought the squeeze was on?

  167. 167
    Walker Says:

    Fredi!! WHY WHY WHY would you put on a safety squeeze? OVERMANAGING

  168. 168
    bub Says:

    That “My Other Car is a Sacrifice Bunt” motto they used to have up at Capitol Avenue Club comes to mind.

  169. 169
    bub Says:

    Good pitches, Meds.

    C’mon, offense. Get it to Chipper for redemption.

  170. 170
    Curt Says:

    already the bottom of the fifth

  171. 171
    bub Says:

    3 up, 3 down.

    C’mon, Braves. Don’t do this.

  172. 172
    bub Says:

    Yuck. Meds is pitching 88 fb’s now. That’s a pretty important 3mph when you throw 91. Command looks good, though.

  173. 173
    bub Says:

    um …

  174. 174
    Curt Says:


  175. 175
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    They are starting to tighten up…

  176. 176
    bub Says:

    Why does it seem like the fate of the Braves franchise rests on Chipper’s 6th inning at bat?

  177. 177
    bub Says:

    Well… that wasn’t helpful.

  178. 178
    bub Says:

    Runner on. TRY A BUNT! TRY A BUNT!

  179. 179
    Curt Says:

    Someone needs to tell the Braves that someone other than the back-up catcher needs to get a big hit in this damn game.

  180. 180
    Curt Says:


  181. 181
    bub Says:


  182. 182
    bub Says:

    If we give up a third unearned run here, game over.

  183. 183
    Pure Says:

    Sinking feeling… But still hopeful.

  184. 184
    Anonymous Says:

    I hate baseball.

  185. 185
    Jo Bu Says:

    2010 all over again.

  186. 186
    Adam Says:

    tempted to change the channel…ugly game

  187. 187
    Jo Bu Says:

    Need to learn how to catch it and throw it, too. 3 unearned now.

  188. 188
    Pure Says:

    Painful to watch

  189. 189
    Walker Says:

    So predictable it’s sickening. Atlanta sports I tell you.

  190. 190
    bub Says:

    Screw this. I’m watching the Avengers. Bye, Braves.

  191. 191
    Adam Says:

    Turning the game off. Maybe next year.

  192. 192
    Jo Bu Says:

    Choke! Venters costs us yet another run on a bone headed fielding decision.

  193. 193
    Kate Says:

    Do the Braves have money on the Cards?

  194. 194
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Everybody is tight, worrying about “causing” Chipper’s last game (even Chipper)…

    Once Andrelton was called out after they thought they had “broken it open” for a few seconds, they were done…

    If they score at least a couple here in the 7th, then they might loosen up a bit… otherwise, we can start considering what moves the Brave’s will make for next year…

  195. 195
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Also tough to play 9 on 15…

  196. 196
    Walker Says:

    AND This is why the game of baseball isn’t meant for this.

  197. 197
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    #!93 Probably not, but the LF ump might…

  198. 198
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I guess the LF Ump hadn’t had his face on TV enough…

  199. 199
    Jo Bu Says:

    That last call is a bunch of crap!

  200. 200
    Walker Says:


  201. 201
    Jo Bu Says:

    This is what I hate about baseball. The umpires are too proud to get together and get it right. I love the NHL, at least they try to get it right.

  202. 202
    Walker Says:

    Why are grown adults throwing crap?

  203. 203
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    @202 because they aren’t “grown ups”…

  204. 204
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Oh, and when the Braves lose, you will see another shower of crap on the field…

    St. Louis better wait till they get in the locker room to celebrate…

  205. 205
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    @204 because the “adults” haven’t grown up any in the last half-hour…

  206. 206
    Walker Says:

    94 wins gone in 1 day

  207. 207
    Curt Says:

    Joke. This show will be fun

  208. 208
    Walker Says:

    Everything I feared would happen……. did and WAY more. Sad and predictable way to end the season.

    2 out of 3 next year MR. Selig. 2 out of 3. It’s only fair.

  209. 209
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    At least Chipper didn’t make the last out of his last game as a Brave…

  210. 210
    David Says:

    To follow up my haiku from earlier…

    The infield fly rule
    Is not the reason we lost.
    But it still sucks. Boobs.

  211. 211
    Kate Says:

    It wouldn’t be Braves postseason baseball without a good stomach punch.

  212. 212
    bub Says:

    My haiku:

    Beachy Meds Teheran
    Heyward Freeman Prado Craig
    Sigh. Maybe next year. :(

  213. 213
    David Says:

    212 – i know SP isn’t a glaring need, but can we add Lohse to that list?

  214. 214
    bub Says:

    Texas looks to get the shaft as well. Nice one, Selig.

  215. 215
    bub Says:

    Please tell me Nate McLouth is not giving a fistbump of celebration on the front page of right now. I’m beginning to think the Braves are seriously cursed somehow. Deeply, horribly, irreversibly cursed.

  216. 216
    bub Says:

    Did our ABT’ers make it back safely? Y’all let us know.

  217. 217
    Adam Says:

    It doesn’t even feel like we made the playoffs.

    This hurts real bad.

  218. 218
    Leah Says:

    Where to begin…glad I went? Great atmosphere of crazed fans. While I didn’t throw anything on the field it made me feel better when others did. Between the errors, bad calls and men left on base I feel like we had no chance. Now it’s surreal. I know we’re done but I can’t believe the season is over.

    What a waste of potential. The Rev read where the Cards were chanting in field fly rule while popping champagne. #classy

  219. 219
    Nate Says:

    Well that sucked. Terrible interpretation of the infield fly rule, but the Braves lost this game not the umpires. Typical Braves/Atlanta postseason disappointment.

    Things I took away from the game:
    1. Let someone else overpay Michael Bourn
    2. What is Dan Uggla’s value to this team? The guy is an absolute butcher in the field, and he is not the hitter he was in Fla in 2010. I guess he runs out ground balls. I think I can do that, too, can I have 10 million dollars?
    3. No way Bobby makes it to the end of that game without getting tossed, not that that means anything or makes a difference.
    4. I wish Buck Showalter or some other solid, veteran manager was running this predominately young and inexperienced team. We are really going to miss Chipper next year.

  220. 220
    bub Says:

    Dude. I can’t believe that freaking happened like that.

  221. 221
    Nate Says:

    The infield fly is traditionally called when a player is under the ball or within range of making a simple catch and way before the ball is about to bounce off the turf. It’s amazing what introducing a 5th and 6th umpire can do. Remember that Twins/Yanks foul/fair ball fiasco from a couple years ago?

  222. 222
    will Says:

    not sure this ranks with Ron Gant getting pulled off first base and called out in th 91 WS, but insanely stupid call

    shouldnt have let it get to that point, of course, the errors, the errors

    i probably would have been throwing crap on the field, in fact, i know i would have. i would have thrown my iphone 4s, with its stainless steel rim, at the ups head, and i would have hit it. ive been working out alot lately.

    i would have gotten 4 years for assault with a deadly weapon, but im sure id be treated well inside

  223. 223
    will Says:

    @222 ump’s

  224. 224
    Walker Says:

    Let’s face it. It was bad karma facing an Native American pitcher in Lohse with those tomahawks in the stands. Everything was against us.

  225. 225
    Walker Says:

    We have to be the winningest team over the last two years without an appearance in the NLDS.

  226. 226
    Leah Says:

    @224 great point about the tomahawks.

    Here’s what I can’t let go of. Our costly errors ended with them scoring runs. Their errors ended with Umpires calls taking our runs away. I get that Simmons was hit in the head and he was out. But after that and after the ball dropped in the infield part of the outfield they threw the ball around like little leaguers too. Which leads me to conclude once again that the baseball gods hate the Braves. We need to change the team mascot to the Unicorns or something to shake them up.

  227. 227
    Steve Says:

    Wow. Almost as depressing as the game last night was, for the first time, reading the comments starting at about 2pm yesterday.

  228. 228
    Steve Says:

    Some quick thoughts on the game:

    – Seems impossible that after the Heyward catch and the Ross HR that we let the game slip away. And that Chipper error absolutely changed the fate of the game. Chipper should feel terrible, he only hurt the team last night.

    – I know it’s easy sitting in your living room to judge the bottles being thrown on the field, but it felt absolutely right sitting in the stadium (for the record, I didn’t throw anything – but I was with them in spirit).

    – I still can’t believe it’s all over.

  229. 229
    Steve Says:

    The ONE saving grace/silver lining from last night’s game is that my family and I got to meet up with Leah and the Rev afterward. Now THAT was a good moment from the evening.

  230. 230
    will Says:

    - 229 the announcers kept saying how shameful it was for the fans to be throwing things and all i thought was how proud i was of the fans. seriously. they grew a pair and acted like Yankees fans.

    – and the delay it caused gave freddie time to work up some fire, it looked like he was going to get it overturned

  231. 231
    Leah Says:

    @229 Indeed.

  232. 232
    bub Says:

    fwiw, the ESPN radio annoucers, or at least one of the two, gave the Braves fan kudos, saying “as bad as it is to do this, it’s great to see Atlanta this into a ballgame, into their team, haven’t seen that in a long time.” Of course, he was corrected by his partyline-toe-ing partner quickly, but it was too late. Something real squeaked through.

  233. 233
    Walker Says:

    A few thoughts

    -On the Simmons bunt, I was proud that Fredi protected him. But seriously I’m worried about his baseball IQ. Somebody needs to talk to the kid.

    -Wren has alot of hard work in figuring out how to replace the wins we lose without Bourn and Chipper.

    – 3 years ago Uggla and McCann were the best at their position. Now they are liabilities?

    -Never did I ever think an infield fly rule could be called in mid left field. You learn something new every day. The rule was designed to protect the baserunners but on that play it protected the defense.

    -That game was so SURREAL.

    -183 wins in 2 years. No NLDS games.

  234. 234
    David Says:

    226 – “the infield part of the outfield” is hilarious.

    Also, you’re married to a priest? (I keep reading references to The Rev…unless your husband is Pastornicky). What denomination? I’m an Episcopal priest myself.

  235. 235
    Leah Says:

    David, we’ve been in full time ministry of the Presbyterian nature for 15 years. The last 8 my husband pastored a church in NC. Just recently we moved to GA where he now works for a non profit as Director of Stewardship. Also, being closer helps fund my addiction to the Braves. He’s still licensed and preaches on occasion. For the record Rev Nicole is not my type. Prado on the other hand…

    Now back to the valley of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  236. 236
    Leah Says:

    Flying to Cali today means motion sick drugs. They make me care waaaay less. Everyone, quick, break out the Dramamine!

  237. 237
    Walker Says:

  238. 238
    bub Says:

    Boy, Tim Hudson and Leah having rough weekends.

  239. 239
    Leah Says:


  240. 240
    Walker Says:

    On the infield fly

    The spot where the ball landed was 225 feet from home plate, according to Baseball Info Solutions. In the past three seasons, there were six infield-fly rulings in the majors on balls that were not caught, and the longest measured at 178 feet – 47 feet less than the ball Simmons hit.

    It’s a shame that instead of owning up to the call, Joe Torre and MLB decide to lie and say it was the right call. I’m upset at MLB right now. Go Falcons.

  241. 241
    Walker Says:

    Wren on 1 game playoff

    “All of us at the general managers meeting when we talked about this format, it’s not a format that’s indicative of the best team,” Wren said. “When you’re playing for six months and 162 games, this is not a sport where you play 20 games. This is not a sport where you play a handful of games, and then one game is appropriate. This is a sport that’s about series, it’s about winning series. And one game is kind of a harsh reality.”

    Bottom Line: There are plenty other ideas better than this one game playoff in which more than 1 game is played to determine who advances.

  242. 242
    Steve Says:

    @241 – Follow the money. At the end of the day Selig doesn’t care about what’s best for the game, he cares about driving the biggest television ratings so that the broadcasting contracts will be as big as possible to get more money for the owners. Plain and simple. This one game playoff will never change. Get used to it.

  243. 243
    Walker Says:

    Atlanta Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez thinks Juan Francisco will get a chance to compete for the third base job next season, according to David O’Brien of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    Sure. An out of shape 3rd basemen who cant play defense, hit for average, get on base or run with any speed is perfect for 3rd base next year. Everyone knows we should just keep Prado in LF because it’s harder to find a left fielder than a 3rd baseman in this league.

  244. 244
    Anonymous Says:

    @242 – Follow the money. They are probably going to extend Prado at potentially $10 million a year. Francisco is on your team making $480k. Liberty Media doesn’t care about what is best for the fans, or really for the team, they are all about doing it on the cheap and hoping for a miracle. Why pay $10 mill for a third baseman and then pay for a new left fielder too?

    Braves have essentially $36.5 mill coming off of the books with Chipper, Lowe, Bourn, and JJ. If anyone out there thinks Liberty is turning that money around and dumping it back into the team, I have a bridge to sell you. They pick up options on McCann and Hudson, and then maybe add some minor pieces.

    Wren offered that with this money he might be able to shop at Target instead of Wal-Mart. Doesn’t sound like we are in the market for any real players, to me.

  245. 245
    Curt Says:

    that was me, in case you couldn’t tell

  246. 246
    Shaun Says:

    Looking back, what it Beachy and McCann were healthy the whole season? Perhaps the Braves pass the Nationals and get to play in a 5-game series.

    I know that’s a silly game to play because all teams deal with similar things. What if Strasburg has pitched the whole season, for example. But it points to the role of luck in sports (and life, not to get too serious here).

  247. 247
    Leah Says:

    I’m still really struggling to he over the end of this season. I just KNEW we’d win. Why does Chipper rush his throw with Meds on the mound. Get 1 out and be happy. If we were able to stay in the lead guys would have relaxed and had better at bats. Can’t let it go! Need therapy!

  248. 248
    Leah Says:

    Finding unjustifiable joy in the Nationals’ win.

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