October 07, 2012

Show #204: The Braves Wildcard Debacle

We break down the loss in the WC play-in game:  the errors, the men left on base, the infield fly and the bottles on the field.



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  1. 76
    Jonna Chizik Says:

    Auburn doesn’t suck. Fear not.

  2. 77
    Walker Says:

    @ 74

    I agree. We will never truly know all the variables or what would have happened if Strasburg had pitched, but the Nationals made a huge mistake. If you have a 6 run lead with your ace on the mound or even 2 run lead then you don’t lose that game.

    If the Nationals came into the year knowing the would have the best record in baseball and make the playoffs then they spread Strasbug’s innings out so he could pitch in the postseason. Instead they though they would suck so they reaped the consequences. No ring and no guarantee for the future. So sorry.

  3. 78
    Leah Says:

    Derek Jeter…big baby. Just kidding.

  4. 79
    Bubdylan Says:

    The ESPN headline, “Jeter snaps ankle” was a little jarring.

  5. 80
    Chris Says:

    After that Nats game Friday night, I dont feel QUITE as bad as I did about our game. I was trying to debate which would be worse, but I think if the braves would have blown a 6-0 lead and one strike away from moving on, I would have been even more pissed beyond belief! Now will the Cards please lose, their fans have had way too much to cheer about the past 2 seasons, and I’m getting jealous!

  6. 81
    Leah Says:

    Soooooo…Yanks get a bad call and Joe Torre is empathetic. Shocker.

  7. 82
    Steve Says:

    Hey all. A reminder that the new show will be posted tomorrow (Monday) night.

  8. 83
    Steve Says:

    Does anyone think the Giants beat the Cards? I don’t. But I do think Detroit will win it all.

  9. 84
    David Says:

    #83 – No. I think Cardinals will win NLCS, and I hate that. I’m pulling for Detroit all the way, and I think they’ve got a good chance…as long as they don’t pull a ’96 Braves and lose the next 4 after winning the first two in NY. (Sorry — too soon?)

    Nice to see that the Falcons are 6-0, although it’ll be interesting to see how they do against good teams after their bye week next week. Aside from a few big plays, the defense was awful today, and the offense couldn’t get much going. Glad that they won, but they could easily be either 5-1 or 4-2 (with potential losses coming today and to Carolina, which included a ton of luck).

  10. 85
    Leah Says:

    Just finished last season’s Dexter. Whoa…

  11. 86
    David Says:

    Requisite reading for anyone who visits this website:


  12. 87
    David Says:

    Hmmm….looks like that link doesn’t work. Go to the front page of MLB on the ESPN homepage and it should be there.

  13. 88
    Bubdylan Says:

    Leah, how can you subject yourself to such a morally bankrupt, disgusting, onslaught of humilating dismemberments and deeply disturbing carnage? (I’m talking about AU football of course; I love Dexter.)

  14. 89
    Shaun Says:

    Unfortunately I find myself pulling for the Yankees (which makes me sick) and Giants.

    I can’t root for Detroit out of spite for MLB’s lousy system that rewards them with a bye in the one-game round, even though they were the worst playoff team.

    I can’t root for the Cardinals because I get sick of the “best baseball town in America” nonsense and because of MLB’s lousy system that allowed them to advance, though the Braves finished 6 games ahead of them.

  15. 90
    ham Says:

    I have not rooted this vigorously for a Tiger since I had my first bowl of Frosted Flakes.


  16. 91
    Bubdylan Says:

    Shaun, I’m rooting for it to be the Tigers over the Cards for the same reason that you’re not rooting for them: I want it abundantly clear that the system is stupid. I know it won’t even register with the majority, but for most of the fans I converse with, two 80-something win teams in the WS will at least take the shine off the proceedings.

    The cards (heh) are so stacked against the best teams now, I wonder how long it will be before we get another WS champ with the best record in baseball. Bud Selig is a plague unto mankind.

    (I guess one could argue that if WC/poor record teams win for a few years in a row, the pressure could, absurdly, switch over and work against the WC teams… that’ll probably happen about the time the Braves get in at the end on a hot streak)

  17. 92
    Leah Says:

    Bub, was it you who told me to read Anna Karenina? Just noticed the movie with Keira Knightly. Could be good! Complex story so I hope they don’t botch it.

  18. 93
    Bubdylan Says:

    Leah, it’s by the same guy who directed her in Pride and Prejudice, so I expect to like it pretty well. No, I’ve never told anyone to read Tolstoy. He bores me to tears, to my shame, since all my favorite writers love him. (I don’t like Bach or Tolstoy, but I love Beethoven and Dostoyevsky. I think I like emotionally stormy art, and the higher, dryer stuff is over my head. Austen is dry, I guess, but I like her because she’s happy.)

  19. 94
    Leah Says:

    Um…you like Austen because if you don’t you are dead to me.

  20. 95
    Bubdylan Says:

    That, too.

  21. 96
    Bubdylan Says:

    Anybody seen Argo?

  22. 97
    Bubdylan Says:

    I think tonight’s show should be nothing but movie reviews. Kids’ movies from the 1980’s. And straight-to-video Disney sequels.

  23. 98
    Steve Says:

    @97 – Consider it done.

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