December 10, 2012

Show #208: BJ Upton Talk with Roger Mooney of the Tampa Tribune

Roger talks about BJ’s clubhouse presence, the benchings, the Longoria fight and his approach at the plate.  We also check in on the left fielder search.



57 Responses to “Show #208: BJ Upton Talk with Roger Mooney of the Tampa Tribune”

  1. 1
    will Says:

    I am at 8:34 listening to this and BJ sounds like a great clubhouse guy…so far so good

  2. 2
    will Says:

    19 min…on a personal note so do I. great show guys…

  3. 3
    Corky's Mom Says:

    I’m slow to get to the compute machine (as my son is, in general) but: Gerald Laird?? Why didn’t you take my son back? Have you not seen his awesome mutton chops of late?

  4. 4
    Steve Says:

    Shoo to the Reds. Getting more and more bummed over here.

  5. 5
    Shaun Says:

    I still think it’s possible Wren is trying his best to bluff and get someone to offer up something impressive for Teheran or Delgado or possibly some other prospect. Force other teams to come to them and blow them away for one of their top prospects rather than seem desperate for a leftfielder and possibly overpay.

    I suspect Wren will be more aggressive, the closer we get to Opening Day.

    Just my completely reckless speculation based on a little bit of my own (probably flawed) logic.

  6. 6
    Leah Says:

    I feel soooooo much better! I wish we had thought ahead and cloned Prado. All our problems would be solve. I blame Ham.

    I think Wren has something up his sleeve. And we’ll be all…”Dude! That’s awesome!”

  7. 7
    Steve Says:

    @5 – Shaun, I totally agree. As much as I fear Francisco at 3rd or some awful platoon in left, I still don’t really believe it will come to that.

  8. 8
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    2007 135 97 33 70 31 130 19 .299 .337 .560 .897
    2008 109 76 29 75 43 103 19 .280 .344 .532 .876
    2009 117 64 20 55 40 118 9 .241 .303 .423 .726
    2010 147 67 24 79 45 123 5 .258 .322 .496 .818
    2011 137 50 26 88 27 113 2 .244 .289 .469 .758
    2012 151 68 32 108 44 153 6 .262 .322 .499 .821

    Want this 36 year old corner OF for 2 years @ 5M per year, if it costs you Tehran, Delgado or Gilmartin?

  9. 9
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    If your ONLY choice is either:

    1. Francisco @3b w/ Prado in LF against RHP and Prado @3b w/ Johnson in LF against LHP


    2. Prado @3b w/ Johnson in LF against LHP and Constanza in LF against RHP

    Which do you choose?

  10. 10
    Steve Says:

    @8 – No, not worth it. Who is it?

    @9 – I take #1. No Constanza. No. No. No.

  11. 11
    David Says:

    1. Great show, guys. Good interview with Mad-Eye Mooney, and I agree re “Lincoln.” Very boring. And as good as DDLewis is, this performance doesn’t even touch his work in Gangs Of New York, My Left Foot, or There Will Be Blood.

    2. #8 — Spoiler alert, but I think it’s Soriano. And no, I don’t think I’d give up any of those 3 for him.

    3. Josh Hamilton to the Angels. Very interesting. Wonder if they’ll be open to trading Peter Bourjos, who had a bad year, but is very young (25) and has loads of potential. I think I’d still prefer Bonifacio, but whatever.

    4. Re #9 — I agree with #10. I’d take #1.

  12. 12
    Curt Says:

    Think the Angels were feeling a little Dodger pressure to make that move? $125 mill for Hamilton. Those 2 payrolls are absurd.

  13. 13
    Kate Says:

    I take #1 for the same reason as Steve.

  14. 14
    Anne Says:

    #nationalkissabaseballplayerday is trending on Twitter. I’m very scared.

  15. 15
    Jose Constanza's Bat Says:

    14 – pssshhhh. Nothin’ new.

  16. 16
    Steve Says:

    As kind of funny as I remember last year’s being, this year’s Braves holiday message is completely lame:

  17. 17
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Very good. It is Soriano w/ Cubs paying all but $10M of his salary (rumor). I wanted to see what people would say based only on stats – seemingly too much “oh not that guy” type of sentiment towards him to evaluate him as a baseball player…

  18. 18
    David Says:

    17 – If I’m looking just at the stats and age, then I’d be interested only if we’re giving up $5M/year. Having to give up one of our young pitching prospects, I’d say no. The stats show an aging player in decline.

    Also, it’s so sad to hear about what happened in Connecticut. In case you haven’t heard, there was a shooting at an elementary school up there, 27 dead including 18 children. Many, many thoughts and prayers with all of those families.

  19. 19
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    With the Hamilton signing, I forsee Trout in CF and Hamilton in RF. Now, who plays left?

    Trout led off last year and do you want to fool with his stats (mostly from CF, but he did play effectively in LF)?
    .326 30 83 .399

    I imagine they would love to trade Wells, but not w/ that contract unless they eat almost all of it. Looks like Trumbo would bring the most return.

    Trumbo is young, but I am torn between being glad he hit 30-ish HR and being afraid of his SOs. But it is interesting that in five extra ABs from year one to year two he added 33SO but he also added 3HR and 11BB in addition to increasing his slash line in every category:
    2011 539 29 25 120 .254/.291/.477/.768
    2012 544 32 36 153 .268/.317/.491/.808

    Want Trumbo if it costs Tehran, Delgado or Gilmartin?
    What if it closts two of them?
    If so, who do you bat lead-off for the Braves?

    Peter Bourjos, age 25, 2 years official service, $500K
    .220 3 19 .291
    .247 21 77 .301
    2012 (101 games)
    3 19 15 44 3 1 .220 .291 .315 .606

    Mark Trumbo, age 26, 2 years official service, $500K
    .268 32 95 .317
    .259 61 184 .302
    2012 (144 games)
    32 95 36 153 4 5 .268 .317 .491 .808

    Vernon Wells, age 34, 13 years, $24M
    .230 11 29 .279
    .273 259 908 .321
    2012 (77 games)
    11 29 16 35 3 1 .230 .279 .403 .682
    2011 (131 games)
    25 66 20 86 9 4 .218 .248 .412 .660

  20. 20
    Anonymous Says:

    Mercy me…sadness.

  21. 21
    Leah Says:

    Sitting in the GA dome ready to watch some HS football. My 7 year old is looking for a closet to hide in so he can sneak out tomorrow and watch Eli.

  22. 22
    Walker Says:

    I thought Lincoln was actually good. I could have watched another hour. But I guess that’s because I’m a political geek.

  23. 23
    will Says:



  24. 24
    Steve Says:

    Was lucky enough to be at the Falcons game yesterday. It was such a complete beat down. And believe me it was obnoxious in there with all the too loud Giants fans before the game. It could not have shut them up any better.

  25. 25
    Curt Says:

    I too was there. That was one of the more dominant performances I have seen from a Falcons team. Of course, they can’t win. If they lose, they are done in the national media. They win, and it’s simply because the Giants aren’t as good this year. Coughlin even dared to bring up Sandy Hook in his post game comments, which I found shameful.

  26. 26
    Walker Says:

    LOL @ the Phillies making Michael Young their starting 3rd baseman.

  27. 27
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    1. Braves should enter spring training with current roster and see what happens w/ LF & 3B (i.e. fill from within)
    2. Braves need to sign/trade for a long term LF solution prior to spring training even if it costs a lot
    3. Braves need to sign/trade for a short term LF solution prior to spring training to bide time for prospects to grow into the job
    4. Braves need to sign/trade for a long term 3B solution prior to spring training, even if it costs a lot
    5. Braves need to sign/trade for a short term 3B solution prior to spring training to bide time for prospects to grow into the job

  28. 28
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Trade proposed in a publication:

    Atlanta Braves: Tyler Pastornicky and Julio Teheran for Mark Trumbo


  29. 29
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    In same story:

    New York Yankees: Trade Curtis Granderson for Brian McCann and Jonny Venters


  30. 30
    Walker Says:

    @ Mark in Memphis

    Both are HORRIBLE Trades for the Braves

  31. 31
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Please back up your statement…

    I agree on the second one (29), but it was proposed in the article as a “present” the team could give their fans for Christmas… So I can see it being good for NY.

    The one from the Braves (28), I am not sure I can see as “horrible”… It is a bit of a shame to give up Teheran when he has starting showing some promise in his play in the DR this winter, but then again, DR is about AA or AAA level talent…

    As I have said, Trumbo strikes out a lot and has not shown an tendency towards controlling that so far in his MLB career. However, even with the Ks, he has 30-ish HRs, a pretty good batting average, OBP and OPS. He would certainly add some RH pop to the line-up and can play a serviceable LF (can also play 1B, 3B & RF). Last season, he played at all four spots, but had the most of his games in LF. He is also young and is under team control for a few years.

    Where does “horrible” come in?

  32. 32
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    With Michael Bourn’s apparent troubles in finding a landing spot, at what point might the Braves be “back in the hunt”, so to speak?

    If he was looking for a one year deal to go back out on the FA market again next year, what would you be willing to pay for him?

    It would certainly give the Braves a good defensive outfield w/ Bourn in LF, Upton in CF and Heyward in RF… It would easily allow them to put Upton somewhere other lead off…

  33. 33
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    With thoughts toward R. A. Dickey winning the Cy & getting the big contract, do you think that we will see a surge of knuckle ball pitchers? Maybe more pitchers who can’t make it normally won’t feel like it is not really a possibility?

  34. 34
    David Says:

    Re the tshirt in the tweet pic – please tell us where we can order it too! MUST have one of those!

  35. 35
    Walker Says:

    @ Mark in Memphis

    The Trumbo trade isn’t horrible and he does have value BUT personally I really want to see what Tehran can do in the Big Leagues for an extended period. Trumbo doesn’t play defense well and his Obp really isn’t that great. It just seems like he’s the classic candidate to struggle with the Braves. If we trade Tehran I want something better.

  36. 36
    Steve Says:

    #34- I got it at Chop Shop Tees.

  37. 37
    Steve Says:

    Dale Murphy did an Ask Me Anything yesterday on Reddit. Some interesting stuff (and some crap) and worth a look.

  38. 38
    will Says:

    @27 I think I go with 1. Wren actually made some good non-trades last year, so maybe we just see how things go for a while and then make adjustments. But I would be 3 if we could get Bourn for like 9-10 mil. Boras please choke on it.

    The problem, as always, is our shyte tv revenue deal and the lametards at Liberty Media. Can we fix this? Arthur Blank? Westminster Alumni Fund? Anybody….hello…

    Blimey, how about that Julio Jones TD catch. Lets go all the way fal cons.

  39. 39
    Walker Says:

    Looks like the Braves will try out Gattis, Schafer, Constanza, Reed Johnson and Juan Francisco for the last starting spot in the lineup. Hmmmmmmm…… I wonder what we will be looking for at the trade deadline? Of course by then we probably would have lost out on 2-4 wins. I hope this doesn’t happen but I wish we could just go after Alex Gordon, Justin Upton or someone proven.

  40. 40
    Adam Says:

    could we go after kubel?

  41. 41
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Only if we got him REALLY cheap… He is really a DH…

  42. 42
    Anne Says:

    Oh, Andruw.

  43. 43
    Anne Says:

    Oh, Matty!

  44. 44
    Curt Says:

    Maybe I’m alone on this, but I think it is a big mistake for the Braves to put the ‘screaming savage’ on their BP hats. Whatever you think of the PC nature of the whole thing, it’s just going to be a PR nightmare.

  45. 45
    Walker Says:

    As if we need more bad karma. Curious decision.

  46. 46
    will Says:

    PR nightmare. As embarrassing as it would be, Id immediately issue an apology and reverse the decision. Based on overwhelming blah blah blah we have changed our policy blah blah. Dumkoffs.

  47. 47
    will Says:

    and its not because im all that pc, its because the press will constantly bring it up.

  48. 48
    Curt Says:

    And they got a lot of good press for leaving it off the throw back uniforms just LAST SEASON.


  49. 49
    Walker Says:

    At least we arent as bad as the Indians. Their logo with the broad smiling red faced Indian is so racist its unbelievable.

  50. 50
    Curt Says:

    But the Indians aren’t using that guy much at all anymore. Really, nothing beats calling your team the Redskins.

  51. 51
    Leah Says:

    Anne, sorry for your loss #MattieD

  52. 52
    Steve Says:

    The next show will be as feel good as it gets. First two topics:

    1. Andruw Jones domestic violence charges

    2. Braves new racist BP hat

    Happy 2013 everyone!

  53. 53
    DAP Says:

    steve, you need to know that bonafacio is not as good as jose constanza. and, obviously, we already have constanza. so….no good reason to trade anything for bonafacio.

  54. 54
    Leah Says:

    I really like the JUpton rumors. Get the brothers together!

  55. 55
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    And we come round again to the usual question:

    What would you be willing to include in the deal for Justin Upton?

    Simmons (what AZ originally asked for)?




  56. 56
    Curt Says:

    I don’t give them the farm. They don’t need Simmons – they picked up a big SS prospect in that multi-team trade they did. And if you have to, wait until the trade deadline and see if you can get him then. I would be willing to give up some big pieces. I just don’t want a Tex deal again.

  57. 57
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