January 09, 2013

Show #209: Questions Remain for Braves in Left and Third

The BP hat.  The crazy Bourn talk.  A platoon at 3rd and Left?  And the potential money at the trade deadline.



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  1. 126
    Steve Says:

    OK, back to the Braves… Bub, great post (#124). And I agree on Wren. People always want to point to Lowe and KK and say he’s a terrible GM. I think he’s been fantastic. And this trade, and how little we had to give up (sorry, Leah), and how many low salary guys make up the lineup allowing us to spend strategically in “big” splashes, just proves the point more.

  2. 127
    Walker Says:


    Why do you think Simmons shouldn’t hit at the top of the order?

  3. 128
    Walker Says:

    Watching MLB Network and Eric Byrnes has the nerve to question whether Heyward is a top 3 RF. I guess if he had a empty Francoeur 30 hr 100 he would be great. I guess on base, defense and baserunning skills don’t matter.

  4. 129
    Leah Says:

    My wounded heart is trying to see the logic. Not very successfully but making an effort.

  5. 130
    Steve Says:

    Eric Byrnes brings VERY little to the table. The other night I was watching MLB network with Eric Byrnes on and my wife came into the room, looked at the TV and all but shouted, “oh my god, what is up with that guy’s hair?” That’s really all I think about now when someone mentions Eric Byrnes.

  6. 131
    Bubdylan Says:

    #125 is pretty hilarious. It’s hard to believe an organization as silly as the Marlins has fielded two championships in the last 20 years. Of the many, many indictments on the current state of the game, that team is one. Their uniform is another all by itself.

  7. 132
    David Says:

    I feel like this should be a must-read for Braves fans and the Justin Upton trade. Great work by Bill Shanks:


  8. 133
    Bubdylan Says:

    Great link, David.

  9. 134
    Steve Says:

    @132 – Yes. Must read.

  10. 135
    Bubdylan Says:

    This site looks way better with Google Chrome. Who knew? (E’rry body knew prob’ly; I am old.)

  11. 136
    will Says:

    this board has picked up nicely recently- great posts, great blog post by Shaun too. i like the trade for my 2c. wren is iceman.

  12. 137
    Sunny Says:

    I was really confused, and this answered all my qunosites.

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