February 17, 2013

Show #212: Our Interview with Braves Legend David Justice

David talks about the early ’90’s, the real story of his comments before Game 6 and being traded in 1997.  David also shares his experiences with Fox’s Spring Training for the Troops.



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  1. 101
    Walker Says:


    I will say that we come into this season with way more upside than last year. Justin Upton going back to his original form, Andrelton Simmons for a full year, Medlen in rotation for full year, Minor being consistent, Uggla hitting better, and McCann coming back stronger should more than compensate for the loss of Prado, Bourn and Chipper.

    I would say the 2013 team is better.

  2. 102
    Walker Says:

    I wasn’t aware we gave Ramiro Pena a major league deal. It feels like a lazy signing. I may be wrong but I think we could have done better finding a backup infielder.

  3. 103
    David Says:

    101 — I agree, and I think this team has fewer question marks than the team did last year entering into the season.

    Our rotation last year included Hanson, Jurrjens, Minor, Beachy, Delgado (Hudson started year on DL).

    Our rotation this year includes Medlen, Minor, Hudson, Maholm, Teheran. Better, IMO.

    Last year’s question marks: Can Chipper stay healthy all season? Will Heyward bounce back and be healthy? Will Jurrjens be healthy all season? Hanson be healthy and step into “ace” form? How good will Pastornicky be at shortstop?

    This year’s question marks: Can Uggla improve or will his decline continue? Will BJ Upton’s pros (power, speed, defense) outweigh his cons (Ks, low OBP)? What kind of production will we get from 3B?

    Overall, I feel more confident about the 2013 team than last year’s. There’s no reclamation projects/veteran-but-not-very-good pickups (Durbin, Livan, Jack Wilson). While health is always a question, I think that there are fewer obvious health questions on this year’s team than last year’s. The rotation seems more solid.

    I don’t think it’s a slam-dunk, though, because last year’s team apparently had better clubhouse chemistry and this year’s team will pile up the Ks. Is the 2013 team a 90+ win team? Yes, I think so.

  4. 104
    Shaun Says:

    Braves could be looking to trade Venters because maybe they don’t feel his value will get much higher. Plus they seem to be loaded in the bullpen.

    David @100, I honestly think the 2012 team and the 2013 are about even. I like the 2013 team’s upside and I like the future of the 2013 team. With the way the offseason unfolded, the Braves are in good shape for about 2-3 more seasons, at least. Last year’s team obviously had great young players but the Upton’s, particularly Justin, takes that to another level.

  5. 105
    Bubdylan Says:

    In the spirit of spring, it’s hard for me to not see this team winning about 98 games. Because: Homers, Rotation, Kimbrel, Simmons. In that order.

    But I’m sure the realities of April and May can cure that feeling.

  6. 106
    Bubdylan Says:

    Bullpen building is such a fickle sport. I wouldn’t cry if Venters was dealt. Especially if somebody gambled on a big turnaround for him and gave us a good return.

  7. 107
    Steve Says:

    I don’t buy the Venters trade talk. Especially with Walden’s back issues.

  8. 108
    Shaun Says:

    I’m thinking they may be ready and think it’s time to sell on Venters, if someone makes them the right offer. But I don’t think they are desperate either.

    It’s possible that they also think J.R. Graham and Alex Wood are ready or near-ready and could step in to big late-inning, high-leverage roles.

  9. 109
    will Says:


    this is a link to the spring training stats. Do we worry about Heyward’s .172 average? I know we are worried about Uggla 14 SO vs. the team average of about 6 or 7..

    I like Gattis, Johnson & Francisco stats…rockin it.

    i wonder out loud how much we read into spring training…

  10. 110
    Leah Says:

    RA Dickey is stinking it up in the WBC.

  11. 111
    Leah Says:

    So good to see Cantu in there. 🙂

  12. 112
    Nate Says:

    Turned on the WBC to see Prado getting a hit. I had to turn it off. It’s just too soon.

  13. 113
    Leah Says:

    Literally in tears during his 9th inning at bat. Where he hit an RBI double by the way.

  14. 114
    Leah Says:

    USA needs Meds like nobody’s business.

  15. 115
    Steve Says:

    Was at a restaurant tonight with the MEX/CAN game on when the fight broke out. Pretty damn fun.

  16. 116
    Will Says:

    Uggla lookin good

  17. 117
    Bubdylan Says:

    Wayta go, Kimbrel. 3 up, 3 down, 2 K’s.

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