April 28, 2013

Show #221: A Rough Week as Braves Stumble in Detroit

Sifting through the ashes of the week: Uggla, BJ and the rest of the offensive struggles. And a look ahead to the 7 game stretch in Atlanta.



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  1. 51
    Adam Says:

    #50 Nah. Just stoned.

  2. 52
    Curt Says:

    Is that 2 blown saves in a row for Kimbrel?

  3. 53
    Leah Says:

    @52 I don’t think so. Think he saved one in between. In other news ‘lil Prado makes me happy and sad all at once.

  4. 54
    Leah Says:

    The 10th is a mess and I hate David Wright.

  5. 55
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Nope, he squeezed a save against Wash between this one and the one in Col…

    Last blown save was Huddy’s chance at 200…

  6. 56
    Anonymous Says:

    The Braves need to send Dan Uggla down to the Minors for a while. Dan strikes out too much. The way he is going he will set a record for strike outs in a year. He looks terrible at this time and do not resemble a Major League hitter. He looks like he is fool on every pitch. He needs to get some help from some one.

    We need to bring up a second baseman front the minors because Uggla is doing good.

    What do you think?

  7. 57
    Anonymous Says:

    I meant to say Uggla is NOT doing good. I did not mean he is doing good.

  8. 58
    Tcc Says:

    What if…what if Phil Jackson could manage a baseball club and the Braves brought him in to be the guru/motivator and then “BOOM” Atlanta is in the World Series !!!!. Or not.

    Tonights loss doesn’t help my mood given that I have tickets for the Sat. Sun. rain fest this weekend. Will try to keep my head above water, wish me luck!

  9. 59
    Steve Says:

    @58 – Tcc: sorry about your rain out today. I can’t remember the Braves cancelling a game so many hours in advance of first pitch.

  10. 60
    Leah Says:

    How many hits does Struggla get to be considered “heating up”?

  11. 61
    Curt Says:

    .250 week. better than the alternative

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