June 09, 2013

Show #227: Good Offense Plus Better Pitching Marks Braves Week

Teheran’s almost no-no and the big offense against Pittsburgh.  Will the Nats hang around?  The Home/Road splits. Schafer and Pena everyday? And all the good signs of the week.



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  1. 26
    Walker Says:

    Shaun, you and your numbers and facts.

  2. 27
    Steve Says:

    @25 – But Ham, the strikeouts!

  3. 28
    Steve Says:

    Do people think the Braves win this SF series? The SD series plus the fact that we’re on Sunday night which never seems to go well leaves me doubting.

  4. 29
    Shaun Says:

    Ham @25, it is an interesting dynamic being a baseball fan, to discuss your teams strengths and weaknesses but not being too reactionary and overblowing every little thing. I kind of enjoy that aspect of wrestling with myself as a baseball fan and wrestling with others about the big picture versus focusing on weaknesses.

    The Braves this season are a team that keeps on giving, in that regard, particularly with the strikeout stuff and the talented, well-known players struggling. I think it’s one of the most interesting aspects of baseball to discuss as outsiders.

  5. 30
    Shaun Says:

    @BravesLarry: Atlanta is currently tied for second in the national league with a 53% success rate of scoring runners from 3rd w/ less than 2 outs.

  6. 31
    Curt Says:

    Don’t tell that to the Padres series.

  7. 32
    Walker Says:

    Jerry Manuel on MLB Network said Braves have had a mediocre schedule. Really Jerry? Do people actually research things before they come on tv?

  8. 33
    Steve Says:

    @32 – The good thing is that our mediocre schedule comes in the 2nd half.

  9. 34
    Ham Says:


  10. 35
    Curt Says:

    Starting tomorrow

  11. 36
    David Says:

    WOW. Huge comeback today! Nice job boys!

  12. 37
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Just wondering if the mediocre five start series (all five starters in a row) might be attributed partially to subconscious thinking “is Beachy going to take my spot if I don’t pitch well today?”…

  13. 38
    Will Says:

    Beachy fluid on elbow – not good.
    Yay braves today, but painful week.
    Happy Fathers Day Curt Hammy Steve and other posters out there with kiddos.

  14. 39
    Shaun Says:

    I went to the Baseball Prospectus event at Turner Field yesterday. It was amazing listening to Don Sutton and assistant GM John Coppolella, and chatting for a while during the game with BP’s prospect guru Jason Parks.

    Sutton had some awesome things to say about relief pitcher specialization and how questions from the “experts” and the media influence reliever usage these days.

    Coppolella wasn’t shy about expressing the Braves’ disappointment in a certain 20 homer-20 steals, Gold Glove centerfielder that didn’t play well during his time with the Braves (though he didn’t name names) and how quickly things can change when asked about planning for the future and locking up young players.

    He also talked about the leaked Delgado-for-Dempster trade. He said the leak came from someone in the Cubs organization and he said that really hurt Delgado. But he said in the long run not making the trade helped the Braves.

    Jason Parks had a great, dirty Greg Maddux story in which Maddux used an activity boys entering manhood often do to teach a young pitcher how to approach gripping a pitch.

    I asked Parks about Edward Salcedo. He said he might reach the majors but didn’t seem too high on how he might perform once he’s there. He said Gilmartin is probably a #4. He seemed very impressed with Lucas Sims.

  15. 40
    Steve Says:

    How long has Coppolella been around? Was he talking about Lofton?

  16. 41
    Shaun Says:

    Steve, McLouth.

    He’s been with the Braves since ’06 or ’07. Started out with the Yankees in 2000.

  17. 42
    Steve Says:

    Ah – how soon I forget. Really blocked the McLouth era completely out.

  18. 43
    Leah Says:

    Happy belated Father’s Day. Been visiting family in the boonies and missing baseball. Glad to be back! How worried are we about Beachy?

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