July 14, 2013

Show #232: Our Interview with Kevin McAlpin

Kevin McAlpin of 680 the Fan.  Freeman’s All Star selection. The injuries. High lights and low lights from the first half. And second half predictions.



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  1. 26
    eric Says:

    ESPN’s Keith Law on the Top 50 prospects in baseball. Only one Brave coming in at 50:

    50. Lucas Sims, RHP | Atlanta Braves (age 19)
    Current level: Low Class A (Rome)
    Preseason ranking: Unranked

    Sims has blown up since Atlanta moved him into the rotation after a stint in the pen to limit his innings for the year, now sitting 91-96 with a plus curveball and much-improved changeup.

    His walk rate dropped by nearly half when he returned to starting, and other than the lack of life on his fastball, he doesn’t have any major concerns besides the usual command/control questions on any teenage starter. He’s starting to look at least like a potential No. 3 starter and is the team’s best starting pitching prospect on the farm.

  2. 27
    will Says:

    Big Mac!

  3. 28
    will Says:

    was just going to post how it was good to see huddy go deep into the 8th…and now he walks the leadoff runner….and now a double – cmon use your pen fred

  4. 29
    will Says:

    good job huddy

  5. 30
    will Says:

    one insurance run would be nice

  6. 31
    will Says:

    thank you

  7. 32
    will Says:

    boo yah

  8. 33
    will Says:

    enjoying this conversation…

  9. 34
    will Says:

    HELLO ….hello hello hello
    Is there anybody IN THERE…
    Just nod if you can see me…

  10. 35
    will Says:

    the crickets thing is boring…

  11. 36
    will Says:

    I will chime in on the “optimism/pessimism/realism” thing from the FB page and say that I think it is much more interesting and valuable to have multiple perspectives. You need a variety of ingredients to keep it from being bland.

    Also whether you assume that the ultimate goal is to win a Championship, or its okay just to “enjoy the ride”, that with the exception of 1995, there have been numerous disappointments and frustrations to balance out the excitement of our pitching dominance in the 90s and Chipper’s legacy and our (potentially) great offensive lineup now, etc. So I don’t see how you can ignore that there were negative outcomes and focus only on the positive.

    And not to be territorial, as in to say I love the Braves more than you do sort of thing, but other than my dad and brother who are maniacs about the Braves, I don’t know of anyone who loves the Braves more than Curt/Steve/Ham, which should be obvious by now considering they are willing to spend so much time on this project. So for that they get a big thumbs up. They have earned the right to say what they want, in my book.
    I will also say that I love to see Curtis getting pain….LOVE it.

  12. 37
    will Says:

    Two last thoughts, Simmons put on a defensive clinic tonight, nice to see him hit for power and field like that… and did anyone’s heart skip a beat when adam dunn steamrolled freeman? I dont think dunn was out of line as freeman was in his basepath, but that could have been bad..and what a play by Freeman to make an quick recovery after being run over by a water buffalo to get the ball to the catcher to save a run

    –ok, im dunn….

    : )

  13. 38
    Curt Says:

    So bad. Maholm just serving it up

  14. 39
    Danny Says:

    So are we in agreement that maybe Maholm should be the one to go?

  15. 40
    Danny Says:

    On the optimism/pessimism/realism thing (What is Facebook?):
    The main reason I love this podcast and recommend it over all others. It’s boring when we all agree!

    Honestly, I don’t think I would trade anyone this midseason. All of our tradable players have a much higher upside than their trade value would get in return. Even with the injuries, I like our bench and bullpen. I also think its safe to say Constanza or BJ should be our lead off for the next month or two. Simmons seems to have rediscovered his bat at the bottom of the lineup!

  16. 41
    Steve Says:

    I can’t see how you put Maholm in the pen. He’s just not that guy. Junk ball guy in the 6th or 7th, particularly with men on. Seems like a bad idea.

  17. 42
    David Says:

    Fredi and Maholm said that they don’t think his injury is bad and that he won’t even miss a start. Judging by how wrong Fredi’s early diagnoses usually are, I’m guessing Maholm will be getting Tommy John surgery later this week.

    I’m exaggerating, but only by a little. I do think (hope) that they’ll skip Maholm and give him a chance to heal and bring up Wood or Beachy for his start next Thursday.

    Let’s hope they do exactly that, because Maholm’s next start (assuming he’s not skipped) would be next Thursday — a 12:10 p.m. away game. He’s been awful on the road, and awful in day games, so that’s a double-whammy.

  18. 43
    Curt Says:

    I blame Ham for calling a 1-2 series

  19. 44
    Ham Says:

    I was just being negative.

  20. 45
    Steve Says:

    @42 – Good call, David. Maholm crazy bad on the road and even worse in day games. Bad combo on Thursday.

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