July 28, 2013

Show #234: Great Weekend Follows Awful Hudson Injury

The Cardinal series.  The Hudson injury. And what to do at the deadline?



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  1. 76
    will Says:

    heres how its going to be.
    were going to win the WS this year.
    Lib Media is going to see how valuable the franchise is under that scenario.
    They are going to splurge on a starter and Mac next year.
    Mac takes a small hometown discount, but nothing shameful.
    We can keep this core together for three or four years.
    We are going to dominate!!!

  2. 77
    will Says:

    and then i woke up!

  3. 78
    Steve Says:

    What was on Kimbrel’s hat? I didn’t see it.

    Unrelated question: Is Medlen now going to consistently be a 6 IP, 4 ER guy every start? Kind of feels like it.

  4. 79
    will Says:

    nail biter

  5. 80
    will Says:

    not pretty but its a w

    @78 medlen – not as consistent as last year. goes periods where hes great, then gives up hr or gets skaky/gives up walks. so maybe he gets pulled at 6 to give it to the bullpen. im ever the optimist- he could rebound and become more of a robot, seems mental more than physical…i wouldn’t send him back to the pen after all this work as a starter.

  6. 81
    Danny Says:

    I get a little giddy every time ESPN airs their commercial for tonight’s game:
    Freddie Freeman leads the NL’s BEST TEAM in OBP, OPS, RBI, and Bro Hugs.

    I am getting uncontrollably optimistic about this season.

  7. 82
    will Says:

    I am thinking I shall grow fuzz on my chin in honor of Chris Johnson…
    I already set my login password to Gattis24..
    any other suggestions?

  8. 83
    will Says:

    lee wasn’t that sharp…not terrible, but not the old lee…the old braves don’t always take advantage, this team does. killer instinct.

  9. 84
    will Says:

    where is the mayhem on this board? we just swept the cardorodoillies

  10. 85
    Leah Says:

    On Fb probably. I don’t like chatting on there…buncha stalkers. Just kidding. Triple sweep! Wahoo!!!!!! Feels almost pretend. Can’t wait for the neeeeeeeew shooooooooow!

  11. 86
    Silvia Says:

    Hi, I noticed in the cold callres list for September, a company called Madrigal but no information relating to it. Has anyone else been contacted by them? We have had a series of phone calls telling us that we are guaranteed our money back as reclaim have gone into liquidation! Just when you thought you had heard it all, now, apparantly we should have an NIF number which will allow us to be paid out! This information is supposed to be contained in the terms and conditions on the reverse of the voucher. Can’t understand this as the same terms and conditions state that any disputes will be governed by gibralter law.Anyone else been called by them and if so what happened?ThanksMaggie

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