September 22, 2013

Show #242: The Braves Clinch the East

Heyward returns.  The bullpen falters.  The Braves show some fire.



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  1. 51
    Leah Says:

    Intentional walk to Uggla to load bases. I swear I could manage baseball.

  2. 52
    Curt Says:

    It was once said of the Palestinians in regard to the peace process with the Isrealis that the never missed the opportunity to miss an opportunity. Kind if feel like that is the mantra for the Braves this year. Hope I’m wrong.

    You guys will have the fortune of it having my rantings on tonight’s show as I will be watching my beloved falcons lose to the pats

  3. 53
    Walker Says:

    Oh Jesus…..KERSHAW

  4. 54
    Walker Says:

    The importance of getting homefield was the fact that we probably only had to play either the Cards or Dodgers on the way to the World Series. Now we might have to face both on the way. Its tough. We can do it though.

  5. 55
    will Says:

    Congratulations Bravos! Good luck in the postseason!

  6. 56
    Steve Says:

    @55 – Indeed. For all the shakiness we’ve seen in September, I am stoked for the playoffs. We can beat the Dodgers.

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