October 06, 2013

Show #244: Braves and Dodgers Games 1 and 2

The NLDS roster. Stressing about Game 1.  Reveling in Game 2.  Predicting the rest of the series.



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  1. 101
    Nick Says:

    I am not trying to pick a fight. Wholers threw a breaking ball and that was a mistake. Plus…..Wholers Os not our boy KIMBREL. KIMBREL is sooooo much better. IMO.

  2. 102
    Nick Says:

    Somewhere….Goose Gossage is texting Bruce Sutter to call Freddie and explain what they had to consistently do to achieve a Save. Ugh

  3. 103
    Steve Says:

    @100 is pretty damn funny.

    The What Ifs are pretty brutal from this season.

    I’d add:

    If Uggla and BJ were just bad instead of historically bad we win 3 or 4 more games

    If the entire bullpen (minus Kimbrel) didn’t lose it’s mojo in late August we not only get best record but we are much tougher in the playoffs

  4. 104
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    I concur with your comments. Well said.

    They were Samson with a hair cut.

    Most of their strength had left them (strong starting pitching, strong bullpen and lots of HRs), their flaws were then accentuated (easily over matched by pitchers who can throw a breaking ball for strikes, poor average w/ RISP) and they went out to do battle thinking they could rely on their strengths but didn’t realize it was gone till they were deep in the battle and by then it was too late…

  5. 105
    Shaun Says:

    Hard to play what if with all this because pitchers get hurt, that’s just what they do, but what if Beachy comes back to stay in the second half, what if Venters and O’Flaherty are healthy this season?

  6. 106
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Hope springs eternal…

    Here’s hoping:

    1a. Uggla’s timing was based on guessing where the ball was (i.e. blurry vision), his last 100 ABs were just not enough for him to get used to actually seeing the ball and he comes to spring training locked in…
    1b. The Braves are able to part ways with him w/o totally eating his salary (or possibly get a good prospect back WHILE eating his salary)…

    2. Brian McCann can put his poor showing in the NLDS behind him, but his desire to prove something to the Atlanta fans moves him to take a “hometown discount” to stay…

    3. B.J.Upton can forget about “trying to live up to his contract” and just get back to playing baseball, at least to the level he was before he came here…

    4. Eric O’Flattery will sign and be as effective for us as he was before the injury…

    5. Venters recovers and is as good for us as he used to be…

    6. Beachy recovers and is as good for us as he used to be…

    7. Braves can acquire David Price from the Rays for three prospects (maybe two pitchers and a position player? – considering a rotation )for the next two years, at least) of Price. and in no particular order, Medlin, Minor, Teheran and Beachy)

  7. 107
    Nick Says:

    I like the Price. 🙂 Well said on your thoughts too, Steve.

  8. 108
    Anonymous Says:

    Flew through Atl to LA. Didn’t see one item of Braves gear. Dodger blue is everywhere. Wrong.

  9. 109
    Steve Says:

    I do think the price for Price will be way too high.

    And seriously, the Cards and the Dodgers? I can’t not watch that series enough.

  10. 110
    Anne Says:

    I’m from the SF Bay Area, so excuse my high school friend for being an A’s fan…but something interesting he posted on FB last night:

    “As A’s fans we can dream but facts don’t lie. Can’t compete in the playoffs with our payroll. 3 of the four teams left in the are in the top 5 in salaries.

    2. Los Angeles Dodgers $216,302,909
    4. Boston $158,967,286
    5. Detroit $149,046,844
    11. St. Louis $116,702,085”

  11. 111
    Steve Says:

    @110 – Yup. No salary cap (which will never happen) kind of sucks.

  12. 112
    Anne Says:

    Never? Oh, Steve, where’s the optimism?? This post season has hurt you, Steve. You’re a changed man.
    BTW, with the post-Selig era looming…does the baseball world at-large have guesses on his successor?

  13. 113
    Jo-Bu Says:

    Joe Torre? J/K, I have no clue. Someone who consistently makes nicey-nicey with the owners.

  14. 114
    Steve Says:

    @112. It’s true. A little piece of me died last Tuesday.

    I’ve heard Stan Kasten as a possible successor.

  15. 115
    Curt Says:

    A bigger piece of me died after reading that post

  16. 116
    Anonymous Says:

    Good for Salty.

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