October 19, 2013

Show #246: 2013 Braves Season Wrap Up with David O’Brien

DOB discusses where things went wrong at the end of the season, Fredi’s managing, the pursuit of an Ace, the Braves culture, Uggla and BJ, and the bad rap the Atlanta fans get.



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  1. 51
    Leah Says:

    Was anyone else on the conference call with Jim Powell and Frank Wren last week? Pretty cool! I was too nervous to ask a question.

  2. 52
    Steve Says:

    Leah – I was not. What were the highlights?

  3. 53
    Anonymous Says:

    I enjoyed his thoughts on minor league players. His confidence in the young pitcher’s we have in particular. He seemed totally bummed about not going further in the post season. He wasn’t able to even watch until last few games prior to interview. He acknowledged needing to get BJ hitting. Whatever that took. Seemed to want to assure fans it was a priority.

    That’s what I remember, it was a long time ago for my old brain. How do we feel about Hudson’s non-qualifying offer? I’ll miss Huddy when he’s playing for the Royals.

  4. 54
    IOS 7 Says:

    I like to be annoying as possible.

  5. 55
    Steve Says:

    If the interest in Huddy is really to be believed, then I’d say he’s gone. The Braves only offered 1 year which seems exactly right to me. 2 years seems foolish. I predict Cleveland for Huddy. I can see Francona being the kind of guy that Huddy would like to play for.

  6. 56
    Steve Says:

    Also – will it be more painful for people if Mac ends up with the Yankees then, say, TEX or BOS?

  7. 57
    Leah Says:

    Yes. Excruciatingly so.

  8. 58
    Leah Says:

    Anything else you wanna talk about Steve?

  9. 59
    Kate Says:

    It would be crushing to see Mac in a Yankee uniform.

  10. 60
    Anonymous Says:

    Brandon Phillips keeps tweeting about being in Atlanta. Going up North but coming back soon. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

  11. 61
    Steve Says:

    @60 – He may just be talking about visiting his folks who live in the Atlanta area. And he went to high school here. Speaking of, his family has a baseball training facility about 20 minutes outside of the city. My 13 year old has started going there. It is awesome. I haven’t met the dad yet but I’ve meet Jamil (Brandon’s brother who played in the minors) and he is great.

  12. 62
    Walker Says:

    As much as I would rather have Phillips instead of Uggla the Braves would be stupid to make that trade . Phillips’ contract is 2 years longer with more money attached

  13. 63
    Nick Says:

    Preach it……@62! I agree with u 100%

  14. 64
    Curt Says:

    All hail the Cobb Braves.


  15. 65
    Leah Says:

    New stadium…what do we think? Did you guys see this coming?

  16. 66
    Bubdylan Says:

    I think it’s a good move.

    On an unrelated note: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ox1Tore9nw

  17. 67
    Walker Says:

    I just hope they keep the Turner field design of a fair park that slightly favors pitching. Not these little league parks where a pop fly is a homer. Cough cough … Citizens Bank.

  18. 68
    Walker Says:

    Marta should probaly be extended to Cobb now unless theres a reason Cobb wouldnt want marta. Hmmmm. I know the reason but I wont say.

  19. 69
    Curt Says:

    Leah – no

    Bub – I disagree

    Walker – Cobb County has had 100 opportunities to have MARTA extend to them, they’ve rejected every one of them. That won’t change with this.

  20. 70
    Leah Says:

    I’m not touching the facebook page thread about this with a ten foot pole.

  21. 71
    Curt Says:

    You mean throne guy who opposes it and the 26 telling him how stupid he is? That one?

  22. 72
    Curt Says:

    Throne guy?

    The ONE guy

  23. 73
    Steve Says:

    There’s good in it, but I hate it. It’s ridiculous that Atlanta doesn’t have good public transportation. It’s ridiculous that we’re becoming more and more like Dallas with the unending urban sprawl. It’s ridiculous that we just couldn’t figure out how to keep a pro team in the city. Hate it. Of course, I’m sure the stadium will be great and 100x better than the Ted.

  24. 74
    Leah Says:

    @71 I’m a bit gun shy of the racial card being played. You know how that gets me in trouble.

    @73 I’m just selfish enough to like the location due to it being 20 minutes closer to my house. That’s really all I care about. And I’m excited about restaurants around the stadium.

  25. 75
    Walker Says:

    13 Ways Of Looking At The Atlanta Braves’ Move To The Suburbs


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