February 05, 2014

Show #249: The Heyward and Freeman Contracts

Heyward’s two remaining arbitration years are bought out.  And Freeman’s a Brave for at least 8 more years.  We break down the deals.



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  1. 26
    Walker Says:

    Yeah. It looks like the new ballpark is really allowing for these moves. Imagine if we not only had the new ballpark but also a new tv contract. Can I dream?

  2. 27
    Curt Says:


    I’m hoping there is more to this than they are just going to get more revenue from the new stadium. I know that plays a big role in their ability to be flexible with these contracts, but as a fan, I hope that these moves would have been made anyway. That this is sound business because without these guys, the Braves are not competitive. And that someone, somewhere, sees that keeping a strong core is not just a good business decision, but a good baseball one too. But it’s curious to wonder if they are using the new stadium deal, that got a lot of negative PR from a lot of different camps, to try and change the tone of that conversation.

    “See – without the deal, we couldn’t sign all of these guys. So everyone should be happy about the move.”

    I know we keep getting asked about if our minds have changed about the move now that all of this has happened. I’m happy about the moves. Thrilled that they are doing this. It still doesn’t change my opinion about them leaving for Cobb County. And I’m are squarely in the camp that if they had gotten a great deal from Atlanta, they would have made the same moves with these players.

  3. 28
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    I concur. It reminds me of a time management seminar I attended. The premise was that everything was broken into Urgent and Important, from top to bottom:
    1. Important & Urgent
    2. Important but not Urgent
    3. Urgent but not Important
    4. Neither Important nor Urgent

    They said that #1 was first priority was without question and #4 was of last importance. However, the problem comes when folks put things that are Urgent but not Important ahead of Important but not Urgent – i.e. putting out fires instead of focusing on what is important.

    Managers are worried about how they would LOOK if they lose the game in the 9th with a non-“closer” because they used him in an Important point in the 7th than they are about game/relief management…

  4. 29
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Having the core set can also help attract free agents in the future to fill short term holes…

  5. 30
    Walker Says:

    In other news, the Braves lock up the greatest defensive SS of all time.

  6. 31
    Walker Says:

    Potentially the greatest.

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