April 06, 2014

Show #256: The Braves Start 2014 with a Winning Week

The amazing pitching. The worrisome offense. BJ and Uggla six games in.



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  1. 26
    Leah Says:

    This game is fun. Love beating the Nasty Nats!

  2. 27
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Anyone remember when the “book” on the rookie Freddie Freeman was “good glove, but not sure he can hit enough to stay in the majors”?

  3. 28
    Danny Says:

    I was just remembering that too day as well MiM. Also remember the debate over Kimbrel vs Venters for the closing role.

    Kimbrel looked like that wild kid again tonight, but still pretty un-hittable.

  4. 29
    Steve Says:

    @27 – I will never forget when we had Kevin Goldstein on many years ago and he was not high on Freddie. And now he’s going to win a freaking batting title!

    Great games against the Nats. And dear God, let BJ actually be heating up. It would be a season changer for us.

  5. 30
    Nate Says:

    I got killed on here for saying I thought Freeman was better than Heyward and Mike Stanton. I still think he has a higher ceiling than both in that he will have a longer and more productive career than both Heyward ad Stanton.

  6. 31
    Nate Says:

    Mercy, how many obscure stats will I get thrown at me for comment 30. Just watching baseball games, IMO

  7. 32
    Nate Says:

    Music Rec: get a turntable and buy records. My kids are really into the whole vinyl on a turntable thing that they’re so much more into that than the tv now. It’s really awesome for you and them. Plus, the packaging of records is so much better than any other format of buying music. If you buy stuff on amazon you can pretty much auto rip everything into your itunes in addition to having the vinyl. Pretty sweet, IMO. But if you’re like me, nothing beats a record store..

  8. 33
    Nate Says:

    and by kids I mean students, not there yet

  9. 34
    Walker Says:

    Wow go Braves. They have exceeded my expectations so far. Freeman has been off the charts so far but it’s early. I still think “obscure” stats win ball games and have value as well as traditional stats. We can’t discount what Heyward and Simmons’ defense does to help.

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