May 18, 2014

Show #262: Two Wins on a Rough Road Trip

A bad stretch or are there fundamental issues with the team? Was the Alex Wood decision the right one? Is the Pastornicky decision the right one?



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  1. 26
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Article touting a six man rotation, compares Japan baseball, where high schoolers throw as much as Americans, but the TJ surgeries at the major league level are MUCH lower:

    Year TJ/Team NPB TJ/Team MLB

    It also sites that college players are on an ersatz six man rotation when they play the weekends and rest 5 days through the week…

    What do you think of a six man rotation for the Braves?
    Who would be in it and in what order would you put them, if you could set it up?

  2. 27
    Bubdylan Says:

    well that was the weirdest half inning in a while. Go Braves.

  3. 28
    Steve Says:

    Bub- It really was strange. But all the delays aside, that was a great, great win. The Braves haven’t had it in them to win that kind of game all season. Down 2, late? But they found a way tonight.

  4. 29
    Bubdylan Says:

    Seemed like we caught the Brew Crew on a spiral, but I’ll take it.

  5. 30
    Curt Says:

    From a guy who has caught many brews on a spiral, best to get what you can and move on…………

  6. 31
    Bubdylan Says:

    @30, nice.

    And it is usually Rocky the next few days I’m sure. (boooo…)

  7. 32
    Bubdylan Says:

    I’ve gone from wanting to DFA Uggla and just hope a rival doesn’t pick him up to wanting to DFA him and hoping a rival does pick him up.

  8. 33
    jo-bu Says:

    @32: Yeah, our luck, Dan will go to a rival club and all of a sudden have a career year or two.

  9. 34
    Bubdylan Says:

    @33 I am 100 percent convinced he is utterly finished being a good ball player.

  10. 35
    Bubdylan Says:

    can we really be this awful on offense? How can this be? Are we really paying this much money for Uggla and BJ? It makes me want to smash my head into a wall. We bought to STAR baseball players who are both HORRIBLE now. I am seriously amazed that on such a small budget, we can field a first place team that is carrying this much salary in absolutely dead weight. It’s some kind of freak miracle. What we could be if only those two guys were either gone or just playing decent ball. Baseball is frustrating.

  11. 36
    Bubdylan Says:

    *two ….

  12. 37
    Steve Says:

    @35 – It really is insane. And I feel like it happens to the Braves alot: the guy the should be good that is inexplicably bad: McLouth, Hanson, JJ also come to mind. I’m sure it happens to other teams, too. But not in such a glaring (and budget impacting) way as BJ and Uggla.

  13. 38
    Bubdylan Says:

    I would be curious to see if there’s an objective way to score busts like Frenchy and Hanson, and also like BJ, McLouth, Lowe, and Uggla. Maybe you could base it on Bill James projections for a player prior to their busts. We do seem to get remarkable value out of our cheap guys, but when we spend so damn poorly with our big investments, I have to wonder how much of that is luck.

  14. 39
    Leah Says:

    You just know Rossy was dying to get to take a swing at Yunel today.

  15. 40
    Leah Says:

    Oh how I love the long ball!

  16. 41
    Bubdylan Says:

    Nice game and a really nice week. I love it when they play well against good teams.

  17. 42
    Curt Says:

    Are these good teams? Nothing against winning, because as we know it’s better than losing, but are these good teams beyond they have good records?

    Again, I prefer winning over anyone. And I’m not diminishing the value or skill of the Braves, but who is good? The As? The second place Cards? The Giants?

    I don’t know (but I smell a topic!!!)

  18. 43
    Bubdylan Says:

    sure, the Brewers and Rockies are good. Not great, but good. And 5-2 versus good is nice.

  19. 44
    Walker Says:

    Why is Yunel always a target? The Red Sox were pretty ridiculous yesterday. Really? A 5 run lead is so much that you can’t steal anymore. Ok how about the Red Sox just not swing anymore the rest of the game. Maybe we should do like little league and institute a mercy rule.

  20. 45
    Bubdylan Says:

    cuz Yunel is a punk.

    But yeah, play for every run you can get. Nobody should really have a beef with that.

  21. 46
    Adam Says:

    You never know when a team is going to score 5 runs in an inning…

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