June 01, 2014

Show #264: A Schizophrenic Week for the Braves

Swept by the Red Sox. Sweeping the Marlins. La Stella and Simmons’ call up.



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  1. 26
    Bubdylan Says:

    yay, Tommy Freaking La Stella! The kid looks great!

    As for the rest, gimme a break, Braves. Get it to-freaking-gether.

  2. 27
    Shaun Says:

    @26 – Well, the offense wasn’t the problem last night. Eighteen total bases, 3 walks and 5 runs.

    Floyd was hit pretty hard and Wood had a bad night.

  3. 28
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    From an article considering prospects the Braves should consider trading:

    Juan Jaime – P – hasn’t lived up to potential
    Aaron Northcraft – P – good, but blocked by others, at MLB & prospects
    Edward Salcedo – 3B – Raw skills, hasn’t lived up to potential, passed by other 3B prospect
    Cody Martin – P – good, but blocked by others, at MLB & prospects
    Christian Bethancourt – C – shouldn’t be untouchable

    Anyone on this list you couldn’t live without if the right deal materialized?

    What do you think we need, with the deadline approaching?

  4. 29
    Bubdylan Says:

    MiM, I’d like another very good bullpen arm. Mainly because the bad contracts have our troubles in the position players kinda locked in. We are what we are. And the starting pitching is fine. A lights-out bullpen seems as good a way as any to add identity, spark, and wins to the team. Simmons, Kimbrel, and Walden (he’ll be back, right?) is nice, but another very-good-to-great piece to squash other teams’ hopes in the final innings would be worth losing some farm talent. Especially with these late inning losses we’re seeing lately.

  5. 30
    Shaun Says:

    @28 – The right deal materializing is the key. I don’t think any player should be untouchable. Obviously some players should command more return than others but I’m not much for throwing out names to trade without looking at what they would likely get the Braves in return.

    I’d probably hang on to Bethancourt unless I could get a major league regular, a starting pitcher or a dominant set-up type reliever. He’s probably not realistically going to net one of those type players.

    I’d hang on to Martin and Northcraft and want something fairly close to what I would want for Bethancourt, but maybe a notch below. They wouldn’t have to net a dominant, set-up type reliever but I would want a good one. Martin and Northcraft are probably good enough to hold down a job in a major league bullpen and they’ll do it on the cheap, so you’d want an upgrade on that.

    Salcedo and Jaime, I’d probably take less, maybe a legit major league reliever. Doesn’t have to be an overpowering, dominant reliever, but one that can improve the bullpen.

  6. 31
    Bubdylan Says:

    I feel a winning streak coming.

  7. 32
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    I think you are under valuing Bethancount a bit…

    He could be a major leaguer at catcher if your team was strong enough to have room for a defense mostly catcher… He has been ready for the majors for about three years, if he could hit…

    I think he would be a very valuable piece and shouldn’t be taken too lightly…

    As for Cody Martin and Aaron Northcraft, they are where they are because Beachy, Medlin, Wood, Hale, Minor and Teheran in the majors and Lucas Sims, Jason Hursh and J.R. Graham in the minors are ahead of them…

    Like the old saw about if 157 members of the royal family were to drop dead, he would be king, both Martin and Northcraft would be in Wood and Hale’s spot if Hale, Wood, Sims, Hursh and Graham weren’t there… It isn’t that they are bad, there are just other people better ahead of them… And they could be in the starting rotation or the bullpen for some other team that doesn’t have our pitching depth…

    So if there is a team out there that is going nowhere this season, has a bullpen arm that could help us that is looking for starters for next year/future, there might be a deal to be made…

  8. 33
    jo-bu Says:

    Interesting. This came out back in April. This illustrates the surface area that MLB teams reach. This article doesn’t suggest that these are where the “fans” are but I’m guessing this is where the broadcasts reach, which, according to this guy, the Braves would have the largest fan base in the MLB if all were in fact fans of the Braves. But as we know from several visiting teams that come to the Ted, the Cardinals, Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs fans certainly have a voice in our building.
    I thought it was interesting because I’ve always wanted to know, for the most part, where our TV broadcasts reach — assuming that this is what this guy is suggesting — it’s not clear if it’s TV radio, etc. But it is said that the Braves have the largest radio network of ANY sports team.


  9. 34
    Steve Says:

    I was at the game today. What a disappointing showing from the offense and from Avilan. Seems like we got the lead off guy on in quite a few innings and then a DP would quickly follow. And good lord did they hit Avilan hard.

  10. 35
    Nick Says:

    I love the podcast you fellows do. You guys point out what truely is the issues and tell it like it is.

    Freedy and his questionable bullen discisons
    Carpenter may have the Wholers syndrome
    La Stella i just love this kid
    Jordan Walden is sorely missed.

    Well done and on point as usual! !!

    Ty guys for making the podcasts happen!!

  11. 36
    Shaun Says:

    @32 – What I’m saying is the Braves better get a very good major leaguer for Bethancourt, not a bench player or any ol’ middle reliever.

    And about Martin and Northcraft, I also think you have to get something better than any ol’ middle reliever, because I think those guys can be that probably right now.

  12. 37
    Steve Says:

    Hi Nick. Thanks for the kind words. Glad to hear that you like what we’re doing. Please spread the word.

  13. 38
    Curt Says:

    Ditto. Thanks, Nick

  14. 39
    Steve Says:

    Bub – I agree on the bullpen arm. Avilan and Carpenter are scary at this point and there’s no reason to count on Venters. It’s a weak spot on the team that can actually be addressed.

  15. 40
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    I pretty much agree with you on Bethencourt.

    With Martin and Northcraft, I concur that they could be bullpen help, but there are others in the minors slotted ahead of them that would fill those roles and so they won’t be doing that for us this year… Also, they are more valuable a trade chips to teams that need starting pitching… I think it is a case of “strike while the iron is hot” on them… it doesn’t look like they would pitch anytime soon in ATTL.

    So, if our main lefty, Avilian, has had too much work or just needs another lefty in the pen, it would be nice if we could trade either Martin or Northcraft to pick up some help…

  16. 41
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Speaking of help, how would you feel if we left Arizona with Joe Thatcher or Oliver Perez in tow and left Martin or Northcraft behind?

    I would lean toward Thatcher, fewer walks… He and Perez have roughly the same Ks per 9, Thatcher 8.88, Perez 8.96, but Thatcher has a 1.67 walks per 9 where Perez is 3.11 walks per 9. Thatcher has given up 2 HR in 16.2 innings and Perez 1 HR in 23.1 innings.

    Or is that too big a price to pay for you?

  17. 42
    Adam Says:

    If we’re taking people from Arizona let’s take back Prado. I miss that guy.

  18. 43
    Shannon Says:

    I can not believe all the high school SS that are being drafted when you have SS in college that has proven themselves against harder hitting and better pitchers. I can understand when it comes to pitchers so they can mold them and get more years out of them but fielders? Dylan Bosheers SS for Tennessee Tech for one example kid had great numbers and awards since he was a freshman and read he will be playing in cape cod league this summer. Why are they not interested in people like this instead of some that have been drafted with lower stats? I don’t understand..

  19. 44
    Leah Says:

    @42 That’ll preach.

  20. 45
    Leah Says:

    I don’t like playing teams that are in a slump. We always seem to fix them.

  21. 46
    Leah Says:

    Oh my heart. Still hurts.

  22. 47
    Nick Says:

    Does anyone kinda feel sorry for Uggla. He finally gets a start and im not sure if im reading this right. Two errors.

  23. 48
    Adam Says:

    Uggla making the most of his spot start…

  24. 49
    Leah Says:

    @47 It’s very sad.

  25. 50
    Leah Says:

    Wahoo! Are the fans behind home plate seriously still mock chopping after JHey’s homer? Have they no knowledge of the baseball gods?

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