July 13, 2014

Show #270: The Braves Finish Strong at the Break

The Uggla suspension. The last two weeks. Grades at the All Star break.



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  1. 26
    jo-bu Says:

    Now watch and see. Some other club will pick up Uggla, send him to the minors to show them he can hit, then he’ll be a Braves killer if not a world beater.

  2. 27
    jo-bu Says:

    But I’m glad Uggla is gone. We need something in the 25th roster spot.

  3. 28
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    In a related item:

    How do you feel about them calling up Pastornicky? Or would you had rather they kept Gosselin on the team?

  4. 29
    jo-bu Says:

    I would have liked to see Phil Gosselin. I’ve been watching him at Gwinnett for a while now and would have liked to see if Phil could get a start or two in the show.

  5. 30
    will Says:

    which is more satisfying?
    – beating the phils
    – beating the nats

    im 55 phils/ 45 nats….no idea why.

  6. 31
    jo-bu Says:

    I like beating the Phillies for them being so arrogant in their 15 nanoseconds of greatness (the Braves sustained greatness for 14 consecutive div titles).

  7. 32
    David Says:

    Peter Gammons’ tweet about the Braves being “desperate” to unload BJ is intriguing, but I’m not holding my breath. I do wonder, though, with Matt Kemp being unhappy in LA, if a bad salary swap is possible there. Would y’all do Kemp for BJ?

  8. 33
    David Says:

    Nevermind – I just saw that Kemp is owed well over $100 million from now thru 2019. As badly as BJ is playing, his remaining salary seems modest compared to Kemp’s.

  9. 34
    Leah Says:

    What’s the difference in being Optioned and Released? Chick question, I know.

  10. 35
    Anne Says:

    If you go to Dan Uggla’s FB page, here’s the opening sentence. …and I LOVE the very important missing word:

    “Daniel Cooley Uggla is an American professional baseball who is a free agent. He previously played for the Florida Marlins and Atlanta Braves.”

  11. 36
    Anne Says:

    …by the way, Ron Gant Night at the G-Braves was epic. …in that (1) the G-Braves conquered the Durham Bulls 3-1 and that (2) I did NOT arrive early enough to get a bobble head.

    Seriously, people: go see minor league games. They are inexpensive and always fun.

  12. 37
    will Says:

    @35 haha
    what a great southern name, tho

  13. 38
    jo-bu Says:

    So would anyone want to guess which team picks Uggla up? I would say a small market team like Toronto or Tampa Bay. I really think that’s where Dan needs to go after he proves himself to a team on a minor league contract somewhere.

    In the end, I really think the big contract got into Dan’s head and he felt so much pressure to perform and live up to it that he just started guessing and lost his approach at the plate.

  14. 39
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    I’m with you.

    That is what I was saying the year he arrived at the Braves…

    The hype of “the pop in the middle of the line-up the Braves have been looking for for years” was too much for him. Instead of being what he was with the Marlins, he felt he needed to be “more” and got “pull happy” trying to hit 50 homers instead of 35…

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