July 20, 2014

Show #271: Discussing the Release of Uggla with Kevin McAlpin from 680 the Fan

The Uggla release. The impact on the team. What lies ahead for the second half.



22 Responses to “Show #271: Discussing the Release of Uggla with Kevin McAlpin from 680 the Fan”

  1. 1
    jo-bu Says:

    Uggla to triple-A Fresno. Signs minor league deal with Giants.


  2. 2
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    So the only way we see him again at this point is if we both make the postseason…

  3. 3
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Anybody else think Schafer is playing to be traded?

    i.e that bunt to third, trying to catch them off-guard to get a hit, instead of just giving himself up for the team… not only was it the wrong way, it was way too hard… he had decided he was going to bunt the first pitch for a hit before he went to the plate, so when it was low and away, he had little choice…

    He cost us the game…

  4. 4
    Shaun Says:

    Mark, well, Schafer ended up on second base with one out instead of Simmons on second with one out. So no harm there, when it was all said and done. You could argue that it was better to have Schafer on second with one out than Simmons on second with one out.

    And I’m not so sure the bunt was Schafer’s decision. Maybe where and how he bunted it but not whether he bunted.

  5. 5
    Steve Says:

    Worried about Shae Simmons. His solid outings made the bullpen go from ok to very, very good. If he doesn’t recover, and Carpenter continues to give up runs, the bullpen becomes very short on arms.

  6. 6
    Mike D Says:

    Great show again!

    I hope we don’t get rid of Hale. We’ll need him next year. I saw a rumor that involved trading him to the Phils for Bastardo.

  7. 7
    jo-bu Says:

    Does anyone agree that may be Fredi should have pitched Kimbrel another third or two thirds of an inning last night? If we’re trying to stretch him out a bit I would think that would be a good scenario. I guess one could argue that his bases loaded jam created too many stressful pitches — if you buy into such, which I really don’t.

  8. 8
    Steve Says:

    An almost bona-fide starter in Hale for a loogy in Bastardo makes no sense to me – at all.

  9. 9
    Steve Says:

    jo-bu: I do put stock in the stressful pitches. And a second inning in yet another non save situation, in extra innings would be another new scenario for Kimbrel. I can totally see them not doing that last night.

  10. 10
    Adam Says:

    Ugh. Minor is really starting to worry me.

  11. 11
    Curt Says:

    He’s not good.

  12. 12
    Steve Says:

    If Minor has really forgotten how to pitch, the good news is we plug Hale into that spot. The bad news is good Minor is a really powerful piece in the rotation and needing to use Hale now leaves us zero starting pitching depth.

  13. 13
    Curt Says:

    At least Frenchy will be able to come in and get a couple of game-winning RBI against the Braves this weekend.

  14. 14
    Leah Says:

    Nice job Curt! Headed to the Ted tomorrow night. Please win!

  15. 15
    Mike D Says:

    It’s so refreshing to have a bottom of the 1st inning like that last night (and the night before). No more 2 quick outs and Freddie up with the bases empty.
    Small praise for Fredi G last night. It would have be easy to pull Shreve and put Kimbrel in. I’m glad he let him work through it.

  16. 16
    Curt Says:

    Thanks, Leah. Hope they win for you.

  17. 17
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    I wasn’t questioning the decision to bunt… I am sure it came from the bench…

    But in that thought, he wasn’t asked to bunt… he was asked to sacrifice… BIG difference…

    And with his speed, a good sacrifice bunt (squaring and bunting BEFORE running to first), bunted softly toward FIRST BASE, making the first baseman field the ball, turn around and throw to either the pitcher or second baseman covering… with Schafer’s speed, he puts extra pressure on the defense on that play… maybe the pitcher and first baseman get in each other’s way, maybe they don’t field the ball cleanly and rush the throw, etc.

    BUT a hard bunt to the third baseman, does nothing good… the fact that they ended up with a runner on second with one out anyway doesn’t matter when there were SO many other things that could have happened that would have been more beneficial…

    He was asked to sacrifice, he decided to bunt for a hit… he was attempting to drag bunt and was already heading toward first, the ball was outside and he had to reach for it and nearly slapped it hard enough to third to risk a double play… only his speed and a bit of a weak throw kept that from happening…

  18. 18
    Leah Says:

    Sad game. Hard way to lose. After all the fire hype for Kimbrel to wild pitch his way towards a loss…I’d rather he give up a homer. Also, Stanton is a beast of a human. He looks huge even from far away. Ridiculous.

  19. 19
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Definitely a big guy… listed as 6-6, 240

    For perspective, the Falcons only have nine players on their current roster that are both 6-6 or taller and 240 or heavier…

  20. 20
    Walker Says:

    Guarantee you Uggla hits a homer tonight.

  21. 21
    Leah Says:

    Shot in the dark…Tim Hudson pitches World Series winning game and Uggla hits walk off grand slam.

  22. 22
    Leah Says:

    So glad I’m at an Avett Brother’s concert. Trying to pretend baseball doesn’t exist.

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