August 10, 2014

Show #274: Another Sub .500 Week for the Braves

What’s the weakest component of the team? Minor’s return to the rotation. Fredi’s clubhouse management. Harper and the logo.



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  1. 26
    Shaun Says:

    Is anyone else no longer able to tolerate Joe Simpson? He’s become a cliche of the grumpy old baseball guy. Last night was horrible listening him, Chip, and Glavine go on about players these days not being coachable. I wish they would let Jim and Don do T.V. Or let Jim team with Joe and make him better the way Boog made Joe better.

  2. 27
    Curt Says:

    DOB really should man up. The Braves are only 4 games out

  3. 28
    Mattw108 Says:

    The strikeout matters!! Does it really do you any good to stay out of the DP when you can strikeout any three guys in a row in this line up? Of coarse, the strikeout is always going to be a factor with power hitters…except for the very special players. Clutch hitting? Anyone…anyone? The construction of the roster baffles me…the signing of BJ was crazy!! That was just the latest signing that infuriated me. Santana is #3 starter. Harang has actually pitched like a #2 starter this year…Julio is a number 1 IMO..he just needs another year of seasoning at mlb level..he has made great strides from last year..that translated to this year…he will be awesome next year….the pieces that wren has gathered or kept needs to be reevaluated….take a big gulp and trade away some pieces to get the pieces that make the puzzle want be a popular move…particular when the pieces you need to move are from the 25 man roster..but it would get what this team needs: contact hitters, obp guys, another #1 pitcher to compliment teahran…only players I would call off limits…Freddie, teahran, Simmons, gattis, kimbrel…everyone else try and maximize their value and get what you need…just sayin or whining…once a brave, always a brave…P.S. Replace FG!! Go get Bruce bochy!!!!

  4. 29
    Mattw108 Says:

    How could this slip my mind and with out a doubt keep Alex wood too..have your pick of others!! That’s all, for real..

  5. 30
    Steve Says:

    If things keep going as they look now, there will be a gutting. Chris Johnson, BJ, probably Heyward (as painful as that is) and some starting pitching, too. Walker and Fletcher will be gone. And if they don’t break 80 wins, I think Fredi is gone, too.

  6. 31
    Mattw108 Says:

    Amen!! Do you really think think the pieces we have will ever be great or average?? What about the leadership? Chemistry? Where is the confidence? The little bit of arrogance that any great team should when you know your great?

  7. 32
    jo-bu Says:

    @30. Wow, Fredi gone if we only win 80 games? That’d be a shocker considering how the Braves work. They would have to do something though, that’s for sure.

  8. 33
    Shaun Says:

    Chris Johnson regressed much further back than even his norms, Evan Gattis got hurt, and all the extra/bench players were terrible. And of course B.J. (and Uggla at the beginning of the season) didn’t bounce back at all so there was nothing to make up for the lack of production from Johnson and the bench players and the injury to Gattis. Everyone else played fairly close to their expected levels.

    If they don’t think there is any hope of signing Heyward long-term, they should trade him and try to get enough offense back so that they don’t have to count on guys like Chris Johnson exceeding his norms and bench players.

    If they do think they can sign Heyward, they should trade Justin for as much offense as they can get.

    The makeup and personnel is not all that different from last season. I think last season they over-performed and this season they under-performed. I think they need to find a way to get another bat in the lineup.

  9. 34
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    From a management perspective:

    This year doesn’t matter…

    Next year doesn’t matter…

    BUT, 2016 is a “walk year” for the entire team… The Braves would rather not be moving into a new stadium with a losing team… They want “momentum” to help boost preseason ticket sales and such…

    Soooooooooooooooooo… Questions:

    – If you think the Braves envision making coaching/managing/front office changes, do you think they would do it now, closer to just before the move or wait till after the move?

    – If you think the Braves envision making changes to the offense, do you think they wait till the off season before the “walk year” to try have a good last year or the off season before opening in the new stadium (i.e. “come see what the new guys will do…”)?

  10. 35
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    And, just something that occurred to me:

    30-15 is the rate we played against the Nats in the last series (winning 2 of 3)…


    (not that I am purporting the Braves can make that stand up, just saying…)

  11. 36
    Steve Says:

    @34 – Need to chew on that, but I love the questions and the theory of the team walk year.

  12. 37
    Walker Says:

    Please, Please don’t let go of Heyward. Do you realize this man has only done 1/3 of his potential and still has a 5.5 WAR.

    Also, Greg Walker needs to be fired and Pendleton needs to be brought back. We forget how many amazing offensive years we had under TP. And we fired(or demoted) him because of what again???????????????? Because Kelly Johnson and Frenchy struggled?? Please.

    —Bye Bye Fredi. I was at the game yesterday and you never back up you players on ball and strike calls. Bobby Cox always kept the umps on their toes. Fredi says nothing. He needs to be a bench coach somewhere.

    And Frank Wren, I like you I really do but that BJ Upton signing was the absolute WORST. The Chris Johnson extension is not too far behind. And you can’t compose a decent bench if you tried.

  13. 38
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Steve or Curt:

    Did you write this article under a pen name?

  14. 39
    will Says:

    perfect storm of pieces that don’t work together, guy who doesn’t know how to move the chess pieces around….well put steve

    6 games back….

  15. 40
    Nick Says:

    Great again. I am fine with reality! !! Thats the only.thing aside from The Good.Lord…..that fixes things!! Bring.on the reality!!

  16. 41
    Nick Says:

    Now….if…..if….i was Frank Wren….and i decided to.try to.change things….

    Peraza would play the outfield in winter ball and if he responds well. I think about moving Heyward/J.Upton….

    I would rather keep Heyward….what he.does with.his.defense and offense is.more valuable thanJupton. Someone will.want a player for 13mil that is a.good.offemsive player. Yes….people.are gonna say i am crazy….I think it may change the Braves to a different dimension. Be real they can get rid of BJ Upton. They could bench him in favor of Peraza. Least im throwing an.idea to make the Braves a more.infused team. On a more speedy level.

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