August 24, 2014

Show #276: Braves Winning Week Ends with a Thud

Playoff hopes. Terry McGuirk and accountability. Heyward in the 1. Minor’s resurgence.



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  1. 26
    Curt Says:

    The Braves’ .242 batting average since the All-Star break is fourth-lowest in NL, ahead of Dbacks, Reds and Mets, and Atlanta is tied for fourth-fewest runs (135). The Braves have the third-most strikeouts (313) since the break, more than every NL team except the Marlins (323) and Cubs (342).

    Meanwhile, Braves pitchers have the third-best ERA (3.23) in the league since the break, but Atlanta is the only NL team in the top seven in ERA to have a losing record (16-20) since the break. Of the two teams with better ERAs than the Braves since the break, the Nationals (3.13 ERA) are 24-13 and the Brewers (3.19) are 20-15.

    The Braves have the same record as the Mets (16-20) since the break.

  2. 27
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Case for a method for improvement:


  3. 28
    Leah Says:

    Great show guys. And…my hope meter has been at zero for many weeks. Even after the A’s sweep. I do NOT want a one game play off with the Cardinals. Id rather tank.

  4. 29
    Curt Says:

    The Braves, now, do not have the same record as the Mets since the break.

  5. 30
    Leah Says:

    Let’s keep Andrelton Simmons. That is all.

  6. 31
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Yay! Played small ball and won! Get ’em on, put the ball in play, good things happen…

    @30 I concur…

  7. 32
    Shaun Says:

    Here’s some good stuff on situational hitting:

  8. 33
    Ham Says:

    So, you’re saying there’s a chance…

  9. 34
    Steve Says:

    Mike Minor’s turn around is incredible. I’m now a believer – but still can’t believe it. Was soooo ready to lump him in with JJ and Hanson as another guy who got inexplicably bad. But huge props to him for taking that one skipped start and figuring it out.

  10. 35
    Mattw108 Says:

    The Blahzaa attitude of BJ Upton is getting under the skin of a teammate finally….something has needed to be said for a long time..Heyward is the right man to do it! Justin could reinforce Heyward’s actions…I know it’s his brother…but they both admittedly don’t get along for long in the same space…I suspect competitiveness, dedication to the game…or just as simple as effort…I see flashes of the skills the Braves hired…I still see the lack of effort, arrogance, pride that keep BJ from even becoming a good player…take a note from Heyward even though he has had a down year in the past. He never, NEVER SHOWED a lack of effort! You knew he gave it his all..his hard work paid off in other areas when trying to fix others…BJs offense stinks and his defense has not gotten better, it’s has gotten worse!! Time for that off season change!!! At the very least you know you will be getting a better teammate back in Edwin Jackson! Okay my rant is over..sorry for the out of the blue post!!

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