September 14, 2014

Show #279: The Braves Fall Further Out of the WC Chase

The ugliest week of the season. Does Fredi survive? Can Frank bring most players back?



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  1. 101
    Tyler Says:

    He’s 90 games under .500 as a manager (as of today). He likes to overuse the sacrifice bunt while playing for one run. And it’s commonly known that the majority dislike him.

  2. 102
    will Says:

    @99 my guess it would be someone in charge of the braves at Liberty Media. i dont know who that is, maybe some one else knows?

    The salary budget got stretched out early this year with the upton signings and resigning freddie and andrelton…and at the time everybody was pleased to see Lib media supporting the team. if they ended up losing a ton of money this year…i would bet some pressure is on to hold someone fire somebody. Thats the only scenario I see firings…if there is a huge red hole at corporate.

    But on the other hand, if the braves are still marginally profitable this year, despite the record, which is possible with renegotiated tv deals, etc,..then there is less reason to fire anyone. Just see it as a building year where things didnt go the right way…etc.

    Wren seems too smart/experienced to let go…hes been burned on a few deals, but hes done some good deals. Hes a pro. He may be put on double secret probation but suspect he stays.

  3. 103
    Adam Says:

    I haven’t been watching the braves for a while. Checked today and saw we got swept by the Mets…

    It’s been a rough season.

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