September 21, 2014

Show #280: Braves Eliminated from WC and Changes are Coming

The freefall continues. Wren looks to be gone. But Fredi stays? Discord in the front office. Ranking the collapses.



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  1. 26
    Kate Says:

    DOB was on the baseball tonight podcast with Buster Olney today and after listening to it I’m not hopeful about the future of this team. Bobby has too much influence.

  2. 27
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    Agree on the team with limited budget focusing away from high priced talent…

    The Tampa approach: keep your payroll low by building from within (i.e. farm system), trade away “free agents to-be” for good prospects and when your team jells/performs well enough, contend for a title…

    Not sure the “Braves faithful” have the patients for that approach…

  3. 28
    Steve Says:

    @ 26 – Totally agree. It was not the most inspiring thing I’ve ever heard.

  4. 29
    Walker Says:

    Its 2014. Why are we going to hire old John Hart as our GM? It wasnt that long ago where I was watching this guy on MLB network disagreeing with him. Now he’ s my team’s GM?

  5. 30
    Shaun Says:

    Hard to create Cox/Schuerholz Part II with no Ted Turner and no period of suckage that allowed them to draft high and trade good major leaguers for prospects, in my view. Hopefully they pick the right guy rather than the guy that most fits the Cox/Schuerholz mold.

  6. 31
    Steve Says:

    “Hopefully they pick the right guy rather than the guy that most fits the Cox/Schuerholz mold.”

    And that’s the worst case scenario. And the one I fear is very much in motion.

  7. 32
    Tyler Says:

    I just realized through all of this how overrated the 14 straight division titles were. One World Series win in 14 tries? Not good. It’s the the Hawks the last couple years but glorified. Regular season is good but playoff performance is just mediocre. Not sure I can still support this team if they are content to be that team.

  8. 33
    Curt Says:

    Tyelr – hate to tell you, but they’ve been that team since 1998.

  9. 34
    Curt Says:

    And Shaun – @25 – I was just thinking about that today. Maybe it’s the money, but you never see the Braves associated with the big name Asian and Cuban players. As if they are content to just stay out of that marketplace. The latest big defector from Cuba is a 2nd baseman. Maybe not a glaring need, but a need. Chances he is even approached by the Braves? I imagine slim. It’s as if they think they can raid Cobb County high schools every year to fill out their roster 6 years on.

    And that KK ruined them from ever tapping Japan again. We tried it once. Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice…….won’t get fooled again.

  10. 35
    Tyler Says:

    Say the Braves trade Justin, Johnson and LaStella in the offseason. Have Gosselin take over Bonifacio’s role. Get rid of BJ and extend Heyward. Who do you sign, call up or trade for using the players I mentioned above to fill out the holes

    1B Freeman
    SS Simmons
    C Gattis
    RF Heyward

  11. 36
    Shaun Says:

    Here’s an article from 2007 that made me feel better about this whole GM search thing:

    Hopefully Hart has a bigger say than Cox.

  12. 37
    Mattw108 Says:

    I have been reading and researching a lot on Kim Ng. I like, admire her hard work and dedication to chemistry and leadership in lineups she practically constructed! I hope the big three give Kim shot. This would be ground breaking on two fronts. 1. Breaks the gender barrier in baseballs higher positions 2. She is brilliant and just what the Braves need, that chemistry they have been lacking. I urge you all to check her out. Currently she is working for MLB under Joe Torre.

  13. 38
    Nate Says:

    One of the many things I will never understand: American sports fans constantly dog Soccer as being a boring sport..have you seen baseball lately, especially the Braves?

    On topic: if the Braves win another World Series in my lifetime I will die from shock. I’m 28. Until they get rid of Cox and John S you will be watching the sane dog and pony show year after year. Yeah, they won 1 WS in a decade where they had 3 HOF pitchers. They ARE that bad.

  14. 39
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    If you are going to dog Fredi for poor in game moves, you have to give him credit for the call on Teheran AB in the second, basically faking the bunt, to get BJ to second on the steal w/o a throw… A really effective call…

    Think it was a “nothing to lose”, try something to put pressure on the defense to score?

  15. 40
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Nice game, but I want to see them do it against a good RH pitcher… we tend to do well against lefties…

  16. 41
    Tyler Says:

    Anyone else listen to the Chipper Jones interview on 680 The Fan today? Fantastic interview. He said “If the Braves called I would listen” to the prospect of him becoming hitting coach. That’s promising. Personally I’d love to see him take on the dual role of hitting and bench coach at the same time.

  17. 42
    Tyler Says:

    He also said that he didn’t think that Bobby Cox was ready to retire when he did because of Frank Wren so if Fredi gets fired he may step back into the manager role for the rest of next season. If that’s the case I’d love to see Chipper as his bench coach to groom him into becoming a manager for the Braves.

  18. 43
    Walker Says:

    I heard about Kim Ng for years. Literally. The only reason she hasn’t been a GM yet is because she is a woman.

  19. 44
    Tony Says:

    I can’t see Chipper going into a full-time role yet. It’s pretty clear he’s enjoying the free time retirement gives him. I don’t see why we can’t be creative though, offer him some kind of role as an organisation hitting consultant, pay him a retainer and keep his advice away from other teams.

  20. 45
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    @41, @42

    This sounds like it has a lot of references to what you are talking about…

  21. 46
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    So, since there is a lot of “rid us of Fredi” talk around here…

    From the list of possible “hot seat” contenders (those already fired); consider, if your will, a choice between Fredi or:

    1. Gardenhire (Twins)
    2. Weiss (Rockies)
    3. Black (Padres)
    4. Collins (Mets)
    5. Gibson (Diamond Backs)
    6. Yost (Royals)
    7. Sandberg (Phillies)
    8. Girardi (Yankees)
    9. McClendon (Mariners)

  22. 47
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    For that matter, does any team’s top coaches strike your fancy:

    Orioles John Russell
    Red Sox Torey Lovullo
    White Sox Mark Parent
    Indians Sandy Alomar
    Tigers Gene Lamont
    Astros Adam Everett
    Royals Don Wakamatsu
    Angels Dino Ebel
    Twins Terry Steinbach
    Yankees Tony Pena
    A’s Chip Hale
    Mariners Trent Jewett, Andy Van Slyke
    Rays Dave Martinez
    Rangers Tim Bogar
    Blue Jays DeMarlo Hale
    Diamondbacks Alan Trammell
    Braves Carlos Tosca, Terry Pendleton
    Cubs Brandon Hyde, Eric Hinske
    Reds Jay Bell, Billy Hatcher
    Rockies Tom Runnells, Eric Young
    Dodgers Tim Wallach, Davey Lopes
    Marlins Rob Leary, Perry Hill, Brett Butler
    Brewers Jerry Narron
    Mets Bob Geren, Tom Goodwin
    Phillies Larry Bowa, Juan Samuel
    Pirates Jeff Banister
    Padres Rich Renteria, Dave Roberts
    Giants Ron Wotus, Roberto Kelly, Tim Flannery
    Cardinals Mike Aldrete, Chris Maloney, Jose Oquendo
    Nationals Randy Knorr, Tony Tarasco, Bob Henley

  23. 48
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Read a sad stat…

    Simmons finished with a lower OPS and BJ…

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