September 29, 2014

Show #281: The Braves Fire Frank Wren

What happened with Frank? Looking at the “Braves Way.” Chipper’s comments. End of season awards.



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    Mark in Memphis Says:


    If that is going to be your team approach… and it will be in conjunction with a l mid-level payroll… It is going to take a “Tampa Bay” personnel approach…

    The “Tampa Bay personnel approach” as I see it:

    High price free agents are a thing of the past…
    Draft, Develop and Get the best on the major league field sooner rather than later…
    If your team is “in the hunt” that year, hang on to folks and go for it…
    If your team is not “in the hunt”, make your best trades to get new prospects for folks that are within two years of a big FA contract…

  2. 27
    DAP Says:

    Mark, thats it, except the Braves had a 90s payroll big enough to sustain the success. it continued to work until payrolls began getting slashed.

  3. 28
    Mark in Memphis Says:


    But they were in the 15th to 18th the last few years then they won 90-ish games… the problem was they signed long term, high dollar folks (Uggla, BJ, Lowe, etc.) who only produced for the first two years or less of the contracts.

    Think about where they might be if they had spent that cash on the farm system or locking up folks who showed promise (like Heyward two years ago when you might have gotten him cheaply and then Freeman, Teheran, Simmons, etc.)… But you can still make mistakes (Johnson)…

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