December 22, 2014

Show #286: The Braves Trade Justin Upton

Breaking down the Justin Upton trade. Grading Hart on the offseason. The Kris Medlen signing. And checking in on the new look Marlins.



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    Oregon Bravo Says:

    This is the package Hart had been holding out for? More Tommy Johns?

  2. 2
    Shaun Says:

    For one year of Justin Upton, they weren’t going to get a pitcher as talented as Fried and other decent-to-good prospect unless that pitcher was hurt. If they could have gotten more, they would have. There’s no incentive for them to just accept less than they could have received.

  3. 3
    Shaun Says:

    It’s frustrating to have to trade Justin and Heyward. I get that. But if we’re looking for blame, it’s on ownership. The Braves just can’t sign and re-sign big-name players. Maybe that will change when they move into the new stadium but right now they are essentially the Rays or the A’s and they are trying to do what those teams do: load up on cost-controlled, young talent and avoid being top-heavy.

  4. 4
    Trey Says:

    How is ownership to blame? When Medlen/Beachy went down, they went over budget so Wren could sign Santana to give the Braves a chance. Ownership is far from perfect, don’t get me wrong. But the Payroll isn’t great because nobody goes to the games and they have a terrible tv contract! Hopefully the new stadium and restructuring the tv contract will help. Seems to me they’re working on it. The offseason front office shakeup probably wasn’t cheap to hire all of those guys. I believe ownership is doing what they can. But they don’t know baseball. They hire a GM to make the baseball decisions. Frank Wren signed BJ and Uggla and put us in a bind. Over $30mil a season owed to two guys who produce in the middle of your lineup is fine. But this season the Braves owe that to a potential bench player and someone who isn’t even on the roster anymore. That’s why Wren was fired. And the Braves avg payroll is $90-$100mil, A’s/Rays are around half of that. If they were just trying to “load up on cost-controlled, young talent and avoid being top-heavy” they wouldn’t have signed Nick Markakis. The Braves believe they will be competitive and just freed up $15mil with the Upton trade. I don’t think Hart is finished; the offseason is far from over.

  5. 5
    Leah Says:

    More Prado lament. That is all.

  6. 6
    Chris Says:

    Not sure what, if anything, will get done over the next couple of months, but the veteran signings in the pen and AJP at catcher, at least hint at the possibility that Gattis and Kimbrell are up for conversation, while CJ and BJ are always available in some shape or form. They may have some tradeable pieces midseason if not. All in all it’s a plausible strategy. The Markakis signing is more curious, although he’s not a horrible sign. Hard to know what combination of RF need, local ties or maybe tradeable asset he is or will be. Bottom line seems to be the front office seems to be positioning for a few different scenarios, none of which are necessarily imminent or bad. May just depend on offers and timing, but there is an obvious intent to reshape the organization sooner than later. Other than the CJ extension, this all began after Hart came in and the extensions of the young core players began. Lots of interesting possibilities!

  7. 7
    Steve Says:

    I really like the Banuelos move. Yes, there is obvious risk involved given his TJ and not so stellar numbers last year. But if this guy retains any of the promise they once believed he had, then the Braves got him very, very cheap.

  8. 8
    Walker Says:

    How bout those Atlanta Hawks!!!

  9. 9
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Look for Uggla to kill us while playing for the Nats…

  10. 10
    Tcc Says:

    Congratulations to John Smoltz! A very deserving Brave to the HOF!!

  11. 11
    Tcc Says:

    What I love about ABT…Feel good moments.

  12. 12
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Keith Law had an interesting take on an Atlanta trade, tucked into the end of the Zobrist/Escobar trade:

    In a smaller trade earlier this week, Atlanta acquired one of the Angels’ top prospects, left-hander Ricardo Sanchez, in exchange for Double-A third baseman Kyle Kubitza and Class A reliever Nate Hyatt. Sanchez pitched at 17 this summer in the Arizona Rookie League, reaching 94-96 in his three- to four-inning stints and sitting a little below that, with an above-average curveball that projects to plus. He’ll need to refine his changeup, build up innings, and improve his command, although he gets high marks for his composure on the mound. He’s a long way off — four years if you’re an optimist — but if he stays healthy, he could become a midrotation or better starter.

    I was surprised the Angels were willing to give him up, given his high ceiling. Kubitza projects as a fringe regular, if that; his walk rates are great, but he wasn’t young for Double-A, has limited power, and will require some work to become an adequate defender at third. Hyatt is an org reliever who hasn’t quite conquered Class A in two years at the level. Kubitza might, if you squint really hard, end up a weak grade-50 player in the majors, and he’s probably a year away from the big leagues; Sanchez is a much more volatile asset, but his upside is too substantial for me to give him up without getting some star potential in return.

    “Heard” a lot of moaning on “giving away our only option in the minors for 3B” on Braves fan’s FB sites… Wonder if they have been “over hyping” Kubitza?

  13. 13
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    How about Mark Bowman’s take in answer to a question (I had to say “Wow” when I read the second sentence):

    Why were the Braves trying to trade Chris Johnson?
    — Tony H., Los Angeles

    This had nothing to do with Johnson’s personality and everything to do with the questionable three-year, $23.5 million extension that he was given in April. Had he not been given this deal based simply on what he had done in 2013, he likely would have been non-tendered after compiling a .653 OPS last season. So the Braves unsuccessfully tried to package Johnson in a few deals. Now they can only hope that he proves to be something in between what he was the past two years.

  14. 14
    Walker Says:

    This may be a little sick but its a little fun to have no pressure to win next year and loading up on all these prospects. Kinda exciting.

  15. 15
    Walker Says:

    However, whats not exciting is that Fredi has no pressure to win, meaning Fredi is our manager for the long haul.

  16. 16
    Mark in Memphis Says:

    Heard the 2015 Braves offence referred to: “With Freddie Freeman being the only real power threat, it is going to be ‘Snow White and the seven dwarfs over there in Atlanta”…

    Too funny…

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