July 20, 2008

Show #29: Losing the First of the Must-Win Series

The debacle that was the Nats series.  The debacle that is the prize of the All-Star Game.  The Braves “Fantasy” team.  And breaking down the Braves’ announcers.



14 Responses to “Show #29: Losing the First of the Must-Win Series”

  1. 1
    Justin Says:

    Love the show. Its definitely a bad year but maybe something will turn around.

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    Hey Justin – glad you enjoy the show. I’m hoping for the turn around as well. I’ll feel much better after a sweep of Marlins …

  3. 3
    jon Says:

    Hey justin, I love it 2. i think if we can sweep the marlins and take 2 of 3 from the phillies, vice-versa, we’re still alive, other than that, we’re dead.

  4. 4
    Curt Says:

    Despite the win last night against the Marlins, it’s time to turn out the lights. The key is that the Braves have allowed themselves to fall 6 games behind 3 teams in their own division. You are asking alot of yourselves, and expecting – hoping – alot from your competition to believe that you can make up that type of ground, even with this many games left in the season. The Braves would have to go on some monolithic run, akin to the Rockies 21-1 stretch last year, to even have a fighting chance, and even with that, the Mets, Phils, and Marlins would have to play sub .500 baseball for that same period of time. That of course leaves out the Wild Card standings where the Braves currently find themselves in 6th place. 2 games ahead of the vaunted Pirates. With Tex’s hot hitting of late, there is hope that his stock is going up and a team like the Angels will meet higher demands for him. But amazingly, the Braves brass and Bobby Cox have some delusional ideas about being in the race and keeping him through the season. Even suggesting that should they lose him to free agency, the draft picks they would get in compensation would offset his loss and the loss of 6 of the franchises’ top-12 farmhands that were traded for him. Amazing stuff.

    On the issue of Bobby Cox you guys broached in your latest show, thanks for at least offering up the possibility of him being moved out. Not since Bobby Cremins has an area coach clearly overstayed his time to only be protected by his legacy. And the legacy should be investigated further. The guy won one championship with what was clearly the best team in baseball for maybe 8 years. But for some reason, Bobby Cox is the sacred cow who is allowed to use every excuse in the book for the team’s shortgivings, other than his own management of the club. The record of the Braves in road games and one-run games alone should show that he has been tuned out. And where is the heat on Terry Pendleton for the abysmal hitting of this team. As one guy put it, they are about as unclutch as you can get. The little things: getting bunts down, moving guys over, getting guys in from third with one out. On and on. I’m not sure why he is not taken to task for this team’s play, not just this year, but for the past three years. Instead he gets an extension. It appears that the only one deciding the fate of Bobby Cox is the same guy who thinks that this team is still making the playoffs.

  5. 5
    Steve Says:

    Beware the vaunted Pirates, indeed. I agree with you on the Bobby thing and grow increasingly frustrated every day with both he and TP. And you’re right again that there has been absolutely no heat on TP at all this year, which is mind-boggling. Given the 1 run loss record and the team’s average in “late and close” games dating back to last season (!), how is there not more discussion about TP? And we now face at least one more year of Bobby to be followed by the TP era. It is, to put it lightly, concerning. Ballpark Frank, if he were part of this conversation, would trot out a poll of baseball players he read that asked about which manager they would most like to play for. And Bobby was the overwhelming winner. But to what end, at this point. Yes, we get stability, we get very little drama. But it’s not panning out. It’s time to meet the Devil we don’t know.

  6. 6
    Curt Says:

    Freddie Gonzalez, the Braves are on the phone….

  7. 7
    USAFCCF Says:

    Just a thought, Why haven’t either Skip or Pete received the Ford C Frick Award from the baseball Hall of Fame? Any ideas….

  8. 8
    Steve Says:

    I think the Frick Award is a matter of time, at least for Skip, anyway. There’s only 1 awarded per year and they’ve only been giving them out since ’78. And you look at the list and half of them are absolute giants of broadcasting (Mel Allen, Vin Scully, Curt Gowdy, Harry Caray, etc.) and many others have passed away (which, I’m thinking, sometimes gets you additional consideration). And, as of 2004, fans can now nominate – so the Braves faithful should help in the years to come.

  9. 9
    Steve Says:

    Katy Temple tonight said that Hampton is “rumored” to start Saturday in Philly. It’s the thing that’s going to turn the season around. Don’t you see?!?!?!?

  10. 10
    hammy Says:

    It can start right here! Nominate our broadcasting boys for the honors they deserve. Pass this link along, or better yet – bring folks here to check it out!


  11. 11
    Steve Says:

    It was a joke a couple of days ago for me, but now with last night’s spectacular win against Philly, I think the Hampton start is very positive today and propels the team in an amazing direction (he said, trying to be vague enough so as not to jinx anything).

  12. 12
    Steve Says:

    Um … never mind.

  13. 13
    jon Says:

    so, is this a must win this afternoon, or has the bell already struck midnight?

  14. 14
    USAFCCF Says:

    DING, DING, DING, We’re gonna turn into pumpkins…….

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