April 04, 2015

Show #292: The Braves Start the 2015 Campaign

The Trevor Cahill trade, final roster decisions, and 2015 predictions.



22 Responses to “Show #292: The Braves Start the 2015 Campaign”

  1. 1
    Walker Says:

    Congrats to John Hart for an amazing trade today with the Padres.

  2. 2
    Brandon Says:

    I hate this trade! And the only way I could ever like it would be if Wisler is a lifelong Brave and HOFer! So demoralizing

  3. 3
    Chris Says:

    Are you kidding me!? This season would have been a fail if we ended it with Kimbrel and Upton. Thank the baseball gods that Hart surgically extracted Upton.

  4. 4
    Tim in Orlando Says:

    Kimbrel to San Diego

    Saw this late last night. Made me sick to my stomach. It’s going to make a questionable season even longer. If this was the price to unload Melvin Jr.’s contact, it probably made the B.J. signing one of the worst in Braves history. Sadly, it appears that I saw Craig throw his last pitch in a Braves uniform on Saturday. Sigh!

  5. 5
    Shaun Says:

    After I got over the initial shock and started getting all the information and digging into it, it’s actually pretty amazing that John Hart was able to pull this off. I’ve seen it estimated that the Braves will save around $65 million. They also get a player that might be the top prospect in their system and a major league centerfielder (albeit not a great one, but still), in addition to a draft pick and another interesting prospect.

    So you look at it from the Padres’ perspective, they gave up around $65 million, gave up their top pitching prospect, and a draft pick (in addition to all the relatively minor stuff they threw in) essentially for a relief pitcher without much surplus value in the way of his contract. If they make the playoffs and Kimbrel’s one-inning-at-a-time makes more of an impact, this is a somewhat defensible trade. But it’s still an odd one from their perspective.

  6. 6
    seth Says:

    We won 96 games two years ago with that young core, do you think we overreacted a little bit by blowing it all up like this?

  7. 7
    Tim Says:

    I just read a message board post saying the Braves had been insistent on anyone wanting to trade for Kimbrel had to take BJ for months now. Not sure how someone would know that kind of thing without an inside source though.

  8. 8
    Shaun Says:

    Seth, I do think Wren is getting a bad rap. He should get credit for what he did well and all the games the Braves won from 2010-2013. Those were his teams and he did quite well.

    But heading into the 2015 season the Braves were looking at losing both Justin Upton and Jason Heyward and had very little talent in the system with which to work with once that (potentially) happened. So it was appropriate, especially after the down 2014, to replenish the system so that after 2015 they weren’t completely screwed. The down 2014 season could actually wind up being a blessing in disguise. If they had contended, it would have been impossible to rebuild on the scale that they did.

  9. 9
    Shaun Says:


    My guess is they were planning to trade Kimbrel at the deadline because that’s when teams are more likely to overpay for relief pitching, since the impact of one-inning-at-a-time pitchers go up over the course of one month versus over the course of 162. But once the Padres were willing to take on all of Melvin’s contract, give up their top pitching prospect, and give up the other pieces, it was an offer the Braves couldn’t refuse.

    The return probably wasn’t going to get much better had they waited until the deadline. Sure, they might have gotten more or better prospects. But they wouldn’t have gotten the prospects/players they received plus the significant payroll relief.

  10. 10
    Shaun Says:

    …well, maybe they weren’t so much as planning to trade Kimbrel at the deadline but thought that’s when they would get the most value. I think they would have jumped to trade Kimbrel at any point when they thought they were getting enough value and an offer they couldn’t refuse. And I think that’s what happened with this deal, it was an offer they couldn’t refuse.

  11. 11
    Brandon Says:

    I understand all the financial reasons Shaun and of course getting over the initial shock I still don’t like it! We traded our best asset by far just to get rid of Melvin is my issue especially where I read somewhere Huston Street fetched 2 top prospects and 2 B level prospects! I personally don’t think we got enough back especially considering Kimbrel is no “Street” more like a Hoffman or Wagner if you ask me upto this point! Plus just like the A’s have shown prospects are more valuable than financial restraints! Once again only my opinion but this was to clarify my severe dislike for this trade to everyone just happy to be rid of Upton. Plus I was in no way naive in the point that we were keeping Kimbrel.

  12. 12
    Shaun Says:

    Brandon, I don’t buy the premise that prospects are more valuable than financial flexibility. Plus it’s not like the Braves got an insignificant prospect.

    Imagine before the 2103 season the Braves giving up Julio Teheran, around $65 million, a draft pick, another lower-level but interesting prospect, and some major league backup types to get their hands on Aroldis Chapman making about what Aroldis Chapman should make but with no discount, no surplus value. That’s comparable to what the Padres did. That’s a lot of to give up.

    It wasn’t just about getting rid of Melvin, per se. It was more about getting a player who might now be the top prospect in the organization, $65 million more dollars, a draft pick, a decent major league centerfielder, and an interesting prospect.

  13. 13
    Shaun Says:

    Here’s a really great, in-depth interview with Kiley McDaniel, the sharp lead prospect writer for Fangraphs about the Kimbrel trade and the Braves’ system in general: http://braves.scout.com/story/1535018-kiley-mcdaniel-interview

    This really gets into the nuts and bolts of the trade and gives you a good idea of what the Braves are trying to do and how teams think and valuate and evaluate players.

  14. 14
    Walker Says:

    Chris Johnson is annoying.


  15. 15
    Brandon Says:

    Thanks Shaun that link helps me understand a lot better from the prospect level ! Much appreciated

  16. 16
    Walker Says:

    I’ve seen the Braves score more runs this season than I saw them score the last 2 months of last season.

  17. 17
    Chris Says:

    @ Shaun – Well said! I would like to emphasize on the parallel between Wisler and Teheran. All I heard all offseason was griping about the offense now, people are excited because they are not striking out. Look around at all the sports teams with success. There is one common denominator “Coaching” and Kevin Sietzer is proving that fundamentals win games.

  18. 18
    Shaun Says:

    Chris, well, I don’t think we should let two games dictate how excited we are about the offense. I’m glad we are in this position after two games and I hope things continue to go right.

  19. 19
    Chris Says:

    @ Shaun – I was on this bandwagon as soon as I saw John Hart take over. This is the most exciting the Braves have been since the 90’s. There is something gritty about this ball club and these veterans they picked up are setting the tone.

  20. 20
    Walker Says:

    Man. There’s been some fun baseball this year so far. Prove me wrong Braves.

  21. 21
    will Says:

    5-1 steves looking good

    actually listened to podcast!

    curt your right, last year they just gave up, after that i barely followed postseason…from time to time tuning in.. all the roster dumping…pathetic

    after this first week i have to replace the batteries in my hope meter!

    go braves!

  22. 22
    jo-bu Says:

    I knew John Hart would be good for the Braves but I didn’t know he was capable of this. Granted, we’re only 5 games in, but you like it that we’re seeing what we were sorta promised – fewer strikeouts and guys that can put the ball in play.

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