August 04, 2008

Show #31: Saying Goodbye to Skip Caray

Shock and sadness at Skip Caray’s death.  And putting a wrap on the trade deadline moves.



2 Responses to “Show #31: Saying Goodbye to Skip Caray”

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    USAFCCF Says:

    I will miss Skip! I was able to keep in touch all over the world by listening to him broadcast Braves games on Armed forces radio and finally here in Panama City where I retired. God Bless him and his family and a special prayer for Pete because it will be hard for him to call the rest of the Braves games.

  2. 2
    Justin Says:

    Every time I think about/hear the words “Braves Win, Braves Win, Braves Win” always gives me chills. I made the comment to my friend the other day, “I think that maybe the one quote that I remember more then anything else from when I was younger.” He will definitely be missed.

    On a different subject:
    Mike Hampton, 7 strong innings…wow. I’m really glad we’re starting to see those millions pay off. All kidding aside he did do a pretty good job last night.

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