August 31, 2015

Show #313: Braves Losing Ways Continue

The good and bad of the 1-5 week. Swisher in left next year? The end of Williams Perez? What will Olivera’s September look like?



10 Responses to “Show #313: Braves Losing Ways Continue”

  1. 1
    Tyler Says:

    So opening day next year should look something like this with a couple question marks.
    1B – Freeman
    2B – Peterson (maybe some Garcia)
    SS – Simmons
    3B – Olivera
    RF – Markakis
    CF – Maybin?? (He may get traded this offseason)
    LF – Cespedes? Gordon? Garcia? Someone we trade for?)
    C – I’d assume Bethancourt or AJ if he resigns

    I’d like to see Kelly Johnson resign and be a bench piece
    Maybe a free agent

    I’m not sure how much better we’ll be next year but it can’t be this bad.

  2. 2
    Eric Says:

    you guys always do really great job thanks.

  3. 3
    Curt Says:

    Eric – thanks so much

    Tyler – The thing that concerns me the most is that what we are seeing on the field now is the team we have for the coming future, at least next season. I know we get Jace a year older and Olivera, etc, but it’s an awful offense. With those pieces. So how is it going to be noticeably different? And the bullpen almost needs a total overhaul. The starting pitching is in flux and who knows which of these young starters can produce. I don’t see 2016 being much better. Maybe not 100 losses bad, but we aren’t fighting for the playoffs with this roster.

  4. 4
    Tyler Says:

    Well I think Vizcaino will be the only holdover from the bullpen if you take out Grilli not being ready to play until June or so. Edwin Jackson maybe. We get Shae Simmons back who I think will be very good. The rest we’ll just have to see what happens this offseason. Offensively, I doubt we go out and get a guy like Cespedes, although I would like that very much. Steve is right I think we trade for someone. I’d personally like to see te Braves trade for Kyle Seager and move Olivera to the outfield.

  5. 5
    Steve Says:

    @4 – Wren seemed very willing to move guys to different positions. Not sure about Hart in that regard. I think it’s safe to assume that Olivera is at third next season.

  6. 6
    Tyler Says:

    So Olivera is not in the lineup tonight? Why? Were the G Braves out of town?

  7. 7
    Eric Says:

    Hey could you guys maybe consider, doing like a weekly minor league update on our most promising prospects?, since the team is god awful.

  8. 8
    Tyler Says:

    Yes or no, signing Chris Davis is a good idea?

  9. 9
    Curt Says:

    Eric – we can look into it. Certainly not much else to talk about

    Tyler – he has collapsed neatly coinciding with his team’s collapse. Not for what he might want.

  10. 10
    Will Says:

    hey guys – just checking in – havent listened in some time –
    kudos for being loyal fans

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