September 06, 2015

Show #314: Another Winless Week

Too soon to question the rebuild? Fredi goes after the pitchers. Checking in on the kids.



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    George Allen Says:

    This is not unprecedented. Whereas the Braves young pitchers haven’t progressed as rapidly as I, or Braves fans would like. It is not unexpected. Wisler, IMO, has potential to be an excellent pitcher. It will take him much longer to develop consistency. I don’t think the answer is just throwing waste pitches. He must improve against lefties. But his control is usually pretty good, his fastball is above average, and his mechanics look sound to me. Banuelos, on the other hand, is a wild card. Unfortunately, his arm strength leaves him much more susceptible. I am uncertain about Willams Perez. He’s kind of hit and miss, and could be for a while. But he does have a good sinker at times. Hopefully, Lucas Sims will continue to progress at Mississippi next year. His long slump has concerned me, but he may have found something. I haven’t seen Tyrell Jenkins much, but his general numbers look pretty good. Teheran looks healthier/stronger than He’s been, but still inconsistent with mechanics. The troubling thing right now is their punchless offense. Their OPS is the worst in baseball. They had too many sluggers in 2013 & 2014 and too few this year. And, I’m yet to be sold on Olivera, though it’s still too early to consider Olivera as bad as BJ. But, he doesn’t look good right now. With the fans’ frustration right now, the pressure on him to produce will be intense. An extended slump could make him public enemy number one in Atlanta. They’ll need more than Swisher to beef up the offense IMO. The fact that Olivera is 30 makes his future production and value questionable. The pitchers they have acquired are good, but as mentioned, I don’t see them as dominant, at least not right now. They will undoubtedly have their work cut out for them the next few years against pitching of New York and Washington. Phillies, I think, will also be improved next year and Miami already has a good roster, when healthy. My question becomes, how long will Fredi be managing next year. And, what input will Bobby Cox have on that. And, if they fire him in the middle of the season, who would be interim manager? Could Bobby Cox return as interim manager for rest of the season? Anyway, those questions are to be answered.

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    Anonymous Says:

    Its important to remember that Olivera has not played much the last couple years. Hes just now seeing major league pitching for the first time. It may take him a while to get acclimated to the majors. Now the timing of his call up certainly doesnt help his case with the frustrated fan base. Wisler has shown the most promise for sure. I absolutely love his mound presence.

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    Tyler Says:

    ^forgot to sign in. That was me.

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    Mike Buglioli Says:

    Its not hard to get my head around that they continue to sell off their talent and get a bunch of no talent or youngsters who are 2 to 3 years away. It was and is a systematic destruction of the Braves as we knew them. This puts us 10 years away from recovering. Arrogant maybe but more likely just an agenda to drop salary at any cost.No thought for talent, just money. This is a tax write off for Liberty.

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    Anonymous Says:

    You don’t think they go after any free agents? We’ve seen such a small sample size from these rookies im willing to be patient for another year.

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    Tyler Says:

    Its either keep the talent and get nothing in return or do what the Braves did, which was the right move. All of these guys were top prospects so the whole no thought for talent is a false statement. If they live up to it or not is 100% chance.

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    Tony Says:

    I could kid on, and point out that being outscored 36-9 is not a difference of 25, but instead I’ll give you credit for continuing to be engaged and interesting in amid the horror show that has been the last few weeks.

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    Tyler Says:

    Olivera seems to be catching up pretty quickly! Great sign.

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