October 04, 2015

Show #318: A Strong Close to the Season

Shelby breaks his streak. Grading the Rookies. Whither Heyward. Season MVP/LVP



8 Responses to “Show #318: A Strong Close to the Season”

  1. 1
    Robbie Says:

    Love the podcast. Listen with my pops every weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2
    Anne Says:

    Great final regular show of the season, fellas. Didn’t chime in much here since usually I have nothing baseball-intelligent to contribute, but always enjoy reading the comments. You really need to get on that Falcon fan podcast while THAT fad’s still popular… Wishing all three of you a great off season. Go, Braves.

  3. 3
    Shaun Says:

    I bet a lot of the Coppy promotion, besides not wanting to lose him, was to allow Hart to “wear” this awful season (to use terminology used in the press conference and interviews with Coppy). Having Hart as the top dog gives the rebuild some credibility, PR wise, and leaving Coppy in an assistant role allowed him to stay under the radar. Can you imagine the outcry had they hired Coppy, he made all these trades with the GM title, and they go out and have a season like this one? It’s hard to imagine the team getting any kind of support for the rebuild (or whatever they are calling it) without Hart at the helm.

  4. 4
    Curt Says:

    Robbie – thanks. That’s great. I can’t even my dad to listen

    Anne – thanks for the kind words, as always.

    Shaun – I like that idea. But I hope that if this all goes south they both take responsibility. Same if it wins them a championship

  5. 5
    Chris Says:

    Easily, this offseason will be more exciting than last. Also, what Hart did in one offseason along with Coppy was amazing. I am incredibly excited for next season. The pieces we need are so obtainable and we got a reasonable draft pick.

  6. 6
    Curt Says:

    Guess Braves get #3 pick, based on standings. All projections I saw pointed to a pitcher heavy draft. Just what we need.

  7. 7
    Tyler Says:

    I’m excited for the off-season too. Just don’t be disappointed when they only sign a couple bullpen guys and a bottom of the rotation starter.

  8. 8
    archer Says:

    no one in recent memory has flourished in ATL with the bat in terms of what hitting coaches have done. add in fredi g and you see why guys leave ATL and win rings and or in most cases outperformed their braves production.

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