November 10, 2015

Show #320: Tommy Hanson Passes

Olivera moves to left field, Sims in the AFL, traffic problems for the new stadium and remembering Tommy Hanson.



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    Tyler Says:

    Such a sad situation. I have nothing but prayers for his family and teammates past and present. Such a shame. With the talk of the Braves listening to teams about Andrelton Simmons, is there any trade you would make if it sent him out of Atlanta? The only one I would make is if we sent him to the Dodgers for Corey Seager. Seager is so highly regarded that I don’t even think a straight up trade would work. We’d need to add in a top pitching prospect as well. Theoretically, let’s say Simmons and Lucas Sims for Corey Seager. Thoughts?

  2. 2
    Curt Says:

    I’m just trying to understand the end game with trading Simmons. I get selling high, etc. But it’s like they really don’t value their fans at all. You can’t trade every piece of recognizable talent and just expect us all to buy into it. And bringing back more pitching or a younger component. Is Freddie next? What’s the point of all of this, because it no longer seems about winning now or in the near future.

  3. 3
    Tyler Says:

    At some point though, don’t teams have to do what is best for them while possibly alienating some fans?

  4. 4
    Walker Says:

    I thought we were supposed to compete in 2017?
    If the Braves think I’ll be going to more than one game next year, think again. They literally just ttraded the best defensive SS in history for unknowns. Smh.

  5. 5
    Tony Says:

    Admission: I listened to this podcast with both a media player window and Google Maps open.

    Anyway, really disappointed in the Simmons trade. However bad things got, he was great to watch in the field, and if you’re not going to win there’s something to be said for being entertaining (whatever stats say).

    Probably a good time to step away and not think about this team for a while.

  6. 6
    Curt Says:

    Tyler – to an extent. But as Steve noted, if you are going to do that you need more than “trust us. this will all work out” to come from the team. Because trading one of the most popular players for two more pitching prospects is literally not winning you any fans. Regardless of how highly they are thought of. No one is coming to Turner Field next year to see Erick Aybar play. And this is a business that is so dependent on fan support. You can’t just continue to isolate what is already a cranky bunch.

    And, on top of that, this FO has not been forthright with the fans at all. I would argue they have been the exact opposite – to the point that they have been lying to us about a good number of things. I’m not suggesting we should be made aware of every deal they are exploring, but don’t tell me you are dumping every serviceable player on the team yet are still looking to compete. Don’t tell me that 2016 will be better. It won’t. And winning 75 games instead of 67 isn’t better. And don’t tell me that you are tooling up for 2017 when every move you make dilutes that possibility even more. I don’t trust them anymore.

  7. 7
    Tyler Says:

    Trust is obviously huge. They don’t have mine either. Honesty goes a long way. All these trades would be much easier to swallow if the front office had been honest about them. I was really hoping for a major league ready player with more than one year on their contract. The prospects I understand. No offense to Aybar, he’s a fine shortstop. Bit I was hoping for a little better.

  8. 8
    Walker Says:

    John Hart quote:

    “No. I would just say this: You can make an argument that we are actually a team that can win more games with Aybar,” Coppolella said. “Aybar is a career .276 hitter; Simmons has never hit .276 in a full season. Aybar’s a switch-hitter, 18 months back an All-Star, he can hit (first or second in the order) for you. I mean, Aybar’s a really good player. I think we traded defense for offense in this trade. The fact that we got two huge-upside arms is great, but as far as for 2016, I don’t think that’s a big step back for this Braves team

    I’m not saying John Hart is dumb. He just sounds really dumb. To compare a .276 batting average to Simmons’ once in a lifetime defensive skills is incomprehensible . I’m seriously worried about this team’s future.

  9. 9
    Walker Says:

    I’m Sorry Coppy said that. It’s still stupid.

  10. 10
    Curt Says:

    It’s an asinine comment. No other way to put it.

  11. 11
    Anonymous Says:

    Look Aybar is a fine player. But he’s not what Coppy said he is. He is a better offensive player than Simmons, but he’s not the all around player Simmons is. Coppy sounds real dumb here.

  12. 12
    Tyler Says:

    Look Aybar is a fine player. But he’s not what Coppy said he is. He is a better offensive player than Simmons, but he’s not the all around player Simmons is. Coppy sounds real dumb here.

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