February 14, 2016

Show #324: The Braves Front Office Show

Interviews with John Schuerholz, Derek Schiller, and John Coppolella.



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    Zachary Says:

    To me, free agency is dead. Teams lock up their good players until they’re hitting the end of their prime. I don’t want my team to go big in free agency. I do expect them to spend the money to keep young players around.

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    Anne Says:

    Great show, guys. As much as I like to hear recaps/play-by-play/Monday morning quarterbacking kind of stuff after a game, I forget that the nuts & bolts of the organization is key … and great for you guys to get Schuerholz, Schiller & Coppolella. …and I want to read Schiller’s book some day, too. 😉 Go, Braves.

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    Steve Says:

    Zachary – particularly a team like the Braves with their financial realities. There’s really only 5 or so teams that will be in the hunt for the mega-free agents like the David Prices and Bryce Harpers of the world. That said, I think a couple of really solid, mid-tier free agent signings to bolster the offense heading into 2017 would be wise.

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    Steve Says:

    Thanks, Anne!

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    Nathan Says:


    Excellent episode. It was my first of ABT so I’ve probably just spoiled myself for the future! LOL I love that you guys were able to interview the big guns and asked hardball questions.

    I want to comment on something from the John Schuerholz portion of the podcast. After the interview, you guys seemed hung up on the payroll money saved in 2016 being able to “roll-over” to increase the payroll for 2017. That’s just not going to be the case and here’s why.

    There is only ONE pool of money for the team and it has to cover the major-league payroll, the amateur draft signings, & the international signing bonuses (among other things). The Braves will have top 5 signing pools in both the amateur draft & int’l signing periods this year. That means they have to come up with a whole lot more money to sign those draft picks and int’l players than they are used to. The money they are “saving” on major-league payroll in 2016 will be spent in other places to continue to help the re-build process. They’re gonna have to give a huge signing bonus to the #3 pick in the draft and they’ve already made it clear they’re going all-in for the int’l period.

    You can read more about it here

    and here

    Anyways, great interviews & great episode. I’ll be listening in for this season and many more to come.

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    Steve Says:

    Nathan – Very happy you found us and thanks for the information.

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