July 10, 2016

Show #341: The All Star Break Awards

Checking in on the Team. Chicken Bone vs. Ingrown Hair. Inside the Numbers.



3 Responses to “Show #341: The All Star Break Awards”

  1. 1
    Eric Says:

    Guys the math skills are struggling today. Did i hear ya’ll say on pace to win 60 and lose 132? I don’t think Braves fans can handle more than 162 games this year.

  2. 2
    DG Says:

    Hammy did struggle a little with the math, as Eric stated. 60-102 is the pace, and not 60-132. Also, Hammy said Teheran is “having the best career of his season.” Hat tip to Yogi Berra there.

  3. 3
    BD Says:

    Not sure I can continue to give these guys credit if they don’t know how many games are in a Major league season. I mean they repeated it several times, 60 -132, 60-132. I know the team is struggling but I don’t think they can lose 30 more games than are going to be played…….

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