July 31, 2016

Show #344: Something For Nothing – Checking in on the Trades

Kemp?! Demeritte?!?! Who’s Next? Who had a Good July at all levels?



2 Responses to “Show #344: Something For Nothing – Checking in on the Trades”

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    Walker Says:

    From Matt Kemp


    To the city of Atlanta, and to all Braves fans worldwide, I want to make a vow to you before I even step into the box for my first at bat as a member of the team: After taking some time to reflect on my career, and the ups and downs I’ve experienced since my MVP-caliber season in 2011, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I had begun to lose some of my love for the game. In so many ways, I got sidetracked from what I loved most about playing the game of baseball — having fun. I let a big contract, the Hollywood lifestyle, injuries and bad relationships tarnish the reputation I had worked so hard to establish. Sadly, I gained a reputation for being selfish, lazy and a bad teammate. While I may not agree with all the criticism I received in the past few years —and while I believe that a lot of it was unmerited — I take full responsibility for my shortcomings. And I promise you, Atlanta: Those days are gone.

    Could 2011 Matt Kemp be in the cards?? He is only 31, which means he’s technically still in his prime.

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    Tyler Says:

    If he can improve his on base this could end up being a great trade for the Braves. An OK trade right now.

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