August 14, 2016

Show #346: Breaking Down the Braves’ . . . Success?

The above average offense. McCann’s Non-Homecoming. Frenchy and Johnson: Staying or Going?



2 Responses to “Show #346: Breaking Down the Braves’ . . . Success?”

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    Chris Says:

    Would love to hear you discuss the possibility of Mark DeRosa for the next Braves manager. Snitker has done OK but I think we need a new & younger manager for the youth we will have coming up.

    DeRosa has played for many of the best managers in baseball, he is brilliant (Ivy league grad in addition to many years in the bigs), youthful – which will help with our upcoming young roster, articulate – (current MLB analyst), Atlanta resident, and he is interested in the job having said so in a recent radio interview.

    I think Mike Matheny and others have proved you do not need to serve an apprenticeship as a Mgr. for the job. Keep Snitker in the organization, hopefully keep McDowell as pitching coach, and maybe get David Ross to be an assistant somewhere. This would be a dream staff for me.

  2. 2
    Tyler Says:

    I’m interested in what the Blue Jays do this off-season. Encarnacion, Bautista and Saunders are all going to be free agents. Their farm system is rather mediocre. I think Encarnacion signs with the Red Sox to replace Ortiz. If both Bautista and Saunders follow suit, do the Blue Jays attempt a rebuild. If that’s the case Donaldson would probably be available. What would you give up to get him?

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